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Import cost data from Other to Google Analytics

Analyze the ROAS, CRR, and CPC of advertising campaigns on Other and other sources in one interface.

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Analyze the ROAS, CRR, and CPC of advertising campaigns on Other and other sources in one interface.

Automatically import cost data

Create data streams from Other to Google Analytics once and never manually upload data again. OWOX BI will automatically upload costs, impressions, and clicks for all campaigns to Google Analytics.

Get complete data in a single format

To combine revenue and cost data, OWOX BI recognizes UTM tags in ad links and converts imported data into the correct format. It also processes dynamic parameters, checks existing UTM tags in your campaigns, and reports on possible errors in your data.

Effectively manage your ad budget

By complementing data from Google Analytics with cost data from Other, you’ll learn which campaigns are profitable and which don’t pay off.

Verify the quality of data before drawing conclusions

Get a visual report at any time on the relevance of data uploaded to Google Analytics from Other and other advertising services.

Save time

Create a data stream from Other to Google Analytics once (it takes all of 5 minutes) and get up-to-date cost data daily. No need to regularly prepare CSV files or understand APIs and Apps Script.

With OWOX BI, you’ll get reports on all campaigns in the familiar Google Analytics interface.

Unique advantages of OWOX BI

Get relevant information

OWOX BI automatically updates data in Google Analytics if it changes in Other within 21 days.

Measure past campaigns

OWOX BI can upload data for the last 6 months from Other to Google Analytics.

Cost data in your base currency

If you use one currency in your advertising account and another in your Google Analytics view, OWOX BI will automatically convert costs to the currency in Google Analytics and even deduct VAT if needed.

Import cost data from one ad service for free!


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