How page load time impacts conversion rate


Both users and businesses want website pages to load faster. But how to determine which pages have problems? And the most important, what is the problem — is it too much content or a slow server response?


To lower the bounce rate and to increase conversion rate by reducing the page load time.

Data to be analyzed:

  1. The speed of a server response and page load time by different page types.
  2. Related indicators to identify the effects of a long page load time.

This report helps you determine

  1. The average page load time of the website
  2. The page types with the abnormally high page load time.
  3. Causes of bottlenecks in the sales funnel.

Results are used by:

  1. Technical experts to identify the causes of the exceeding page load time or slow server response.
  2. Usability experts to create a less-loaded design with no loss of information.

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