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Import Data from Google Sheets to Google Analytics

Collect complete statistics on your Google Sheets in Google Analytics

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We collect and process all the data you need to easily build any reports

How do you import additional data into Google Analytics?

How do you import additional data into Google Analytics?

Data import allows you to combine data from other sources with data from Google Analytics. But you need to manually import CSV files in a certain format or involve developers to use an API.

Send data into Google Analytics Data Import directly from Google Sheets

  • You’ll be notified about possible mistakes and will see hints how to fix them before your data will be sent to Google Analytics

  • You don’t need to save data in a CSV-file and upload it manually

  • There is no need to involve developers to get all the benefits of combining data in Google Analytics


You just need to install Google Sheets Data Upload Add-on to get started

The add-on helps you:
  • Check data structure depending on the import type

  • Convert data in a proper format to be uploaded

  • Send data directly into Google Analytics


It is quick and safe

Data Import
All data is sent directly from Google Sheets into Google Analytics
Legal API
We use only Google official API
Not Sell Advertising
OWOX is a certified Google Analytics partner
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The add-on is already trusted by thousands of projects from all over the world

Data Upload Add-on is totally free

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