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How to Solve Reporting Challenges Using Google Analytics APIs

In this webinar, we’ll explore what Google Analytics APIs are, and how to use them to overcome the reporting limitations of Google Analytics.

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The webinar will cover such questions as:
  • What Google Analytics APIs are there and what purpose they serve.
  • How to request GA data via API to create two and more reports at the same time.
  • How to visualize Google Analytics data in Google Sheets.
  • How to schedule automatic updates of your reports in Google Sheets.
  • How to leverage the GA data with the APIs: actual use cases and success stories.

What Google Analytics 360 and Google BigQuery Can Do for You

If you’ve ever felt that your business has outgrown what your analytics platform can do, join our experts as we go over how the advanced analytics capabilities of Google Analytics 360 and Google BigQuery can help businesses make better, data-informed decisions.

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Attend the webinar to learn:
  • What are the key differences between Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics Standard?
  • What enhancements are Google Analytics 360 provide within the interface?
  • What limitations does Google Analytics 360 have?
  • How to leverage the integration between Google BigQuery and Google Analytics 360?
  • What insights can be gained by collecting data in Google BigQuery: case studies and success stories?
  • When is it time to upgrade to Google Analytics 360?

Expert Tips and Techniques for Using Google Tag Manager

Join us for the webinar as we share the best practices in using Google Tag Manager. Learn how to leverage analytics and remarketing tags in GTM, apply custom tags, and use the new Google Analytics Settings variable to your advantage.

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Attend the webinar to learn:
  • What are the main advantages and basic settings of Google Tag Manager.
  • How to use Google Tag Manager to track JavaScript errors, scroll depth, time on pages.
  • How to prevent duplicate transactions in Google Analytics.
  • How to use such helpful features as Tag Sequencing — to facilitate the sequential firing of tags, and Workspaces — to create and manage multiple sets of changes to a container, eg. when different users need to work on tag configurations independently.
  • How to send gtm.uniqueEventId and referrer parameters to Google Analytics.
  • What are the new features in Google Tag Manager: the «Approvals» functionality which allows for requesting changes to GTM containers, and the new Google Analytics Settings variable which helps configure settings across multiple Google Analytics tags.

From Unstructured Data to Informed Decisions: Introduction to Business Intelligence

Mariia Bocheva, Business Analyst at OWOX, will share insights into how you can set up an efficient BI system for your business: collect and combine data, visualize it as easy-to-use dashboards, analyze the data and make decisions.

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Attend the webinar to learn:
  • How to set up Google Analytics to collect data about user behavior on your website.
  • How to import cost data for all your advertising campaigns into Google Analytics and Google BigQuery.
  • How to piece together data from your website, mobile app, ad services, ERP/CRM, call tracking systems, email marketing services, and price intelligence systems.
  • What systems to connect, and in what order, to create a functional business intelligence system.

Teamwork: A Fresh Approach to Attribution Modeling

Standard attribution models often lead to biased results in assigning credit to advertising campaigns. Your investments may not yield the expected return. Andrey Sukhovoy, Head of the Analytics Department at OWOX, will tell you how to streamline the work of the whole team and to achieve reliable results while implementing and using custom attribution models.

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Join us and learn:
  • How to piece together all the data you need to create an attribution model.
  • How to find the value of your advertising campaigns, and how to put that knowledge into practice.
  • How to prove that the calculations are correct.
  • How OWOX BI clients use non-standard attribution models.

Webinar by DataVirtuality and OWOX BI: How to combine data from your website, CRM, ERP and other systems

Join us for the webinar by DataVirtuality and OWOX BI as we talk about how you can collect and combine data from a number of different systems. We will take a close look at specific examples of data integrations, and show examples of informative, time-saving reports and charts based on the data gathered from different sources.

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Join us for the webinar to find out:
  • What are the difficulties in combining data from multiple services.
  • How to combine data into a single system using DataVirtuality and OWOX BI.
  • Examples of imports and exports to and from Google BigQuery.
  • Examples of informative reports and charts based on complete data from multiple sources.

Webinar by Competera & OWOX BI: Price Intelligence and Web Analytics for Better Conversion Rates

Join us at a webinar by Competera and OWOX BI as we talk about how you can analyze the effect competitors’ prices have on conversion rate, and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

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Join us for the webinar to find out:
  • What are the main pricing challenges and constraints for e-tailers.
  • How to collect and combine data about user behavior and competitors’ prices.
  • How to measure the value of a brand — the revenue from selling at a price set higher than the current market price.
  • How to measure the effect competition has on the demand.
  • How to calculate the demand elasticity, taking account of the product category, brand, and customer acquisition channels.
  • How to find the optimal price of the product considering prices of your competitors.
  • Useful reports and charts based on the complete data from multiple sources.

Free webinar Google Data Studio for Businesses

If you want to make better data-driven decisions, a new tool by Google will be a great help. Google Data Studio provides everything you need to bring your data together, visualize it as interactive reports and share them with your teammates and clients. Join us for a live webinar to find out more about the capabilities of Google Data Studio, and how to use this tool in your business.

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Join us for the webinar to find out:
  • How to start using the free version of Google Data Studio;
  • How to connect data sources to Google Data Studio: opportunities and pitfalls;
  • How to create interactive dashboards and charts, how to use filters and manage date ranges;
  • How to add and manage access to the data;
  • How to answer the key questions on a single screen: examples of ready-made dashboards for marketing, IT and UX specialists.

Google Optimize for testing and personalization

The free live webinar for everyone who wants to gain a better understanding of their website performance and see which changes would benefit the website. We’ll talk in detail about Google Optimize, the new tool for website testing and personalization integrated with Google Analytics and other Google products.

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Join us for a free webinar and learn:
  • Why, and how to personalize websites;
  • How to start using Google Optimize;
  • How to set up an experiment in Google Optimize;
  • What types of experiments are available in Google Optimize;
  • How to create test variants using the visual editor, without developers;
  • How to manage experiments and determine the winning options;
  • What’s the difference between Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360.

OWOX BI: How to import cost data into Google Analytics

You measure your online revenue in Google Analytics and you know how it is attributed to your traffic sources. By default, your ad costs are only available for your Google campaigns. Here’s where the pain starts - you do not know the efficiency of other campaigns and can’t compare them.

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You'll learn:
  • About the best practices of cost data analysis.
  • Step-by-step setup of cost data pipeline with OWOX BI.
  • What to do with all this data.
  • About pitfalls, working with cost data.

Google Analytics 360 advantages for e-commerce projects

For everyone who wants to know more about Google Analytics 360

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We will cover:
  • The best practices of Google Analytics 360 usage in e-commerce projects
  • Additional features embedded in Google Analytics 360 license
  • The order of implementation Google Analytics 360 and how to measure its effectiveness
Who should attend: analysts, marketing specialists and project managers who are familiar with standard Google Analytics.
The webinar is based on experience of OWOX specialists in implementing Google Analytics 360 for retail, travel and telecom companies.

Manage your data in Google Cloud Platform for e-commerce projects

For everyone who wants to get full access to the data and who is limited in analysis by Google Analytics

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We will cover:
  • Cost data import into Google Analytics for non-Google campaigns
  • Unsampled Google Analytics data collection in Google BigQuery, including non-360 accounts
  • Data exchange between Google BigQuery and inner services of your company: CMS, CRM, ERP
We will also cover an example of processing data in Google BigQuery in order to build dynamic attribution model.
Who should attend: technical specialists and analysts, who want to learn how to solve complex challenges of data processing and management using Google and OWOX BI services.
The webinar is based on experience of OWOX specialists in development and integration of Google Cloud Platform services.