Webinar 7 October 2020

Streaming Google Analytics Raw Data to BigQuery Without Google Analytics 360

  • Khrystyna Grynko

    Khrystyna Grynko

    Head of Data at Better&Stronger agency

Why is it so important to have a data lake for raw unsampled data? What can you do to prepare for the post-cookie advertising world? In this webinar, Khrystyna Grynko will discuss how to get data into BigQuery, whether you should use Google Analytics 360 for this, and what benefits you can receive from combining your website data in Google Analytics with data from other sources.

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You’ll learn how to:

  • Import your raw, unsampled hit-level GA data with OWOX BI (from $85 per month)
  • Explore the GA data structure and use it for your analysis
  • Combine your GA data with data from other sources (online/offline)
  • Build dashboards in Data Studio with your enriched GA data

During the webinar, Khrystyna will answer your questions. Afterwards, we’ll send an email with a webinar recording, useful links, and articles on the topic.

Who will benefit from this webinar?

This webinar is designed for advertising and analytics specialists who are responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and preparing reports.