Webinar 16 January 2018

What’s New in Google Analytics Suite?

  • Andrej Sukhovoj

    Andrej Sukhovoj

    Head of Analytics, OWOX BI

  • Maksim Ostapenko

    Maksim Ostapenko

    Project manager OWOX

​Let’s start with the big news: Google Analytics Suite is now available to everyone, not only Google Analytics 360 accounts. If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics Suite, it’s a platform that makes it easier to access and switch between Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize, Data Studio, and other products, all in a single tab. Join the webinar to learn about other exciting updates in Google products.

The webinar will cover the following:

  • Google Analytics’s new tracking option called gtag.js. Learn about the key differences between gtag.js and analytics.js, when should you migrate to gtag.js, and what to do if you’re already using dataLayer and Google Tag Manager;
  • New tags and variables in Google Tag Manager. Learn how you can monitor user interactions with your videos, how to track scroll depth, and how to apply settings to groups of same-type pages without using Custom JS and HTML;
  • New features in Google Data Studio. Learn how to apply the same colors to the same dimensions and metrics on different charts, how to create pivot tables without writing complex queries to the data in Google BigQuery, how to integrate Data Studio with any database, and how to display dashboards on your website;
  • New features in Google Optimize. Learn how to create custom goals, and how you can import segments from Google AdWords and DoubleClick to use in A/B testing.

​In addition, you’ll be able to ask your own questions live and get them answered straight away. After the webinar, we’ll deliver the replay, and some more useful materials on the topic, directly to your inbox.

The webinar will be useful for:

​Analysts, marketers, UX specialists and anyone who works with Google Analytics Suite.