How to optimize advertising costs for returning visitors


You know the exact percentage of visitors who return to your site. You probably even know how many of these visitors have already made an order on your web site. But do you know how many customers you are paying for in Adwords or Facebook who have already visited your site? Rather than waste this money on existing customers, you should use your budget more efficiently to attract new visitors and convert them into customers. You know that it is very important to create and maintain a loyal customer base who keep coming back. But do you know how your customers find their way back to your site? Intentionally or accidentally? For free or do you keep paying for their acquisition again?


  1. Increase advertising efficiency
    through reallocating your advertising budget to focus on acquiring new customers.
  2. Decrease customer acquisition costs
    by retaining existing customers through free traffic sources.

Data to be analyzed:

  1. Traffic sources that acquire customers who have made orders before.
  2. The amount of the acquisition budget unnecessarily spent to bring back existing customers.
  3. Traffic sources that acquire existing customers.
  4. Free and paid traffic sources to determine trends and areas of growth.

The report helps you determine

  1. What percentage of existing customers, who made an order earlier return through paid traffic sources?
  2. What percentage of these visits belong to each channel and does the ratio change over time?
  3. Does the conversion rate vary for newly acquired customers depending on the traffic source?
  4. What percentage of price aggregator traffic is customers who have previously made an order on your online store?
  5. Will this percentage change if you increase the frequency of your newsletters?
  6. Which ad campaign attracts the visitors with the highest conversion rate? For example, customers who clicked through from an Adwords or a Bing advertisement?
  7. How long ago did those who were acquired through a certain channel in a specific period of time open a promotional newsletter?
  8. What share of existing customers return through free traffic sources?
  9. Does the share of direct traffic source customers increase over time?
  10. For what product categories are customers more likely to return through paid traffic sources?
  11. What percentage of existing customers return through direct traffic and what percentage return through email marketing campaigns?
  12. Do offline campaigns increase the volume of branded, organic traffic?
  13. How many of your customers leave feedback after they have made a purchase?
  14. What is the best algorithm to calculate the featured products for buyers in a given product category, such as electronics or clothing?
  15. What percentage of customers consistently read your promotional emails?

Results are used by:

  1. Marketing specialist to build relationships with existing customers.
  2. Marketing specialist to accurately target users.

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