How to import cost data into Google Analytics


All your revenue data is collected in the Google Analytics account. But, by default you can only analyze the Google-campaigns ROI, as the data for the other campaigns is missing in Google Analytics.


  1. Increases advertising efficiency
  2. through advertising budget reallocation.

Data to be analyzed:

The cost of the paid traffic sources associated with the revenue from the corresponding source.

Cost data import helps you determine:

  1. The complete advertising cost from the data that has been automatically imported into Google Analytics
  2. Which traffic source attracts the customers who make the highest value purchases.
  3. How the cost per order has changed over a set period of time in a specified region via a specific acquisition channel
  4. For example, how has the cost per order changed over the past two month for customers from Chicago, IL who were acquired via Facebook?
  5. CPA and ROI for a variety of traffic sources with the ability to break the data down by product categories and types of users

Results are used by:

Marketing specialist to evaluate acquisition KPIs of traffic sources.

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