Success Stories

Success Stories28 October 2021

Aero case study: How to get quick access to all product KPIs important to e-commerce

Aero and a large Russian fashion retailer built a system of product dashboards for quick access to streaming data from OWOX BI.

Success Stories25 October 2021

Tanuki case study: How to automate marketing reporting in the restaurant business

With the help of the Realweb marketing agency and OWOX BI products, marketers at the Tanuki restaurant chain have entirely updated their analytics system.

Success Stories16 October 2021

EVA.UA case study: How to execute a promotional sales plan with real-time data

Find out how real-time metrics monitoring helps to increase sales during large events including Black Friday, March 8, Valentine’s Day, and summer sales.

Success Stories06 September 2021

How to use advanced analytics to reduce low-quality applications and increase conversions

Let’s see how the Asian-Pacific Bank improved the quality of loan forecasting and began to screen out irrelevant applications immediately.

Success Stories18 August 2021

How Travelata built cross-platform analytics and automated reporting

With OWOX BI, the company built the necessary reports and dashboards to track essential metrics in automatic mode. This approach significantly saved time when making decisions...

Success Stories10 December 2020

How to Increase Contextual Advertising ROI 2.2x: Eldorado Case Study

To optimize advertising campaigns, Eldorado used OWOX BI to calculate the probability of conversions.

Success Stories07 September 2020

SEMrush case study: Why collect raw cost data on Facebook Ads?

How the SEMrush team uses raw data collected using the Facebook Ads → Google BigQuery pipeline from OWOX BI to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Success Stories09 April 2020

How to monitor the quality of your data when you have dozens of websites: An FxPro case study

Learn how OWOX BI analysts helped a top online broker build a system to track anomalies in data for sites and mobile applications used in more than 170 countries.

Success Stories16 March 2020

How to automate ad campaign reports: A Webmart Group case study

Learn how OWOX BI has helped optimize the process of preparing advertising campaign reports for customers of the Webmart Group digital agency.

Success Stories28 February 2020

How to drive sales in real time — Pigu Group case study

Find out how OWOX BI helped the Pigu Group drive Black Friday sales in real time.

Success Stories27 January 2020

How to increase online sales by 2.2 times with Google Optimize — Raiffeisen Bank case study

Case study about how with Google Optimize 360 Raiffeisen Bank managed to increase conversion and sale of debit cards at times.

Success Stories19 September 2019

How to Track Post-view Conversions and Learn the Effectiveness of Video Ads - Case 1+1 Digital

Thanks to a solution from OWOX BI and 1+1 Digital, a major retailer linked video ad views to online and offline sales, helping to more accurately calculate ROAS and CPA media ads.

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Success Stories15 April 2019

“Who’s been sitting on my chair? Who’s been sleeping in my bed?” Fabelio found out what online customers are doing in their retail stores built ROPO reports to estimate how online marketing efforts contribute to sales in retail stores.

Success Stories03 April 2019

Rendez-Vous success story: Online influence on offline purchases (identifying the ROPO effect)

How much are the digital achievements of your business underrated? Read this success story to learn what results Rendez-Vous company got based on the ROPO calculations.

Success Stories29 March 2019

ROPO analysis: How is an omnichannel marketing analytics useful? Ile de Beaute case study

Find out how OWOX BI, with the help of ROPO analysis, helped the Ile de Beaute team understand the behavior of different segments of their target audience, both online and offline.

Success Stories14 December 2018

How to Monitor Multiple Business KPIs in a Single Dashboard: Success Story of MatahariMall

Discover how to combine all your data in a single automated report, to save your time and properly reallocate the marketing budget.

Success Stories12 December 2018

9 Steps to Know Everything: Building Marketing Analytics for Comfy

Learn how to set up an effective marketing analytics system for evaluating advertising campaigns that takes into account offline sales and the contribution of each session...

Success Stories26 October 2018

Increase ROI 2.5 Time While Cutting Ad Costs in Half — Doctor Ryadom Case Study

How can you get more of your target audience and spend less on the non-targeted one, if your business has a complex multilevel funnel? Doctor Ryadom, Russia’s clinic chain,...

Success Stories25 September 2018

How not to Ruin All Your Web Metrics and Save 1.5 Burden Hours after Every New Release

Learn how automated tests for website metrics helped spend less money and time as well as reduce risks when adding new features and metrics to the website.

Success Stories04 July 2018 Boosts Sales and Customer Loyalty by Fixing Errors at the Checkout Page

The company decided to immediately inform call centers of any customer problems at the checkout page, to contact and help customers purchase online.

Success Stories23 June 2018

New Customer Segments Help BUTIK. Improve LTV

Learn how combining online data with the CRM information can help you customize user segments for personalized ads and direct marketing.

Success Stories04 June 2018

Raiffeisen Tackles Fraud in CPA Networks with the Help of OWOX BI Products

Learn how to tackle fraud while working in CPA networks, as well as how to avoid extra expenses on affiliates.

Success Stories01 June 2018

Ulmart Improves Internal Analytics Using the  ML Funnel Based Attribution Model

Discover how to give the proper credit to your advertising performance, and how to optimize CPA network costs, using ML funnel based attribution.

Success Stories21 May 2018

IQ Option Analyzes Assisted Conversions of AdWords Campaigns

Discover how IQ Option managed to evaluate the performance of AdWords campaigns and circumvent the Google Analytics limits in reports on assisted conversions.

Success Stories15 March 2018

Bitrix24: How to Use Customer Cohort Analysis to Measure Ad Performance

How much does it cost to acquire a new customer? Which of the advertising campaigns are better for customer retention? Read this success story to find out how Bitrix24 managed...

Success Stories02 March 2018

Darjeeling’s Success Story: ROPO Analysis Proves that 40% of Customers Visit the Company’s Website before Buying Offline

Learn how Darjeeling, a top French retailer in the women’s lingerie market, evaluated the input of online advertising to offline purchases.

Success Stories01 March 2018

Citrus Improves Sales by Analyzing the Competition

Learn how Citrus, a top Ukrainian retailer for gadgets and accessories, managed to optimize advertising and improve sales, with the help of automated price monitoring and...

Success Stories03 January 2018 Success Story: Measuring the ROPO effect

Discover how, the largest electronics and home appliances retailer in Russia, measured how offline sales are influenced by online channels.

Success Stories21 December 2017

Abandoned Carts: Orcanta Increased Email Marketing Revenue by 126%

Learn how the company reduced email marketing costs and increased the revenue from online sales by sending out data-informed cart abandonment emails.

Success Stories17 November 2017

Santehnika-Online’s Success Story: How to Improve the Advertising-to-Sales Ratio by 10%

Discover how the company managed to reduce the advertising-to-sales ratio by 10%, by evaluating ad performance, optimizing budget allocation, and automating bid management.

Success Stories30 August 2017

OnlineTours Success Story: How to Achieve a 15% Email Conversion Rate

What's more effective: cold calls or emails? Read how OnlineTours answered this question and increased the conversion rate with 2 experiments.

Success Stories17 August 2017

Answear Success Story: How to Evaluate Traffic Channels and Increase SMS Marketing Revenue by 19%

Learn how collecting data in Google BigQuery enabled Answear, a multi-brand online clothing retailer, to build a successful SMS marketing campaign, evaluate advertising channels...

Success Stories27 June 2017

boodmo and OWOX BI: How to Evaluate Customer Acquisition Channels Using Cohort Analysis

An Indian company managed to develop an effective customer relationship model, optimize advertising expenses and increase customer LTV.

Success Stories30 May 2017

INTOUCH Success Story: How to Measure Ad Success and Increase ROAS by Consolidating Data

Learn how INTOUCH managed to accurately evaluate advertising campaign performance and optimize advertising costs by automating data collection and processing.

Success Stories24 April 2017

Hoff and OWOX BI: How to Discover 2.4 Times More Keywords Assisting in Conversions and Increase PPC Advertising ROI by 17%

Learn how Hoff managed to combine data about online and offline customer touchpoints, evaluate keyword performance, and optimize bids.

Success Stories14 April 2017 and OWOX BI: How to Optimize Advertising Campaigns with Assisted Conversions in Google BigQuery

Find out how evaluated the performance of advertising channels for different regions and business groups of categories.

Success Stories31 January 2017

Eldorado: How to Increase Email-Driven Revenue by 237% and Optimize Ad Spend

Find out how timely emails and their own attribution model helped Eldorado improve their conversion rate and optimize advertising costs.

Success Stories10 November 2016

OWOX BI Pipeline helps Contentmart improve customer experience & engagement

Find out how OWOX BI Pipeline helped Contentmart increase average LTV and expand the user database.

Success Stories18 March 2016

Rozetka receives 23% ROI and 18% increase in direct marketing revenue

Rozetka, as a Ukrainian market leader in online retail, has a huge potential in repeated sales due to the size of its client database. But a high competition with other market...

Success Stories24 June 2015

SEMrush increases conversion rates by optimizing the sales funnel and reallocating ad budget

Most companies face the not so trivial task of assessing the effectiveness of traffic sources. For SaaS companies it is especially important because the...

Success Stories24 June 2015

Rozetka increases average order value by 9% and direct marketing revenue by 18%

With the goals of increasing revenue per user and average order value, Rozetka needed help with product bundling, merchandising, product recommendations and email campaigns.