Professional services

Solve individual problems for your business on a regular or ad hoc basis. Learn how to implement analytics, collect and process data, and apply the results



Learn how to set up and use OWOX BI products. Maximize the benefits in the shortest time possible. We will tell you how to validate data, set up services considering your goals, and apply the results of calculations. Description and prices →


Google Analytics Setup & Audit

Obtain an individual measurement plan for your business. We will study your business goals, draw up a list of dimensions and metrics to measure your success, and set technical guidelines for their implementation. We will help you get Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics configured correctly to make sure you get correct data for correct analysis. How we do it →


Get help in addressing the specific challenges of your business on a permanent or ad-hoc basis. Learn how to implement analytics, collect and process data, and apply the results. List of services and prices →

Corporate Training

Enhance your skills in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google BigQuery, Google Analytics APIs, and other tools. We will show you how to integrate the services, collect and analyze data, and then use the data to make informed decisions.
How we do it and how much it costs →


Time saving

In our experience, companies that use professional assistance at an early stage, start receiving added value a lot faster. We fully understand the challenges faced by businesses, and will willingly share our knowledge and experience to help solve them.

Tailor-made approach

We immerse ourselves deeply into your project, processes, and tasks you’re looking to solve by using web analytics. We study business-specific technical peculiarities of your platform. This helps achieve your goals with minimal resources.

Acknowledged expertise

All our team members are certified experts in Google Analytics and Google Cloud Platform services. Our expertise in Google products is confirmed by Google itself. OWOX BI services are used by more than 16,000 of companies worldwide, and more than 2 million transactions are generated weekly on our clients’ websites.