How to Prepare Your Google Analytics and Other Google Services for GDPR

It’s pretty likely that you’ve heard about the General Data Protection Regulation coming into play on May 25th in 2018. If not, here’s the link to our blogpost about GDPR and what steps to take in order to make certain that your organization complies with the renewed security standards. In this article we’re giving more details on how to accept the new GDPR terms in the accounts of Google services, as well as the Data Retention point in the settings of Google Analytics.

Reviewing and accepting new terms

Google has done a great job ensuring that all users of GA Suite products are aware of the new data processing terms concerning GDPR. However, if you somehow missed newsletters on that topic, below is the simple manual on how to review and accept the terms.

Google Analytics

  • Open the "Admin" panel, then "Account Settings".

  • Scroll down until you see the "Review Amendment". Read it and choose "Accept".

Review Amendment in Google Analytics

Google Optimize

  • Open the "Edit Account Details" point.

    Edit account details in Google Optimize
  • At the bottom of the page click on the point "View the Data Processing Amendment". Here you’ll need to accept the data processing terms.

    View Data Processing Amendment in Google Optimize

Google Tag Manager

  • Navigate to the "Admin" panel, next find "Account Settings".

    Account Settings in Google Tag Manager
  • Open the "Review Amendment", then click "Done".

    Review Amendment in Google Tag Manager

Google Data Studio

  • Navigate to "User Settings".

    User Settings in Google Data Studio
  • Choose "Account and Privacy".

  • In the "Data Processing Terms General Information" point click on "Yes".

    Data Processing Terms General Information in Google Data Studio

Providing legal entity and contact details

You’ll definitely get notifications from Google concerning GDPR like, say, appointing you a data subprocessor, or any other significant updates. That’s why we highly recommend to specify the necessary legal entity and your contacts for that. Here’s a quick guide ho help you do that.

Analytics, Optimize, Tag Manager and Attribution

  • Go to Suite Home organization page, and select the organization you need.

  • Navigate to "Organization Settings".

    Organization settings in Google Analytics Suite Home
  • Click on "Data Processing Amendment".

    Details of data processing amendment in Google Analytics Suite Home
  • Specify the legally registered name of your organization in the "Legal entities" point and add up the contact details.

Google Data Studio

  • Find "User Settings", and choose "Account and Privacy". Make sure there’s a tick next to "Yes".

    Data Processing Terms General Information in Google Data Studio
  • Provide the necessary contact details and save.

    Providing legal entities and contacts in Google Data Studio

"Data Retention" point in the Google Analytics settings

Did you know that Google will delete any user data older than 26 months, starting with May 25th in 2018? Have no fear! Here are some tips on how not to not lose the data.

How to set up the data retention term

You’ll need the "Edit" permission for the GA property you’re going to use. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Admin" pane, then choose the necessary property.

  2. Next, find "Tracking Info", and select "Data Retention".

    Data retention settings in Google Analytics
  3. Choose the retention period: 14, 26, 38 or 50 months. You also can choose the "Do not automatically expire" option.

  4. Leave the "Reset on new activity" switch on, if you’d like to reset the retention period of the user ID with each new event from that user. In case you’ve set the retention period to "Do not automatically expire", you can turn the switch off.

We’ll keep you on top of the approaching GDPR and GA updates, such as a new tool from Google to delete all the data on a single user, and other news. Sign up for our secret newsletter to ensure you miss nothing important. Do not hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section if you have any questions ;)