Custom domain for Google analytics data collection

This article describes solution to the problem of collecting Google Analytics data on the individual domain, for instance, instead of


User interaction information is sent into Google Analytics through the requests that are sent to the domain But there are cases when it is impossible to use a common domain.

These cases include networks where you can only access a predetermined list of resources and google does not belong to this list.

For instance:

  1. Intranet where access is only allowed to the company’s internal resources
  2. Telecom operators and service providers who need to provide customers with a free of charge zone, which has no requests to external resources
  3. Hotels and airports, where a user must fill in a special form prior to use of the Internet
  4. Touch-screen kiosks which are located in shops, airports, etc. and send requests only to a limited and predetermined set of network resources

Queries from these resources can not be collected in the usual way and can not be sent into


To avoid the user data loss and follow the safety requirements a special domain can be used for data collection, for instance BI Google Analytics to Google BigQuery immediately sends user data into Google Analytics as well as into Google BigQuery.

To do this, you should use the OWOX BI Enterprise plan and specify the domain name where data should be sent.


As a result all user data will be sent into Google Analytics and Google BigQuery and requests from your website will be sent to the specified domain.

At the same time all your data is processed in the Google Cloud Platform and you do not need to change the existing Google Analytics settings.

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