How to measure search efficiency


Users are not always immediately land on the particular product page on your site. Often, the future customer knows what he wants and is looking for the products through the internal search. So, is there anyone who was looking for something but did not find it? What exactly was he looking for?


To improve the conversion rate by increasing search efficiency.

Data to be analyzed:

Search request from users, that returned empty results and related searches, if they were.

Search efficiency analysis helps you determine:

  1. What share of users doesn’t not find the desired product through the internal search on your website.

  2. What exactly these users were looking for, and did they make any clarifying questions.

Results are used by:

  1. Technical experts to improve the search algorithm.
  2. Usability experts to redesign the search results,for instance to add substitutes, promos of products from the same category.