Streaming Google Analytics Raw Data to BigQuery Without Google Analytics 360

Find out how to get your raw unsampled Google Analytics data into BigQuery (without having GA 360) in order to: - own your data by keeping it in your data warehouse - combine your GA data with data from other sources to make it even more valuable - automate your reporting and dashboards in an extremely efficient way - transform your GA data in a variety of ways and perform advanced analysis on it - connect your BI tools to your GA data in BigQuery

Khrystyna Grynko

Khrystyna Grynko

Head of Data at Better&Stronger agency

07 October 2020

Research Online Purchase Offline: How to Evaluate the Impact of Online Advertising on Offline Sales

We’ll tell you how to combine data from disparate sources and build reports for ROPO analysis, to enhance the efficiency of your campaigns. Moreover, you’ll learn how to appositely use the results of the ROPO analysis for your business.

13 November 2018

Attribution Modeling 101

Learn about the most effective attribution models along with their pros and cons, to find the best fitted for your business goals and challenges. No complicated terms, only useful information and practical examples.

02 October 2018

Beef Up Your Analytics with OWOX BI: a Special Guide for Sumo-lings

We’re happy to have Sumo-lings with us! That’s why we’re giving a detailed explanation on how to make the most of your analytics with OWOX BI. You’ll find out how to compare the ROAS across all your marketing efforts.

26 September 2018

Ноw to Measure ROI of Your Marketing Channels

Learn how you can give a better credit to each of your channels. Discover ways to automate your reports, the advantages of raw data for ROI calculations and what other tasks it can help you solve. You’ll also get examples of reports based on Google Analytics and BigQuery data, to better understand how the ROI calculation results can be used.

21 August 2018

How to Avoid Sampling in Google Analytics

We’ll tell you about what is sampling and who should be aware of it, when, why and in which reports you can find sampled data, and what are the ways to avoid sampling in Google Analytics.

17 July 2018

How to Automate Your Marketing Reports. Insights from Santehnika-Online and OWOX BI

You’ll learn about how to bring together all of your data in Google BigQuery, create automatically updated tables using Apps Script, and build reports.

05 July 2018

Value (not set) in the Google Analytics reports: what is it and how to deal with it

Find out why you shouldn’t ignore the (not set) value in your reports, and how to reduce the number of such values.

15 May 2018

Cohort analysis: what it is, how to conduct it, and how to apply the results

Join us at the webinar to learn how you can conduct a cohort analysis using reports in Google Sheets, Google Analytics and other analytical services.

12 April 2018

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How to Stay on Budget Using Google Analytics 360

Learn how you can easily keep your eye on the hit volume you’re billed for. We’ll explore how you can estimate the price of your license considering seasonal peaks, identify the causes of abnormal hit numbers, and monitor the data volume with Google Data Studio.

01 March 2018

What’s New in Google Analytics Suite?

Join us for the webinar as we explore the newly introduced features aimed to streamline your work with Google products: the new tracking code in Google Analytics, new tags and variables in Google Tag Manager, new functionalities in Google Data Studio and Google Optimize.

16 January 2018

How to Avoid and Fix Setup Mistakes in Google Analytics

They say it’s always easier to prevent a mistake than to fix its aftermath. This is 100% true for web analytics. The quality of data affects the quality of decisions, and it’s no exaggeration to say that sometimes the future of your business depends on the data you collect.

14 December 2017

Better Safe than Sorry: How to Monitor the Quality of Data

In this webinar, we’ll explore what Google Analytics APIs are, and how to use them to overcome the reporting limitations of Google Analytics.

28 November 2017

How to Solve Reporting Challenges Using Google Analytics APIs

In this webinar, we’ll explore what Google Analytics APIs are, and how to use them to overcome the reporting limitations of Google Analytics.

21 September 2017

What Google Analytics 360 and Google BigQuery Can Do for You

What Google Analytics 360 and Google BigQuery Can Do for YouIf you’ve ever felt that your business has outgrown what your analytics platform can do, join our...

10 August 2017

Expert Tips and Techniques for Using Google Tag Manager

Join us for the webinar as we share the best practices in using Google Tag Manager. Learn how to leverage analytics and remarketing tags in GTM, apply custom tags...

27 June 2017

From Unstructured Data to Informed Decisions: Introduction to Business Intelligence

Mariia Bocheva, Business Analyst at OWOX, will share insights into how you can set up an efficient BI system for your...

23 May 2017

Teamwork: A Fresh Approach to Attribution Modeling

Standard attribution models often lead to biased results in assigning credit to advertising campaigns. Your investments may not yield the expected return...

25 April 2017

Webinar by DataVirtuality and OWOX BI: How to combine data from your website, CRM, ERP and other systems

Join us for the webinar by DataVirtuality and OWOX BI as we talk about how you...

23 March 2017

Webinar by Competera & OWOX BI: Price Intelligence and Web Analytics for Better Conversion Rates

Join us at a webinar by Competera and OWOX BI as we talk about how you can analyze the effect competitors’ prices...

23 February 2017

Free webinar Google Data Studio for Businesses

If you want to make better data-driven decisions, a new tool by Google will be a great help. Google Data Studio provides everything you need to bring your data...

26 January 2017

Google Optimize for testing and personalization

The free live webinar for everyone who wants to gain a better understanding of their website performance and see which changes would benefit the website. We’ll talk in...

23 November 2016

OWOX BI: How to import cost data into Google Analytics

You measure your online revenue in Google Analytics and you know how it is attributed to your traffic sources. By default, your ad costs are only available for your...

21 July 2016