OWOX BI BigQuery Reports vs. Connected Sheets: Which is the Best Fit for Your Reporting Needs

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Navigating Data-Driven Marketing From Insights to Impact

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Navigating Data-Driven Marketing From Insights to Impact

When managing and analyzing data, picking the right tool can make a big difference.

In this article, we will compare 2 ways to build reports in Google Sheets based on corporate data in Google BigQuery: OWOX BI's BigQuery Reports and Google's Connected Sheets.

Whether you're a data analyst building reports, a data-savvy manager seeking clarity, or a C-level executive focusing on bigger-picture issues, understanding what each tool offers will help you decide which one best suits your needs and workflows.

Comparison: OWOX BI BigQuery Reports vs Connected Sheets

Now, let's compare OWOX BI's BigQuery Reports Extension and Google Connected Sheets in terms of easiness of setup for a data professional, end-user accessibility, data retrieval features, cost management, integration options, and compliance with privacy regulations.

User Accessibility

OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension:

✅ Tailored for end users. It is specifically designed for spreadsheet users so that they can get reliable insights – no need to know SQL to adjust the filters to retrieve data, or schedule updates without waiting for analytics resources to become available.

✅ User-friendly. You can connect BigQuery to Google Sheets with a one-click connector. Simply pick the GCP Project and you're in.

✅ Accessible without BigQuery. You don't need to deal with BigQuery. It means that you can work with data without knowing SQL, database management, or even logging in to BigQuery Interface.

✅ Ideal for a diverse range of professionals. Perfect for data professionals, but also for sales, marketing, finances, and other specialists, allowing the import of only necessary data, and keeping spreadsheets clear and focused.

✅ FREE SQL Copilot for BigQuery: Anybody can craft SQL Queries without any knowledge. Just give the instructions to our AI Copilot in natural language, connect your tables, and get actionable and reliable queries to run your reports.

Google Connected Sheets:

⚠️ Designed for data analysts, complex for business users. This tool is mainly designed for people who work with data a lot. If you're more into the business side, it might take a bit more effort to get used to.

✅ Available within Google Workspace. It's a part of Google's Workspace suite and requires access through this platform which most users already have. 

⚠️ An Enterprise Google Workspace account is required. To get on board with it, you might need an upgraded or enterprise-level Google Workspace account. This could mean it's not available to everyone.

⚠️ Requires direct Google BigQuery access. Using Connected Sheets might mean you have to work with Google BigQuery. If you're not tech-savvy or don't have special permissions, it could be difficult to use.

Comparing Data Retrieval and Scheduling Capabilities

OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension:

✅ Flexible data retrieval from GBQ (Google BigQuery) and scheduling. With the ability to schedule data retrieval directly into Google Sheets at different intervals, users can specify updates for selected weeks, days, and specific hours... This granular control allows for significant savings, not only in the number of Report Runs, but also in reducing costs associated with BigQuery data processing.

✅ Dynamic filters used for precise data retrieval. It lets you use dynamic filters (automatically generated for all of the columns) to get exactly the data you need in Spreadsheets (up to 10 million cells). This feature means that you get precise information without manually changing queries every time.

✅ Ideal for customized data handling. Let's say you want specific sales data for each month from your company's database. With the OWOX BI Reports Add-on, you can set up a customized query to get that information without having to sift through irrelevant data.

Google Connected Sheets:

✅ Basic retrieval and scheduling features. This tool provides straightforward methods for data retrieval and schedule setup. While it offers high scheduling granularity, it lacks flexibility which leads to higher processing costs.

⚠️ There are annoying restrictions in place for extracting data, limiting it to only 100,000 rows

⚠️ Standard transformation layer via Dataform. The tool comes with a standard method (called Dataform) to change or arrange data, which might be helpful for certain tasks. But if you want to customize it, you'll need the right skills and help from data engineering experts.

Evaluating Cost Management and Control

Evaluating Cost Management and Control

OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension:

✅ Advanced access control for cost management. OWOX BI BigQuery Reports has detailed settings to manage expenses. It helps prevent unexpected costs by controlling who can access data and avoiding unauthorized use.

✅ Designed to prevent unplanned expenses. It's built to avoid surprises in expenses by setting warnings or limits to keep users within planned budgets.

⚠️ Paid options for extensive use. While some basic features might be free, there are paid options that offer additional features or higher usage limits.

Google Connected Sheets:

⚠️  Connected Sheets is Free. However, you still have to pay for data processing within BigQuery. And that's exactly where low flexibility of scheduling makes a bad job.

Integration and Comprehensive Data Overview

OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension:

✅ A holistic view of all data preparation processes in Workspace. The extension offers a complete view of activities, including collecting, transforming, and visualizing data. It helps users see the entire process from start to finish in one place.

✅ Simplifies understanding of data dependencies. It makes it easier for users to understand how different pieces of data relate to each other. This clarity helps in better managing and using data effectively.

✅ No vendor lock-in. You are not restricted to using only the OWOX BI add-on, which means you can easily switch to a different vendor anytime without any issues.

⚠️ GBQ support only. At the moment it supports only Google BigQuery data warehouse, which does not apply to those who use other solutions like Azure, Snowflake, Redshift, etc.

Simplify BigQuery Reporting in Sheets

Google Connected Sheets:

✅ Native integration with BigQuery and Looker Studio. It smoothly works with Google BigQuery. 

⚠️ Limited integration with non-Google products. While it works well within the Google ecosystem, users can face problems when connecting and collaborating with tools outside of Google. This might make it hard to work together or share data with tools that are not from Google.

Learning Curve and Usability

Learning Curve and Usability

OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension:

✅ Designed with a simpler learning curve. It offers simple connection, set-up, and usage without any technical training.

✅ Accessible for non-technical users. The extension provides plain-language explanations and a clear interface so that users without any technical background can work with data.

✅ Optimizing processes for efficiency and scalability. As the company grows and starts to handle more data or involves more employees using the tool, the extension keeps working smoothly. This means the company's processes continue to run efficiently without any major interruptions or slowdowns.

Google Connected Sheets:

⚠️ Powerful, but has a learning curve: Dataform helps combine, clean, or transform data in ways that Google Connected Sheets can't do alone. Integration with it might demand more time because these tools might have their specific methods or structures for integration. 

⚠️ Row limitations for large datasets. If you have lots of data, you might need to explore other options because of the Connected Sheets limits of 100,000 rows.

SQL Query Management and Efficiency

SQL Query Management and Efficiency

OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension:

✅ Automatically saves SQL queries in a single convenient list which is available for your colleagues The automatic saving feature means that once a query is written and executed, it's automatically stored for future use without the need to take additional steps. 

Google Connected Sheets:

⚠️ Manual management is required to store saved SQL queries. After creating a query, users have to consciously save and organize it for future use somewhere else. This manual process demands additional effort and time compared to the automated saving feature offered by OWOX BI BigQuery Reports. 

Privacy Compliance and SLA

OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension:

✅ High privacy standards. Data moves directly from Google BigQuery to Google Sheets without processing on additional servers, ensuring strong privacy measures.

✅ Robust SLAs for Enterprise customers. OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension offers strong commitments to performance and reliability for large-scale business users.

Use Case Scenarios: Analyzing the Effectiveness in Different Contexts

Here are 2 potential scenarios showcasing how you can use the OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension:

Managing Large Datasets: Comparative Insights

Example: An e-commerce company needs to analyze massive volumes of website traffic logs to understand user behavior and improve website performance.

The OWOX BI BigQuery Reports helps get website traffic data from Google BigQuery into Google Sheets and handles large volumes of data without slowdowns or performance issues.

Google Connected Sheets might struggle with analyzing such a massive amount of website traffic efficiently. It could be slower and might not manage and process it as effectively as the OWOX BI add-on.

Handling Complex Data Integration: Which Tool Performs Better?

Example: A manufacturing corporation wants to integrate production data from various factories worldwide into a centralized system. This involves merging data from diverse sources.

When dealing with complex data integration across multiple platforms and systems, OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Add-on can retrieve and integrate data directly from Google BigQuery, ensuring data security and compliance. This transfer does not involve any third-party tool and thus maintains data within the secure BigQuery environment.

Conclusion: The Unique Advantages of OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension

OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension offers an excellent solution for businesses handling large amounts of data or using multiple data sources. It simplifies fetching information from BigQuery and updating it regularly in Google Sheets

What's great about this tool is it doesn't require any technical skills. Moreover, it ensures data safety by directly transferring information to Google Sheets without involving additional servers.


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  • What are the key differences between OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension and Google Connected Sheets?

    OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension provides direct BigQuery data retrieval and scheduling in Google Sheets, which is more convenient for business users. Google Connected Sheets offers basic data analysis tools within Google Workspace.
  • Which tool is better for data security, OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension or Google Connected Sheets?

    OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension ensures higher data security by directly moving data from BigQuery to Sheets without external processing, compared to Google Connected Sheets.
  • How user-friendly is OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension compared to Google Connected Sheets?

    OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension is designed with a simpler learning curve and a more intuitive interface compared to Google Connected Sheets, serving better non-technical users.
  • What are the customization limits of OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension compared to Google Connected Sheets?

    OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension offers more advanced customization options for data retrieval using dynamic variables, exceeding Google Connected Sheets' basic features.
  • Does OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension offer any unique features not found in Google Connected Sheets?

    OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension uniquely allows direct data retrieval from BigQuery to Google Sheets without server-side processing, a feature not present in Google Connected Sheets.
  • What type of data integration is best with OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension?

    OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension excels in fetching and integrating data directly, handling complex data integration across various sources and platforms.

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Navigating Data-Driven Marketing From Insights to Impact

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Navigating Data-Driven Marketing From Insights to Impact