Use cases25 May 2018

How to Set Up Dynamic Remarketing in Google AdWords Via Google Tag Manager

What is dynamic remarketing and why you need it: an ultimate guide to setting up dynamic remarketing in Google AdWords using Google Tag Manager.

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    Use cases 23 May 2018

    How to Prepare Your Google Analytics and Other Google Services for GDPR

    Discover how to ensure that your Google Analytics and other Google services are GDPR compliant, and how not to lose your data in Google Analytics.

    Articles 22 May 2018

    The Ultimate Guide to End-to-End Analytics

    Lean how to use end-to-end analytics for analysing the data across all your customers’ touchpoints, taking into account even the slightest changes to ads, product, online user...

    Success Stories 21 May 2018

    IQ Option Analyzes Assisted Conversions of AdWords Campaigns

    Discover how IQ Option managed to evaluate the performance of AdWords campaigns and circumvent the Google Analytics limits in reports on assisted conversions.

    Articles 04 May 2018

    What Is GDPR and What You Need to Know about It

    Learn about new rights and roles in General Data Protection Regulation and how to comply with new data security standards.

    Articles 03 May 2018

    What is the R Programming Language and How to Use It for Working with the APIs of Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct

    Discover how to automate working with the data from Google Analytics and Yandex.Direct, using two packages that enhance the basic capacities of the R language.

    Articles 03 May 2018

    An Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics Sampling and How to Avoid It

    What is sampling and what are the reasons behind it? We answer these questions and talk about all the possible ways to avoid sampling in our new blogpost.

    News 14 April 2018

    Updates and Improvements in OWOX BI Attribution

    Learn more about the new improvements in OWOX BI Attribution: evaluating the input of marketing channels into nonlinear customer journeys, and new integrations...

    Success Stories 15 March 2018

    Bitrix24: How to Use Customer Cohort Analysis to Measure Ad Performance

    How much does it cost to acquire a new customer? Which of the advertising campaigns are better for customer retention? Read this success story to find out how Bitrix24 managed...

    Articles 12 March 2018

    How to Link Your Google AdWords and Analytics Accounts

    Discover the benefits of linking Google AdWords and Analytics accounts, and how to enrich your AdWords reports on campaigns and Analytics reports on acquisition

    Success Stories 01 March 2018

    Citrus Improves Sales by Analyzing the Competition

    Learn how Citrus, a top Ukrainian retailer for gadgets and accessories, managed to optimize advertising and improve sales, with the help of automated price monitoring and...

    Success Stories 02 March 2018

    Darjeeling's Success Story: ROPO Analysis Proves that 40% of Customers Visit the Company's Website before Buying Offline

    Learn how Darjeeling, a top French retailer in the women’s lingerie market, evaluated the input of online advertising to offline purchases.

    Articles 24 January 2018

    Top 20 Twitter Accounts for Analysts and Marketers

    Read and enjoy: our favorite Twitter accounts about marketing and web-analytics

    News 15 January 2018

    2017 Results and 2018 Outlook – OWOX BI

    Throughout the last year, OWOX BI has evolved with many new features we offer to our clients. Find out how these updates can benefit your business, and what ambitious plans...

    Success Stories 03 January 2018’s Success Story: Evaluating the Impact of Online Advertising on Offline Sales

    Discover how, the largest electronics and home appliances retailer in Russia, measured how offline sales are influenced by online channels.

    Articles 04 January 2018

    Omnichannel Retailing: Why and How to Integrate Online and Offline Customer Touchpoints

    Learn how to accurately integrate online and offline channels your customers are interacting with, and how doing so will benefit your business.

    Success Stories 21 December 2017

    Abandoned Carts: Orcanta Increased Email Marketing Revenue by 126%

    Learn how the company reduced email marketing costs and increased the revenue from online sales by sending out data-informed cart abandonment emails.

    Articles 12 December 2017

    How to Track Instagram Referrals and Paid Traffic in Google Analytics

    Learn how you can use Google Analytics to track of Instagram data, including traffic to your website, costs, and conversions.

    Articles 11 December 2017

    Statistics in Web Analytics, or How to Become a True Data Scientist

    Learn the difference between a Digital Analyst and a Data Scientist, and how to apply statistical methods in A/B testing and user segmentation.

    Success Stories 17 November 2017

    Santehnika-Online's Success Story: How to Improve the Advertising-to-Sales Ratio by 10%

    Discover how the company managed to reduce the advertising-to-sales ratio by 10%, by evaluating ad performance, optimizing budget allocation, and automating bid management.

    Articles 27 October 2017

    How Do I Analyze Competitors’ PPC ads and Why Would I Want to

    Find out how to start analyzing your competitors' PPC strategy, what to pay attention to, and how to use the information you'll get.

    Articles 23 October 2017

    How To Marry Up Your CRM With Google Analytics

    Combine data from your CRM/ERP systems and data from Google Analytics for deeper analysis of user behavior and better remarketing.

    Articles 29 September 2017

    How Competitor Prices Affect Conversion Rates and User Behavior

    In this blogpost, we talk about how and why to monitor competitors' prices. Learn how to create and apply useful reports based on the data about website user behavior,...

    Articles 14 September 2017

    How to Create Meaningful Dashboards for Your Facebook Data

    Find out how to create interactive Google Data Studio reports to track the performance of your Facebook advertising

    Success Stories 30 August 2017

    OnlineTours Success Story: How to Achieve a 15% Email Conversion Rate

    What's more effective: cold calls or emails? Read how OnlineTours answered this question and increased the conversion rate with 2 experiments.

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    Success Stories 17 August 2017

    Answear Success Story: How to Evaluate Traffic Channels and Increase SMS Marketing Revenue by 19%

    Learn how collecting data in Google BigQuery enabled Answear, a multi-brand online clothing retailer, to build a successful SMS marketing campaign, evaluate advertising channels...

    Articles 27 July 2017

    5 Reasons to Create Reports in Google BigQuery

    Learn about the common challenges in creating reports with Google Analytics, and how you can overcome them by using Google BigQuery.

    Success Stories 27 June 2017

    boodmo and OWOX BI: How to Evaluate Customer Acquisition Channels Using Cohort Analysis

    An Indian company managed to develop an effective customer relationship model, optimize advertising expenses and increase customer LTV.

    Success Stories 30 May 2017

    INTOUCH Success Story: How to Measure Ad Success and Increase ROAS by Consolidating Data

    Learn how INTOUCH managed to accurately evaluate advertising campaign performance and optimize advertising costs by automating data collection and processing.

    Articles 30 May 2017

    A Comprehensive Guide to Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

    In this article we explore Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics: what it is, why you should use it, and how to set it up using Google Tag Manager.

    Articles 18 May 2017

    The Site Is Not Enough: A Guide to Mobile App Analytics

    In this article, we’ll explore what you should consider when analyzing a mobile app, what to start with, and the differences between website analytics and mobile app analytics.

    Success Stories 14 April 2017 and OWOX BI: How to Optimize Advertising Campaigns with Assisted Conversions in Google BigQuery

    Find out how evaluated the performance of advertising channels for different regions and business groups of categories.

    Success Stories 24 April 2017

    Hoff and OWOX BI: How to Discover 2.4 Times More Keywords Assisting in Conversions and Increase PPC Advertising ROI by 17%

    Learn how Hoff managed to combine data about online and offline customer touchpoints, evaluate keyword performance, and optimize bids.

    Articles 29 January 2017

    Funnel Based Attribution Model

    Find out more about the benefits of using Funnel Based attribution model in evaluating your marketing campaigns.

    Articles 30 March 2017

    What’s the Deal with Your Direct Traffic, and How to Fix It

    If you see that your Direct traffic is higher than 30%, do not rush to pop some champagne and celebrate your company’s great popularity. It’s possible that Google Analytics has...

    Articles 29 March 2017

    Custom Attribution Models: Helping Marketing Specialists, Analysts and CMOs Achieve Zen

    Out-of-the-box attribution models are simpler than they might seem. To get the most benefit out of them, an analyst, a marketer, and a CMO should work closely together.

    Articles 31 March 2017

    From Zero to Hero! An Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Google Analytics Account

    Websites come in many types, styles and budgets. Each website, be it a news site, an online store or a personal blog, has its own performance indicators. These may include the...

    News 21 February 2017

    New Features and Improvements in OWOX BI Attribution

    The Funnel-Based attribution model is now available in the Basic plan. You can set up funnel steps for businesses of any type and scale. The calculations...

    Success Stories 31 January 2017

    Eldorado: How to Increase Email-Driven Revenue by 237% and Optimize Ad Spend

    Find out how timely emails and their own attribution model helped Eldorado improve their conversion rate and optimize advertising costs.

    News 24 January 2017

    Free Trial and Other Changes to Our Pricing

    Find out what changes were made to OWOX BI pricing, what features are now available in the updated plans, and answers to any questions you may have.

    Articles 10 November 2016

    Dashboards for business: three examples of practical use

    In this article, we share examples of real-time dashboards based on complete data. Such dashboards are useful for marketing specialists, developers, content...

    Articles 12 December 2016

    Google Data Studio dashboard template by OWOX BI

    If you work with data and want to find out how to get informative reports with all the information on your fingertips, here’s the solution.

    Success Stories 10 November 2016

    OWOX BI Pipeline helps Contentmart improve customer experience & engagement

    Find out how OWOX BI Pipeline helped Contentmart increase average LTV and expand the user database.

    Articles 12 December 2016

    How to use UTM tags

    UTM tags help you get detailed information about your traffic sources. Find out more about what UTM tags are, why you should use them, and how to append them correctly.

    Articles 08 November 2016

    Declare Independence From Developers With Custom HTML Tags in Google Tag Manager

    When Google announced Google Tag Manager back in 2013, almost all the reviews and presentations were limited to the idea of making things easier for marketing specialists.

    Articles 29 September 2016

    Optimize 360 proves to be accurate no-coding solution for testing user experience on your site

    A new powerful testing and personalisation tool is a part of Google Analytics 360 Suite. With Optimize 360, businesses can take action faster, evaluate...

    Articles 12 September 2016

    Measuring your ROAS with business intelligence

    OWOX and Ringostat team up to tell you what ROAS (return on ad spend) is and how to calculate it using Excel, CRM, call tracking and BI solutions—the tools every entrepreneur...

    Articles 27 September 2016

    How to Handle Repeat Transactions in Google Analytics?

    In this article, we take a closer look at the causes of repeat transactions when using Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics, and provide a solution to this issue.

    Articles 29 September 2016

    Importing Google Analytics Data to Google BigQuery: Comparing Two Methods of Data Collection

    In this article, we compare the two methods for getting Google Analytics data in Google BigQuery. We consider the price, the specifics of data...

    Use cases 19 July 2016

    Optimizing AdWords campaigns using Smart Goals in Google Analytics

    At the end of last year Google introduced Smart Goals — a new feature in Google Analytics. In this article, you will find out who can benefit with the Smart Goals solution and...

    Articles 31 October 2016

    How to Evaluate the Cost Efficiency of the Attribution Model

    Find out how to evaluate the efficiency of your current attribution model and how to optimize your advertising budget.

    Articles 30 September 2016

    How to estimate the additional value of multi-channel attribution

    In this article, we introduce the method for estimating the additional revenue you can gain with attribution models that consider the mutual impact of advertising...

    Articles 24 May 2016

    Data Security and Access Control in Google Cloud Platform

    Who has access to my data? How to ensure its safety? What should I check to make sure the settings are correct? We’ve answered hundreds...

    Success Stories 18 March 2016

    Rozetka receives 23% ROI and 18% increase in direct marketing revenue

    Rozetka, as a Ukrainian market leader in online retail, has a huge potential in repeated sales due to the size of its client database. But a high competition with other market...

    Use cases 21 March 2016

    Impact of alternative offers on visitors’ choice

    This article describes a way to increase the accuracy of the product category efficiency evaluation. It can be achieved through the sales distribution...

    Articles 29 February 2016

    Advantages and limitations of Google Analytics API

    If you need to export data from Google Analytics, you can use one of the available APIs. To help you choose the most suitable option and save your time...

    Articles 11 March 2016

    When Google Analytics 360 is not enough

    Google Analytics 360 is a great product and the acknowledged market leader in customer behaviour analysis. But it has non-obvious limitations that many...

    Articles 08 December 2015

    Comparison of multi-channel attribution models

    This article describes the causes of inaccurate assessment of advertising channels with popular attribution models in Google Analytics and formulates the...

    Articles 29 January 2016

    Funnel Based Attribution Implementation

    This article describes how to implement a dynamic attribution model, using Google Cloud Platform services, Google Analytics and OWOX BI. Let’s talk about...

    Use cases 21 December 2015

    Online Merchandising

    It is a common fact that product blocks on the website increase the conversion rate and average order value. But products of what categories and...

    Articles 28 August 2015

    Why Do We Need Online Analytics?

    We often hear that question. Even from those, who has already decided to implement the analytics. Primarily, we need the answer to determine for ourselves...

    Use cases 21 December 2015

    How to measure advertising efficiency by product category

    For sure, you know what income is brought by each of the product categories. But do you know how much you spend on advertising for each of these...

    Use cases 22 July 2015

    Should you advertise not-available products?

    You probably already know that users do not always land on a webpage for a product that is in stock. But, do you know how many Google Adwords...

    Use cases 24 June 2015

    How JavaScript errors impact conversion rate

    A significant portion of the client-side functionality of most websites is JavaScript based and it is really difficult to check for errors using each version of each major...

    Success Stories 24 June 2015

    Rozetka increases average order value by 9% and direct marketing revenue by 18%

    With the goals of increasing revenue per user and average order value, Rozetka needed help with product bundling, merchandising, product recommendations and email campaigns.

    Use cases 17 March 2016

    The Impact of Payment and Shipping Methods on the Conversion Rate

    This article describes the method of evaluating the impact of payment and shipping terms of products on the conversion rate. The results are used...

    Articles 24 June 2015

    Custom Domain for Google Analytics Data Collection

    This article describes solution to the problem of collecting Google Analytics data on the individual domain, for instance, instead of

    Success Stories 24 June 2015

    SEMrush increases conversion rates by optimizing the sales funnel and reallocating ad budget

    Most companies face the not so trivial task of assessing the effectiveness of traffic sources. For SaaS companies it is especially important because the...

    Use cases 24 June 2015

    Online Form Analysis

    As an analyst, you know how many of your customers have opened a page with an online form and you may even know how many of them completed the form. But, you also need to know...

    Articles 24 June 2015

    Who is in control of your data

    This article describes data processing tasks in eCommerce projects and forms the criteria for quality assessment while working with the projects. In recent years, the...

    Use cases 29 February 2016

    How server errors impact online forms

    It often happens that a user has successfully passed the sales funnel and pressed the magic button, but oops, a server error occurred.

    Use cases 21 December 2015

    Measure advertising campaigns from the first view to a purchase

    Evaluation of advertising campaigns, taking into account the time during which the customer decides to make a purchase. This article describes the way...

    Use cases 18 September 2015

    How to optimize advertising costs for returning visitors

    You know the exact percentage of visitors who return to your site. You probably even know how many of these visitors have already made an order on your web site.

    Success Stories 24 June 2015

    Ad-hoc analysis allows Ulmart to increase average revenue on customers interacting with product blocks is a highly visited e-Commerce website with several different types of catalogs and merchandising blocks, where users can find a wide range...

    Use cases 27 January 2016

    How to measure search efficiency

    Users are not always immediately land on the particular product page on your site. Often, the future customer knows what he wants and is looking for the...

    Use cases 11 March 2016

    How page load time impacts conversion rate

    Both users and businesses want website pages to load faster. But how to determine which pages have problems?

    Success Stories 24 June 2015

    Booking Service Increases Revenue Through Optimization of Advertising Costs

    Thousands of customers use this service to book flights and hotels every day. Some of them generate more revenue and make bookings more often, some seldom make...

    Use cases 24 June 2015

    How to import cost data into Google Analytics

    All your revenue data is collected in the Google Analytics account. But, by default you can only analyze the Google-campaigns ROI, as the data for the other campaigns is missing...