Move your marketing data into BigQuery automatically without SQL and developers

OWOX BI is the easiest way to collect and blend all marketing data in a single storage. No experience in coding needed

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Import Cost Data to Google BigQuery

Automate data delivery from siloed sources and get reports of any complexity

Merge your data from the most popular marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google with user behavior, and CRM data.

Find out which campaigns bring more profit and which don’t pay off to effectively allocate your marketing budget.

All data in BigQuery with full GDPR compliance

OWOX’s server-side tracking provides secure first-party data collection on your personal domain and sends all your data directly to a location of your choice in the EU.

OWOX extends the cookie expiration time to two years and reduces the direct/none traffic percentage. The tracking process is compliant with Schrems II and the GDPR.

Get your Google Analytics 4 data automatically merged with other sources

OWOX blends Google Analytics 4 data with ad spends, sets up custom sessions, single cross-device user profiles, and dozens of other pre-made transformations. All this will be available in your Google BigQuery project. 

Save time by working with an understandable data structure.

Visualize data in your favorite BI tools

Visualize data in your favorite BI tools

Visualize data in your favorite BI tools

After collecting data into BigQuery, transfer your data directly into Google Data Studio or move it from BigQuery into different BI tools such as Tableau, Looker, Power BI with our integration.

Easily update historical data

You don’t need additional data manipulation to consider order purchases or purchased returns or to find out what a new subscriber did on your website in the last 30 days before signing up. 

OWOX allows you to retrospectively update information about costs, users, and transactions that have already been uploaded to Google BigQuery.

OWOX BI unique benefits

True omnichannel

Create reports based on all marketing channels, online and offline, website and application, actual sales, and returned orders.

Data you can trust

You will always know the quality and completeness of your data, the logic of metrics calculation, and finally stop looking for and editing errors in reports.

Single cross-device user profile

All data about user behavior from your site as well as various devices and applications will be merged into a single profile.

Consulting support

The OWOX team covers all the analytics tasks for you and provides consulting and support at every stage.

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