5 Benefits of Mobile Push Notifications as a Marketing Channel

Marketing Strategies

Mobile push notifications are a new channel for communication with customers that has already proven itself to be effective. According to statistics, the probability of in-app purchase increases 9.6 times when users receive push notifications, and the average order value increases 16%. Our friends at eSputnik share the reasons why mobile push notifications are so efficient.

1. Keeping close to customers

Push notifications are delivered to smartphones via mobile apps. Users don’t even have to be using the app in order to receive mobile push notifications. The delivery is definite, even if the app is inactive / not running and the device screen is locked.
To send app push notifications, the app doesn’t need any special permissions from the user. Your users grant their permission automatically when they install your app.
Push notifications are usually read right after they are delivered, making them a perfect channel for sharing urgent information. For example:

an example of sale app push notification from WIZZ AIR
  • App update notification
Examples of app update mobile push notifications
  • Engagement through gamification
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2. Focused targeting: segments for campaigns

Of course, it all depends on service capabilities. For example, eSputnik allows you to segment your audience by:

  • User activity time,
  • Product preferences,
  • Device type (Android or iOS),
  • Average purchase size,
  • Demographic data,
  • Geolocation.

This is how a segment can look like:

The more precise your settings when you create a segment, the more relevant your offer will be. And as a result, the campaign will give you maximum conversions.

3. Automation

Push notifications are a good solution for regular communications between users and brands, such as:

  • Onboarding campaigns,
  • Abandoned cart reminders,
  • Transaction notifications,
  • Reactivation of dormant customers.

In fact, you can choose any event as a trigger to send an automated notification.

As a common practice, online businesses use emails or SMS messages for these purposes. Push notifications do not replace these channels but complement them: advanced automation systems allow using multiple channels in a single workflow, for example, in an abandoned cart series. This allows businesses to increase the audience reach and increase the probability of users completing the target action.

4. Comprehensive reporting

Mobile app push notification providers like eSputnik enable you to see all the key metrics for your mobile push notifications in reports. You’ll be able to monitor:

  • the number of notifications sent,
  • the number of notifications delivered,
  • the number of click-throughs,
  • the number of delivery errors.

With detailed reports, you’ll be able to discover the workflows that bring the most conversions, and get new ideas on how to optimize your marketing strategy.

5. Easy launch

If your business already has a mobile app, you only need to enable the collection of device tokens (user device identifiers). It’s a free service but you will need app developers to help you with the task. As for push notifications themselves, services like eSputnik make it easy to create them in a drag-and-drop editor, no special skills required.


Smartphones are overtaking desktop, and the importance of having mobile marketing strategies increases. Mobile push notifications can be a perfect solution for fast and reliable communication with customers and prospects. They will get delivered even if your app is not running and the device is locked read immediately. Finally, they are cheaper than Viber or SMS text messages.