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, Jakarta, Indonesia

Internet Retailing Expo Indonesia

The three conference theatres in the e-commerce convention reflect the need for retailers to discover the different elements & channels of their retail business. More than 80 multichannel & eCommerce retailers They will be sharing their experiences and learnings in mobile commerce growth and strategy at this e-commerce convention that includes 6 free-to-attend conference sessions.

, Bangkok, Thailand

Digital Marketing Conference: DIGITAL 16

Digital 16 aims to bring together all the players of the Digital Advertising Industry on one platform: Advertisers, Brands, Agencies, Media, Etc.

  — Budapest


Let your data speak: How to interpret data?

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Mariia Bocheva
Mariia Bocheva, Business Analyst

The market is changing rapidly and old approaches are losing their effectiveness. It becomes essential to determine any changes in a timely manner and establish the new direction for the efforts. Based on historical data, the value of which is not always immediately obvious, you can observe what is changing in the behavior of your users. Decision makers have little time and lots of data to work with.
I’ll show how you can get your questions answered on the basis of complete data, without asking for data analysts’ help.


, 10:00 AM CST

Free webinar Google Data Studio for Businesses

If you want to make better data-driven decisions, a new tool by Google will be a great help. Google Data Studio provides everything you need to bring your data together, visualize it as interactive reports and share them with your teammates and clients. Join us for a live webinar to find out more about the capabilities of Google Data Studio, and how to use this tool in your business.

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Join us for the webinar to find out:
  • How to start using the free version of Google Data Studio;
  • How to connect data sources to Google Data Studio: opportunities and pitfalls;
  • How to create interactive dashboards and charts, how to use filters and manage date ranges;
  • How to add and manage access to the data;
  • How to answer the key questions on a single screen: examples of ready-made dashboards for marketing, IT and UX specialists.

Google Optimize for testing and personalization

The free live webinar for everyone who wants to gain a better understanding of their website performance and see which changes would benefit the website. We’ll talk in detail about Google Optimize, the new tool for website testing and personalization integrated with Google Analytics and other Google products.

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Join us for a free webinar and learn:
  • Why, and how to personalize websites;
  • How to start using Google Optimize;
  • How to set up an experiment in Google Optimize;
  • What types of experiments are available in Google Optimize;
  • How to create test variants using the visual editor, without developers;
  • How to manage experiments and determine the winning options;
  • What’s the difference between Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360.

Google Analytics 360 advantages for e-commerce projects

For everyone who wants to know more about Google Analytics 360

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We will cover:
  • The best practices of Google Analytics 360 usage in e-commerce projects
  • Additional features embedded in Google Analytics 360 license
  • The order of implementation Google Analytics 360 and how to measure its effectiveness
Who should attend: analysts, marketing specialists and project managers who are familiar with standard Google Analytics.
The webinar is based on experience of OWOX specialists in implementing Google Analytics 360 for retail, travel and telecom companies.

Manage your data in Google Cloud Platform for e-commerce projects

For everyone who wants to get full access to the data and who is limited in analysis by Google Analytics

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We will cover:
  • Cost data import into Google Analytics for non-Google campaigns
  • Unsampled Google Analytics data collection in Google BigQuery, including non-360 accounts
  • Data exchange between Google BigQuery and inner services of your company: CMS, CRM, ERP
We will also cover an example of processing data in Google BigQuery in order to build dynamic attribution model.
Who should attend: technical specialists and analysts, who want to learn how to solve complex challenges of data processing and management using Google and OWOX BI services.
The webinar is based on experience of OWOX specialists in development and integration of Google Cloud Platform services.