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We collect and process all the data you need to easily build any reports

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We collect and process all the data you need to easily build any reports

Do you want to automate Google Analytics data import?

Ограничения в Google Analytics

Limits while uploading data into Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to build more valuable reports if you have imported additional data about products, ad campaigns etc.

Почему это технически невозможно

Benefits of having data in Google Analytics

If you send data directly into Google Analytics, you can’t change the structure of imported data, custom dimension name or account id without involving a developer. Developers have to use a limited number of SDK and consider all the limitations that Google Analytics API has.

Automate data import using Google BigQuery

By managing your pipelines using OWOX BI you can:
  • Сhange data structure of Google Analytics Data Import at any time: add or adjust parameters by editing an SQL query

  • Change dataset or account that you import data into

  • Combine data from several sources

  • Check data from external sources before you import them to Google Analytics


Just load data to Google BigQuery in a convenient format to get started

  • Load data to Google BigQuery in a structure that is convenient for your IT department

  • Use ready-made SDK, ODBC-driver, ETL-applications or a command line

  • Don’t worry about a compliance with Google Analytics API limits as OWOX BI Pipeline automates this process


It is quick and safe

Data Import
All data is processed in Google Cloud Platform
Legal API
We use only Google official API
Not Sell Advertising
OWOX is a certified Google Analytics partner
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OWOX BI is already trusted by thousands of projects from all over the world


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Import data from Google BigQuery into Google Analytics
Email, Phone
Email, Phone
Processing latency is not more than 12 hours for 99% of imports
export up to 1 000 000 rows daily
Fixed price (paying month-to-month)
from $115/mo
from $1400/mo
from $10000/mo

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