OWOX is a full-stack digital analytics platform that makes advanced analytics accessible to everyone.

OWOX provides data collection from 135+ marketing sources. The service collects first-party data, cleans, maps, normalizes and blends it with marketing data across all channels and devices.

The service supplies analysts with business-ready data in the SQL-ready format so they can easily explore insights to drive revenue growth.

A large number of native integrations are offered, including Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google AdWords, Google BigQuery, Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, Power BI, Tableau, Looker, HubSpot, Mailchimp, AppsFlyer, and more.


Fivetran is an ELT, cloud-based tool for data processing. Enables fast and efficient collection of data from related applications, websites, and data warehouses. Fivetran is implemented within minutes. Additionally, it requires no additional configuration and automatically adapts to changes in source, schemas and APIs.

Fivetran provides full integration with various databases, cloud solutions and business intelligence tools such as Tableau.

Features Comparison Table OWOX BI Fivetran
Approach Full-stack digital analytics platform Cloud-based ETL platform
Builds New Connectors on Request Yes No
Integrates Business Data Yes Yes
Connects to data warehouses/data lakes Yes / Yes Yes / Yes
Predictable pricing that scales Pricing starts at $120.00 per month Pricing starts at $99.00 per month
Support SLA Yes Available
Professional Services Available Yes No
Customer owns his data Yes Yes
Server-side cookie-less tracking, first-party data collection Yes No
Data quality monitoring Yes No
Cross-channel normalization Yes No
Data is analysis-ready Yes No
Automated data blending Yes No
Pre-set ready-made reports Yes No
Automated data transformation Yes No
Transformations' customization Yes No
Schedule data updates for each report Yes No
Data flow vizualisation and management Yes No
Different attribution models avaliable, including data-driven and multichannel Yes No

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