Webinar 8 December 2022

Learn Expert Tips on Sessionizing in GA4

  • Vlad Flaks

    Vlad Flaks


Google Analytics 4 sessionization is one of the hottest topics for digital marketing analysts. In a schema of GA 360 BigQuery each row corresponds to a single session, while in GA 4 each row corresponds to a single event. So now it is an analyst’s headache to define sessions and build attribution models. 

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • What are sessions and why marketers still need them,
  • Why you will be unpleasantly surprised by traffic_source field in GA4 BigQuery Export schema,
  • How to create your own sessions from GA4 data in Google BigQuery.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Digital analysts who need to sessionize data for marketing reports,
  • Data Engineers who automate digital marketing data preparation.