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Import Data from Yahoo Gemini to Google Analytics

Collect complete statistics on your Yahoo Gemini in Google Analytics

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Get Your Advertising Cost Data Automatically Imported From Yahoo Gemini To Google Analytics

Analyze the efficiency of your advertising campaigns with no extra effort. Automate the import of cost, click and impression data from Yahoo Gemini to Google Analytics using OWOX BI Pipeline.


Get an accurate view of Yahoo Gemini campaign performance, compared to other advertising services

Measure the performance of your Yahoo Gemini campaigns with Google Analytics

Manual cost data import is a time-consuming and error-prone task. How much time do you waste on it over a week, month or year? Automating the cost data import using OWOX BI Pipeline helps you save this time for more important tasks.

OWOX BI Pipeline

OWOX BI Pipeline helps you gather data about all your ad campaigns in a single interface.

Automate the cost data import from different sources into Google Analytics. Compare the performance of your advertising initiatives in one report. Use these insights to optimize your advertising strategy.

OWOX BI Pipeline does much more than just data transfer:

  • Verifying the UTM-tagging, and informing you about possible issues.

  • Updating the data for the previous periods automatically, if any changes occur in Yahoo Gemini statistics.

  • Uploading historical cost data from the selected date, for up to the 6 months from the past.

  • Converting the currency you use in Yahoo Gemini to the one used in Google Analytics.


Simple Setup:

Connect your Yahoo Gemini and Google Analytics accounts with OWOX BI Pipeline. The data will be imported automatically via the Yahoo API. Take a few steps, save a whole lot of time:
  • Log in to OWOX BI

    Sign in to OWOX BI using your Google account.

  • Provide access to your Yahoo Gemini account

    Press "Add". If needed, sign in to your Yahoo Gemini account. Then, allow OWOX BI to access your Yahoo Gemini advertising account.

  • Provide access to Google Analytics

    Choose the Google Analytics account you want to use for cost data import.

  • Select the data set

    Choose the property and the data set that you want to import the data to.

  • Fine-tune the pipeline

    Set the VAT percentage you want to subtract, select the start date of data import and choose the Google Analytics view you want to use.

  • Specify the BI project

    Select the BI project in which the pipeline will be set. Create a new project, if you don't have any.

Data Import
All the data you collect is only stored in your Google Analytics account. You can manage access to the data at any time.
Legal API
The security of your data is ensured by using both the official Yahoo API and OAuth authentication.
Not Sell Advertising
We are not an advertising agency and we do not sell ads. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you get accurate, unbiased and timely data for decision making.
Official Gallery
OWOX BI Pipeline is published in the Google Analytics Technology Partner gallery. Our products have already earned the confidence of thousands of clients worldwide.


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Historical data import, months
The number of previous months for which you can import historical cost data
Historical data updates, days
We automatically update the data in Google Analytics if the statistics of an advertising
service is updated within the indicated time.
Cost data import time, hours
The maximum time period within which data is sent to Google Analytics after they become available
in the advertising service.
Pipelines priority
up to 8 hours
Fixed price (paying month-to-month)
from $115/month

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