Webinar 21 September 2017

How to Solve Reporting Challenges Using Google Analytics APIs

  • Oleg Kharchenko

    Oleg Kharchenko

    Senior Digital Analyst
    at OWOX BI

Google Analytics APIs are what users resort to when standard Google Analytics reports are not enough. Various APIs allow accessing data from Google Analytics for analyzing and visualizing it in a suitable format, with almost no limitations.​

In this webinar, we’ll explore what Google Analytics APIs are, and how to use them to overcome the reporting limitations of Google Analytics.​

The webinar will cover such questions as:

  • What are the types of Google Analytics APIs and what purpose they serve;
  • How to request Google Analytics data via the Core Reporting API to create two or more reports simultaneously;
  • What advanced capabilities can be used for visualizing GA data in Google Sheets;
  • How to schedule automatic updates of your reports in Google Sheets and set the update frequency as needed;
  • How to leverage the GA data with the APIs: actual use cases and success stories.

The webinar will be useful for:

​Analysts, marketing specialists, IT specialists and everyone who’s looking to learn more about Google Analytics.

You can find additional information about Google Analytics API limitations in our blogpost.​