Use Cases

Use cases 16 September 2020

How to check and control the SEO processes carried out on your site

Experienced webmasters know that website optimization is not the simplest of tasks, but it’s not rocket science either. In this article we discuss what software solutions do SEO...

Use cases 12 August 2020

What is Google Data Studio: tutorial for beginners

Tutorial for beginners that shows you step by step how to use it to build informative, understandable reports based on data from various sources.

Use cases 16 July 2020

How to recognize and fix the (not set) value in Google Analytics reports

Find out more about the (not set) value appearance in Google Analytics reports, why does it appear there and how to reduce the percentage of this value.

Use cases 06 July 2020

How to Export Raw Data from Google Analytics

Discover how you can obtain raw unsampled data from Google Analytics to boost up your business efficiency.

Use cases 05 June 2020

RFM Analysis: A Complete Guide

In this article, we take a look at RFM analysis, which allows us to study users' purchasing behavior.

Use cases 04 March 2020

How to get started with OWOX BI: Importing cost data

Get started with OWOX BI quickly and easily with this beginner's guide. Learn how to create a project in OWOX BI and automatically import cost data into Google Analytics.

Use cases 18 February 2020

How to send data from Google BigQuery to Google Sheets and Excel

Learn how to automatically and quickly send data from Google BigQuery to Google Sheets and Excel

Use cases 31 January 2020

How to monitor data quality — a detailed guide

Want to be sure about the quality of your data? Learn how to check data quality at all stages of data collection: from specification to reports.

Use cases 30 December 2019

How to select funnel steps correctly when setting up attribution

Optimize advertising cost by reallocating your budget to efficient but undervalued channels.

Use cases 09 December 2019

How to upload raw data from Google Ads to Google BigQuery

How to upload raw data from your Google Ads account to Google BigQuery and identify all the UTM tags for auto-labeled campaigns.

Use cases 20 November 2019

Google BigQuery ↔ Google Sheets connector

How to transfer data from Google BigQuery to Google Sheets and back without CSV files and paid services? With the help of the free addon OWOX BI BigQuery Reports.

Use cases 06 November 2019

Behavioral segmentation: how to optimize advertising campaigns and increase conversions

How to create segments for any visitor actions on your site without restrictions and sampling in order to create audiences based on them for advertising in Google Ads.

Use cases 28 October 2019

Automate reports in Google Data Studio Based on Data from Google BigQuery

Configure the report to update automatically with Google App Script and visualize the data in Data Studio.

Use cases 30 September 2019

What is marketing automation and how can you use it?

Growing businesses may take up a number of advertising channels at once. Use marketing automation tools to set up all channels and integrate them into one efficient marketing...

Use cases 20 September 2019

How to conduct your first A/B test: Automate the process with Google Optimize

Learn how to correctly automate the A/B testing process, why Google Optimize is necessary for this, how to configure it, and what points you should pay attention to during your...

Use cases 12 September 2019

How to increase remarketing efficiency with data from your CRM

Enrich Google Analytics data with information from your internal system and build audience data for remarketing and email newsletters based on this data.

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Use cases 29 August 2019

Automatically import data from Facebook Ads to Google Analytics [Instructions]

Discover the benefits of automatically importing data from Facebook Ads to Google Analytics. OWOX BI Pipeline saves significant time and reduces the likelihood of errors when...

Use cases 26 August 2019

How to upload data to Google BigQuery

Learn why it’s worth loading data from advertising services into Google BigQuery and how to do that with CSV and JSON files, APIs, and the BigQuery Reports Add-on from OWOX BI.

Use cases 26 August 2019

Automate Reports in Google Sheets Using Data from Google BigQuery

How to set up automatic updating and sending email reports built in Google Sheets based on data from Google BigQuery.

Use cases 24 August 2019

What remarketing is and how to set it up in Google Ads and Google Analytics

In this article, you’ll learn what remarketing is and why you should use it to increase your sales. We’ll show you what types of remarketing there are and how to set up...

Use cases 18 August 2019

Automating reports in Google Analytics

Learn how to set up automatic updating of reports in Google Analytics and receive timely notifications about critical changes to KPIs that are important to your business.

Use cases 07 August 2019

How to automate Google Analytics reports in Google Sheets

How to create reports in Google Sheets with data from Google Analytics, automatically update them on a schedule and send to email.

Use cases 27 July 2019

Client ID in Google Analytics: What it is and how to set it up

Why do you need a Client ID and what benefits can it bring to your business? Learn how to transfer Client ID to Google Analytics as well as to your CRM system.

Use cases 28 June 2019

How to analyze Criteo campaigns in Google Analytics

There are two ways to import cost data: Automatically using OWOX BI and manually using the Google Analytics interface. Compare the performance of all your ad campaigns in one...

Use cases 07 May 2019

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Online Advertising

Digital marketers are always asking how to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. Find out three levels of evaluating online advertising and the best tools for doing.

Use cases 30 May 2019

BigQuery data structure in Google: How to get started with cloud storage

Learn how to start working with cloud storage: create a dataset and tables, set up import and export of data to/from Google BigQuery.

Use cases 31 May 2019

Import Bing Ads data into Google Analytics

Want to compare the performance of Bing Ads campaigns in Google Analytics? In this article, we explain how to get data from this ad platform into Google Analytics.

Use cases 30 April 2019

Through data to goals: Business Intelligence Guide

In this article, we explain what business intelligence is and why it’s important for any company that promotes itself on the internet. We’ll consider business problems that can...

Use cases 20 April 2019

Standard SQL in Google BigQuery: Advantages and Examples of Use in Marketing

Discover the advantages of Standard SQL, the new Google BigQuery SQL dialect, over Legacy SQL and learn what business problems you can solve with it. Get ready-made SQL query...

Use cases 17 April 2019

A Simple Guide to Website Traffic Analytics

Did you know that knowledge of web traffic analytics is already almost as necessary as knowledge of the alphabet? Let’s find out how much you know about it!

Use cases 15 March 2019

Kitties vs Facebook Pixel: Your Marketing Past and Future

Discover how you can use Facebook Pixel to optimize ads, and create customized audiences for retargeting.

Use cases 28 February 2019

A detailed guide to cohort analysis in Google Analytics and Google Sheets

What is cohort analysis and why should you use it? Learn about the possibilities and limitations of cohort analysis in Google Analytics. Discover four ways to analyze cohorts in...

Use cases 21 February 2019

What is Google Tag Manager and how does it help you set up Google Analytics?

Learn why you need Google Tag Manager and what it does. Discover the pros and cons of GTM and how it helps you set up a flexible web analytics system.

Use cases 30 January 2019

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Learn how to calculate LTV (customer lifetime value) for your business using five simple methods. Find out why this metric is important for your sales, and figure out how you...

Use cases 25 January 2019

BigQuery Google Features — Detailed Review

Learn how to aggregate data and work with dates, strings, and subsets using GBQ functions. Practice writing basic queries on demo data.

Use cases 28 December 2018

How to Add Google Analytics to a Facebook Page and Get Brilliant Reports

Let’s solve your analytics problem with Facebook and Google Analytics. Maybe you’ll find a surprisingly simple way to enrich your analytics!

Use cases 27 December 2018

How to Install Google Tag Manager on Your Site

A detailed guide on how to create an account in Google Tag Manager, install the code on your website, publish the container, and check its operation.

Use cases 17 December 2018

How to track Facebook advertising campaigns in Google Analytics

Tracking and measuring Facebook ads campaigns help you to be more effective and precise in your work. We’ll help you to make your first steps with social media analysis in...

Use cases 08 November 2018

Google Analytics Data Import - 4 Ways

Learn how you can import cost data into Google Analytics manually, using an add-on for Google Sheets, with the API and Apps Script, and with out-of-the-box solutions.

Use cases 08 October 2018

Now You See Me! What is CPA Fraud and How to Fight it

Discover how to protect your business from dishonest affiliates and cookie stuffing.

Use cases 29 August 2018

How OWOX BI Created and Tested an Attribution Model for SaaS Businesses

Learn how funnel based attribution can help you enhance the efficiency of the your company departments that have the lowest performance rates.

Use cases 01 August 2018

How to Optimize Your Website Load Speed for Better Conversion Rates

Learn how website load speed affects your business, what services can help you test it, and how to optimize the speed to increase conversion rates

Use cases 31 July 2018

Templates of SQL Queries to Google BigQuery That Will Take Your Reports to Another Level

Learn how to build reports that aren’t available in Google Analytics, with the help of SQL queries to Google BIgQuery data. In this blogpost, we’re revealing secrets about how...

Use cases 09 July 2018

How to Link Your Google Optimize with AdWords

Here’s a guide to linking your Google Optimize and AdWords accounts for streamlining landing pages according to users’ needs.

Use cases 25 May 2018

How to Set Up Dynamic Remarketing in Google AdWords Via Google Tag Manager

What is dynamic remarketing and why you need it: an ultimate guide to setting up dynamic remarketing in Google AdWords using Google Tag Manager.

Use cases 23 May 2018

How to Prepare Your Google Analytics and Other Google Services for GDPR

Discover how to ensure that your Google Analytics and other Google services are GDPR compliant, and how not to lose your data in Google Analytics.

Use cases 19 July 2016

Optimizing AdWords campaigns using Smart Goals in Google Analytics

At the end of last year Google introduced Smart Goals — a new feature in Google Analytics. In this article, you will find out who can benefit with the Smart Goals solution and...

Use cases 21 March 2016

Impact of alternative offers on visitors’ choice

This article describes a way to increase the accuracy of the product category efficiency evaluation. It can be achieved through the sales distribution...

Use cases 21 December 2015

Online Merchandising

It is a common fact that product blocks on the website increase the conversion rate and average order value. But products of what categories and...

Use cases 21 December 2015

Measure advertising campaigns from the first view to a purchase

Evaluation of advertising campaigns, taking into account the time during which the customer decides to make a purchase. This article describes the way...

Use cases 22 July 2015

Should you advertise not-available products?

You probably already know that users do not always land on a webpage for a product that is in stock. But, do you know how many Google Adwords...

Use cases 24 June 2015

How JavaScript errors impact conversion rate

A significant portion of the client-side functionality of most websites is JavaScript based and it is really difficult to check for errors using each version of each major...

Use cases 17 July 2020

OWOX BI Affiliate Program FAQ