Online Form Analysis

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As an analyst, you know how many of your customers have opened a page with an online form and you may even know how many of them completed the form. But, you also need to know what problems your customers had while filling it out.


Increases conversion rates by eliminating bottlenecks while completing forms.

Data to be analyzed:

  1. The type and distribution of errors, which users have while completing a form.
  2. The time spent by users to complete the form.
  3. The time and server response codes when the form is being sent.

Online forms analysis helps you determine:

  1. The fields that cause the most errors.
  2. How much time a customer spends on filling out the form and what it depends on.
  3. How often the server does not respond while adding an item to the cart.
  4. How soon you will find out about JavaScript errors for new versions of browser.
  5. What share of your customers did not come back to your site after they had an error while interacting with the form.
  6. How the server response time varies depending on the time of the day and browser version.
  7. What the server’s maximum response time would be to ensure that 98% of your customers continue browsing the website.
  8. How much time it takes for users to to fill out the form and what influences it.
  9. How often the server does not respond or responds with an error while a customer is trying to submit a form.

Results are used by:

  1. Usability specialists to improve the interface.
  2. Developers to determine causes of slow server response.

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