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Import Data from SendGrid to Google BigQuery

Collect complete statistics on your SendGrid in Google BigQuery

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Collect complete statistics on your SendGrid in Google BigQuery

Improve your SendGrid email campaigns by collecting and merging data in Google BigQuery

Consider every action of your subscribers: import real-time data from SendGrid to Google BigQuery and merge it with data from Google Analytics and a number of other services.

New Google BigQuery users get a $300 credit from Google

Create user segments and personalize your emails better

Email campaigns with SendGrid help attract and retain customers. How can you ensure that you email your subscribers with exactly what they need, in the most timely manner? The answer is simple: consider all the available information about your customers, including demographic data, online and offline interactions, transactions, and all the other relevant information.

With OWOX BI Pipeline, you’ll get full statistics about the emails you send with SendGrid, available in Google BigQuery in near real-time. Moreover, you’ll be able to  merge this data with data from other sources, including Google Analytics, call tracking systems, CRM, and other services. Thus, you’ll be able to track every activity of your subscribers, and get new, actionable insights about how they engage with your business. Put these insights to work when setting up new user segments and personalizing your emails.

With OWOX BI you can

  1. Access raw, unsampled data in near real-time, and instantly respond to emerging trends and changes in customer behavior.

  2. Consolidate data from SendGrid, on-site behavior data from Google Analytics, data from advertising services, CRM, call tracking systems, and a number of other sources.

  3. Save time and resources while processing data in a single system, Google BigQuery.

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Get more out of your data

Link SendGrid and Google BigQuery with OWOX BI Pipeline, and get the data to Google BigQuery as soon as it appears in SendGrid.

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