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We collect and process all the data you need to easily build any reports

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We collect and process all the data you need to easily build any reports

Import the Data from Mango Office to Google BigQuery

Combine the phone calls data from Mango Office with the data from Google Analytics and others systems, to get a holistic overview of your customers’ journey.

Set up the Pipeline

Get the big picture or your customers’ journey by enhancing the data in Google BigQuery with the data about phone calls

Mango Office collects data about each website visitor, including the source, medium, and the search query that have brought the visitor to your website. The service provides each user with a unique forwarding phone number. When dialed, it is automatically combined with the phone call data. This helps you find out how many quality phone calls with a certain duration were driven by each ad campaign. However, customers can use different devices to visit your website multiple times, view different ads, ask for details over the phone, and then purchase offline. To see how each user touchpoint contributes to a conversion, it’s vital to combine the call tracking data with the data from Google Analytics, ad services and ERP systems.

OWOX BI Pipeline

Having set up the pipeline from Mango Office to Google BigQuery, the data about phone calls from forwarding numbers along with the Google Analytics data will automatically appear in Google BigQuery, in near real time. This will engage you to analyze customers’ behavior in more detail: where they are from, what products they are interested in, how often they buy and make phone calls, which ads are better for customer acquisition and which are for customer retention.

Set up the pipeline from Mango Office to Google BigQuery to:

  • See the phone numbers of your customers in Google BigQuery. Such data is not available in Google Analytics.

  • Connect the data about phone calls from Mango Office with your metrics of order completion.

  • Spend your advertising budget more efficiently, based on complete data.

  • Get accurate data down to the phone call.

  • Analyze terabytes of data within minutes.

  • Build custom reports of any complexity to monitor the key performance indicators of your business.


Simple Setup

Collect the data from Mango Office with OWOX BI in a few simple steps
  • Sign in to OWOX BI

    Log in to OWOX BI via your Google account.

  • Set up an OWOX BI pipeline to collect Google Analytics data in Google BigQuery

    Create a pipeline to collect raw unsampled Google Analytics data in Google BigQuery.

    If you already have an active OWOX BI Pipeline from Google Analytics to Google BigQuery, you can skip to the next step.

  • Enable the integration in your Mango Office account

    Go to the call tracking settings of your Mango Office account, and enable the integration with OWOX BI.

    Make sure you’re using the same Tracking ID in the call tracking settings of your Mango Office account as the one you’re using with OWOX BI Pipeline: Google Analytics to Google BigQuery.

Data Import
The imported data is stored in your Google BigQuery account only, providing you to manage access to it at any time necessary.
Legal API
The security of your data is ensured by both the Mango Office API and OAuth authentication.
Not Sell Advertising
We are not an advertising agency and we don’t sell ads. Our goal is to provide you with accurate, unbiased and timely data for decision making.
Official Gallery
Our products are trusted by thousands of clients worldwide. OWOX BI is recognized as a Google BigQuery Certified Partner.


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