Webinar 13 November 2018

Research Online Purchase Offline: How to Evaluate the Impact of Online Advertising on Offline Sales

  • Ekaterina Ganopolskaya

    Ekaterina Ganopolskaya

    Senior Digital Analyst
    at OWOX BI

  • Mariia Bocheva

    Mariia Bocheva

    Business Development Executive in OWOX BI

From Darjeeling’s experience, we know that up to 40% of customers go online to learn more about the products and their availability before they visit the offline store and buy something. The percentage of such customers surely depends on the company. However, tons of users first see online ads or special offers, read reviews and testimonials from the website, and only then they decide to purchase offline. This means that your online ad initiatives can have a serious influence on the amount of the offline sales.​

At the webinar, you’ll get valuable insights into how to properly measure the ROPO effect for your ads:

  • What data structure you need for reports;
  • How to get all the data you need in Google BigQuery;
  • How to create reports in Google Sheets and Data Studio;
  • How Smart Data can help you in ROPO-analysis;
  • How to apply the analysis results, to gain maximum revenue from your advertising efforts.

​Be sure to get all of your questions answered during the webinar. Moreover, we’ll send the webinar replay and the slide deck along with a set of handy materials right to your inbox, after the webinar.

Who’s the webinar for

Digital marketers, marketing analysts, CMOs, CEOs, and everyone willing to properly reallocate their budget and boost the ad campaign efficiency.​

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