Articles17 January 2022

New Analytics news: data-driven attribution for all

Google released a revolutionary update to Google Analytics: now, the cross-channel data-driven attribution model (DDA) is available to all users.

Articles28 December 2021

Common data quality issues and how to overcome them

In the article, we discuss what stages a data workflow is made up of, what errors occur, and give approaches to solve the data quality difficulties.

Articles27 December 2021

How to boost sales and improve ROI using data and machine learning

Find out what opportunities ML offers for online marketing in an interview with Konstantin Bayandin, the founder of the AdTech startup

Articles10 November 2021

Why you can (or cannot) trust your reports

If you don’t trust your dashboards and the data on which they are built, then management decisions won’t be made based on actual numbers. Here’s your checklist for saying no to...

Articles08 November 2021

Google Analytics 4: The future of analytics

The old approaches to analytics aren’t working anymore, and they definitely won’t work in the future post-cookie world. Let's see the Google Analytics 4 update as it addresses...

Articles13 October 2021

Interview with Fred Pike, managing director at Northwoods

We present to your attention an interview with Fred Pike, managing director at Northwoods.

Articles28 September 2021

Ad hoc reporting: The what and the why

The world has changed, and the old methods aren’t working because they weren’t designed to cope with modern conditions. Let’s see what the current state of play is and what can...

Articles31 August 2021

How data analytics is solving enterprise problems

Let’s see what the typical data analytics challenges are, what can be done for enterprises to effectively use marketing analytics, and how marketers can meet new business needs...

Articles30 August 2021

How to win the marketing competition with data analysis

Marketers need answers to many different questions quickly. Let’s see what can be done to effectively leverage data for decision making and reaching marketing objectives.

Articles19 August 2021

How to improve your marketing reporting

If reporting takes up most of your day, you simply won’t have time for essential activities: planning creative campaigns and improving your marketing strategy. Let's consider...

Articles30 July 2021

Digital strategy: How to merge ad channels and allocate your budget

Knowing which campaigns on which channels have led to the most sales will enable you to establish the success of your activities. Let’s consider how to analyze users’...

Articles29 July 2021

How martech tools help with advertising in the era of data privacy

Influential companies such as Google and Apple are changing the way they use personal data. Let’s discuss how a marketer can survive in an age of change and not lose the trust...

Articles23 July 2021

Interview with Mikko Piippo, co-founder and partner of Hopkins

We present to your attention an interview with Mikko Piippo, co-founder and partner of Hopkins.

Articles17 July 2021

Why your marketing needs to be data-driven

Evaluating results and confirming opinions and hypotheses with numbers is pivotal for digital marketing in today’s technology-based world. For marketing to be effective, it must...

Articles30 June 2021

Common marketing challenges most businesses face

The most crucial matter for companies today is their ability to quickly adapt to new conditions and assess what’s working and what’s not. So what are the common marketing...

Articles27 June 2021

Why all marketers should be able to build their own reports

Let’s see why it’s so crucial for marketers to be able to create various reports using a large number of data sources — and to do it on their own.

Articles25 June 2021

Interview with Julius Fedorovicius, Founder of Analytics Mania

We present to your attention an interview with Julius Fedorovicius, Founder of Analytics Mania.

Articles17 June 2021

How to solve the biggest e-commerce reporting challenges

There is more and more data online, and to grow faster than competitors, you need to use this data in full. In this article, we consider the main problems that the majority of...

Articles01 February 2021

10 Best Reporting Tools and Software for Better Decision-Making

Business decisions can both multiply your revenue and drain your budget, so making the right decisions is crucial. In this article, we tell how software can improve your...

Articles22 January 2021

What is ROI, How to Calculate Return on Investment?

Learn the definition of ROI, how to calculate it correctly, and how you can use it to make business decisions. Find out the meaning of annualized ROI and identify effective...

Articles23 February 2021

Data Studio Templates for Ecommerce Marketers

With modern BI solutions, you don't need to use the Eye of Sauron to find business errors and risk areas. Start with an application of report templates in a popular service of...

Articles04 April 2021

A godsend for marketers: how to create reports without analysts and SQL

Most analytical tools focus on the needs of analysts and developers and prohibit the marketer from working with the data himself. Let's see why this happens and what is a...

Articles04 December 2020

Data-Driven Attribution and How it Differs across Google Products

Google offers several products with data-driven attribution, but what are the differences between them? How can you select the best service for your business? In this article,...

Articles29 March 2021

How to Choose and Test an Attribution Model

In this article, we’ve put together information to help you compare and apply modern attribution models to take your company’s marketing to the next level.

Articles15 May 2021

Guide to Marketing Automation

Let’s look at the basic concepts and functions of marketing automation along with an example of marketing automation for marketing performance analysis.

Articles20 December 2020

Top 20 Data Analysis Tools

Analyzing data is the first step to improving your marketing strategy. But with so many tools on the market, how can you choose one that will perfectly suit your needs? In this...

Articles17 February 2021

How to Export Data from Google Analytics 4 to Google BigQuery

In this article, we tell you how to link Google Analytics 4 to Google BigQuery, export data from GA4 to BigQuery, and get the most value out of your collected data.

Articles25 February 2021

Miscommunication between analysts and marketing teams

Let’s try to discover what are the common problems in communication between analysts and marketing teams, and what is the expert’s opinion about these struggles.

Articles11 March 2021

The easiest way to transfer data from/into Google BigQuery

Make your data work for you — use all the collected data about your customers and get important insights from it, using the simple and easy way - the OWOX BI BigQuery Reports...

Articles27 November 2020

Interview with Sophie Logan, PPC manager at Adzooma

Read an interview with Sophie Logan, a passionate PPC expert at Adzooma. Sophie specialises in the Google and Microsoft Search Networks and shared her digital experience and...

Articles02 February 2021

Semrush & OWOX research: The impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce

OWOX and Semrush analyzed the impact of Covid-19 on the online retail industry and found out the new trends on the market. Spoiler alert! The big ones grew faster, and they...

Articles24 February 2021

Interview with John Sargent, Director at digital consultancy and agency Think VEN

We present to your attention an interview with John Sargent, a digital consultant and technical expert who has run and coordinated multinational campaigns for some of the...

Articles25 March 2021

Data-driven marketing: the ultimate guide 2021

Let's look at exactly what data-driven marketing is and how a data-driven marketing strategy can help your brand to achieve its business goals.

Articles28 May 2021

Why single-channel attribution models are a dead end for CMOs

Why single-channel attribution models are a road to nowhere and why even data-driven models are not enough for successful marketing.

Articles01 February 2021

What is Cohort Analysis and How to Improve Retention? Cohort Report in Google Analytics

What is cohort analysis and how it can help you improve retention? Learn about the possibilities and limitations of cohort analysis in Google Analytics, Google Sheets, OWOX BI,...

Articles21 December 2020

The Marketing Wars: the rise of the post-cookie world

There’s been a lot of talk about cookies at the beginning of the year. As it comes to its end, we've decided to look back and see what has changed in marketing and how the...

Articles22 December 2020

How to Upload Ads Data to Google BigQuery

Learn how to compare and analyze advertising performance across all your marketing channels in a single, centralized data warehouse, and how to easily upload your ads data to...

Articles16 December 2020

Interview with Byron Marr, Head Of Paid Media at Aira

Read a new OWOX BI interview with Byron Marr, talented Head Of Paid Media at digital agency Aira.

Articles20 November 2020

What is raw data and how to use it

You probably have access to gigabytes of user data every day, but this amount doesn’t bring value until you make it work for you. In this article, we look at what raw data is,...

Articles28 January 2021

What is Data Visualization: Definition, Examples, Principles, Tools

In this article, we’ll show you what’s needed for data visualization, how to visualize data correctly, which data reporting and visualization tools can be used for creating...

Articles18 November 2020

Why Google BigQuery is the perfect data lake for marketing

What is a data lake for marketing, why is it better than standard data storage, and what’s so good about Google BigQuery?

Articles14 December 2020

What CPL Is and How to Calculate It

In this article, we discuss what CPL is and an advertising model based on it. Learn how to calculate the cost of an attracted lead and which businesses must do this.

Articles16 November 2020

PPC Report Template for Marketers and Agencies

In this article, you’ll get a set of ready-to-use PPC templates that you can incorporate into your current reporting or use them to set up your reporting from scratch.

Articles27 January 2021

What is Marketing Attribution Model for Marketer: The Definitive Guide

Find out what is attribution in marketing, what are marketing attribution models and types of attribution models. Learn how they differ and how to evaluate the combined...

Articles11 November 2020

Interview with Amy Hebdon, Co-founder of Paid Search Magic

Read an interview with Amy Hebdon, the successful PPC specialist and co-founder of the Google Partner agency and consulting firm Paid Search Magic.

Articles12 December 2020

How to build advanced marketing reports in Google Data Studio

No matter if it’s a small startup or a large international company, an analytical dashboard is necessary so that you understand how successful your marketing efforts are. Let's...

Articles09 November 2020

An In-Depth Look at Google Analytics 4: New Capabilities, Benefits, and Disadvantages

In this article, we talk about what Google Analytics 4 is, how it differs from Universal Analytics, what value it gives to businesses, and what problems you can solve with it....

Articles29 January 2021

What Is Data Reporting And How To Create Data Reports For Your Business

It’s essential to determine which half of your marketing budget is spent in vain and adjust your strategy on time. In this article, we consider what data reporting is, how to...

Articles27 January 2021

When Google Analytics and Data Studio aren’t enough and it’s time to switch to Google BigQuery

Let’s figure out when it’s time to move away from standard Google Analytics and Google Data Studio solutions and think about choosing a data warehouse instead.

Articles25 January 2021

How to Blend Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Analytics

Make sure your business benefits from the analytics you’ve implemented. In this article, we discuss how to boost your marketing strategy by wisely blending web and digital...

Articles11 January 2021

Interview with Khrystyna Grynko, Head of Data at Better&Stronger

This interview with Khrystyna Grynko will give you a clear understanding of the modern state of digital analytics and reveal what to expect from the future of marketing analytics.

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Articles31 December 2020

Top 5 Tools for Advertising Reporting

Advertising reports, if built correctly, can show you gold mines and weak points in your ad campaigns. In this article, we review five ad reporting tools, discuss what...

Articles23 December 2020

How Marketing Analytics Helps Businesses Make Data-Driven Decisions and Grow

In this article, we explain what marketing analytics is and why it’s needed. On top of that, we figure out the best practices for data-driven decision-making based on marketing...

Articles15 October 2020

How to Use Analytics to Optimize Your Marketing Budget

Read on to learn how to use analytics not only for reporting but to avoid draining your budget.

Articles12 October 2020

Why is it important to check data quality for marketing analysis?

Learn how to use OWOX BI to cost-effectively collect complete data on user behavior from your website and complete cost data from advertising services.

Articles30 September 2020

The list of Top PPC Influencers in 2020

What do the best of the best think about the top PPC trends of 2020? What services and tools are the top PPC specialists using? We've selected for you a list of experts who are...

Articles24 September 2020

Marketing analytics checklist

The best practices for marketers who want to make decisions based on data rather than guesswork. Build the right marketing strategy, optimize costs, increase sales, and...

Articles17 September 2020

How a CMO can build an effective marketing analytics system

Any business needs to collect data, analyze it, and make informed decisions based on that data. This article explains how to build an analytics system for your business and why...

Articles03 September 2020

How Data Can Be Used In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Data is important for every part of your marketing strategy, including your content. This article will show you how to ensure that your data isn’t going to waste and how you can...

Articles31 August 2020

Marketing analytics experts, resources, and events every marketer should follow

We’ve selected a list of experts, blogs, social network groups, and subreddits that you should subscribe to and follow to stay up on the latest trends.

Articles31 August 2020

The ultimate guide to measuring, analyzing, and improving your marketing with the DMAIC methodology

In this article, we explain the data-driven DMAIC methodology that you can apply for measuring, analyzing, and improving your marketing to help your team work better.

Articles18 August 2020

Marketing Report Templates and Examples of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports

To effectively track digital marketing effectiveness, you need all types of regular reports: annual, monthly, weekly or daily. In this article, we share examples of marketing...

Articles12 August 2020

Must-use Marketing Analytics Tools in 2020 — Review of the Top Tools on G2 Crowd

The marketing analytics tools you work with define your place in the hierarchy and make your efforts efficient or a monkey job. Check out top tools from G2 Crowd ratings with...

Articles06 August 2020

Machine learning in digital marketing: Examples of use cases

For marketers, machine learning is an opportunity to quickly make crucial decisions based on big data. In this article, we talk about machine learning solutions.

Articles29 July 2020

Main Metrics and Dimensions Without Which Your Business May Fall Apart

Learn what are metrics and dimensions in Google Analytics, why it is important to monitor them, and what impact they can make on your marketing development.

Articles27 July 2020

Reporting with Data Studio for Marketers — The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, we describe both the theoretical and practical sides of reporting with Google Data Studio. You can use this guide as a comprehensive cheat sheet in your everyday...

Articles24 July 2020

Top 6 Irreplaceable Digital Marketing Services to Boost Your Website Effectiveness

Check out these must-have tools for web analytics, email marketing, social media, telephony, and more. That’s how you can significantly improve your website performance and...

Articles23 July 2020

The OWOX BI guide for digital marketers: data collection, dashboards, and templates

Everything you need to know about marketing reporting — from data collection to report templates, dashboards, and the services you need for building them.

Articles14 July 2020

4 methods to evaluate the effectiveness of media advertising

Learn what methods help to associate ad views with user activities both online, on your website, and offline to track the user’s entire path from the first interaction to purchase.

Articles13 July 2020

How Marketers Use Analytics to Solve Problems

In this article, we talk about how analytics can help marketers get their heads out of the routine and gain complete control over their marketing. We'll discuss the most...

Articles30 June 2020

12 reasons to select OWOX BI ML Funnel Based Attribution

OWOX BI attribution takes into account all user actions online and offline, considers real revenue data from your CRM, and shows the mutual influence of channels on the...

Articles12 June 2020

Email marketing metrics to measure and ways to improve them

Learn about the first steps to optimize your email marketing. Find out how to measure and improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Articles29 May 2020

How to avoid sampling and collect complete data for advanced analytics

Get full, non-aggregated user behavior data in real-time for marketing reporting - and 12 other reasons to choose OWOX BI. In the article, we explain these features in detail...

Articles20 May 2020

What is CTR and what CTR is considered to be good

In this article, we learn what CTR, a digital ad performance parameter, is, what CTR is considered acceptable and how to set up its automatic calculation using OWOX BI.

Articles19 May 2020

What is CPC in advertising: Cost per Click formula and calculation

In this article, we learn what CPC (cost per click) is, how to get the most out of the Cost-Per-Click model, and how to measure the effectiveness of digital advertising with it.

Articles18 May 2020

12 Google Analytics key reports for marketers

Solve business problems with Google Analytics. An overview of 12 most important reports for marketers from the OWOX BI team.

Articles15 May 2020

How to start selling online

Need to transfer sales to online urgently? We tell you how to start selling online if you're new to it. We've prepared a guide to launch your business online and attract new...

Articles12 May 2020

What is Google Ads Data Hub: everything a marketer needs to know

Google launched Ads Data Hub, a tool for estimation of the media inventory data effectiveness. It allows you to combine display ad data with website and CRM data.

Articles30 April 2021

Comparing accuracy:
SEMrush vs SimilarWeb

We conducted some research to find out how precise two popular traffic analyzers — SEMrush Traffic Analytics and SimilarWeb — are. As a baseline for comparison, we used data...

Articles24 March 2020

7 ways to evaluate and improve digital marketing

How can you evaluate the effectiveness and increase the ROI of online advertising? What revenue is generated by SEO traffic, mobile apps, and media ads (including video ads)?

Articles23 March 2020

How to measure post-view conversions

Learn how to measure post-view conversions and find out how media ad views affect online and offline sales, so you can figure out which video or banner ad led to a sale.

Articles16 March 2020

Dashboards for businesses: Why you need one and top services for building it

Find out the difference between a good and bad dashboard, why you need one, and what dashboard creation services are the most popular.

Articles05 March 2020

Most popular e-commerce reports

A selection of the best marketing reports for the e-commerce industry from the OWOX BI team.

Articles27 February 2020

2020 PPC trends and top resources from 7 PPC influencers

After seven interviews with top pay-per-click (PPC) specialists in the US and European markets, we have lots of interesting insights to share.

Articles12 February 2020

Staying Ahead of the PPC Game: Interview with Samantha Noble

This interview with Samantha Noble discloses key points of the PPC workflow and tells about efficient tools for reporting and ad campaign evaluation.

Articles12 February 2020

10 must-known marketing analytics trends for 2020

Thanks to the OWOX interview series on the future of marketing analytics, we’ve discovered a bunch of trends that we expect to see in 2020. Today, we want to share them with...

Articles23 January 2020

UTM tags and their role in business intelligence

Learn how to automate UTM tags and dynamic parameters in your ad campaigns.

Articles12 January 2020

Interview with Danny Mawani Holmgaard

You could meet Danny at the Superweek 2019 or follow him on Twitter. Now it's time to find out more about his experience, his thoughts on analytics from our interview.

Articles06 January 2020

5 Tips to Learn from the PPC Expert: Interview with Pauline Jakober

In this interview with Pauline Jakober, you’ll discover the top 5 PPC tips on how to stay professional, what tools to use for reporting, how to avoid common mistakes, and what...

Articles23 December 2019

Express interview with Mary Owusu, VP of Digital Strategy & Analytics at Mower

Find out how marketing analytics is changing at the moment and what to expect from technological progress in 2020. Use the advice from Mary Owusu to adopt the latest technics in...

Articles10 December 2019

How to assess the effectiveness of product categories, client segments, and landing pages

Group expenses and revenue by any session properties using OWOX BI. Manage marketing performance based on customer segments, product groups, and landing pages.

Articles02 December 2019

How to assess the impact of offline ads on online sales

Offline ads impact on online sales: how to link offline customer activity to online shopping?

Articles26 November 2019

How to conduct an audit of website analytics

What to pay close attention to when setting up web analytics and what reports you can use to check the quality of data collected in Google Analytics.

Articles25 November 2019

How to make the most of marketing analytics in different businesses

Find out where marketing analytics is in your company and what to do to get to the next stage.

Articles22 November 2019

Playing Digital Jenga with Modern Marketing Analytics: Interview with Christopher Penn

This talk with Christopher Penn will give you the essential understanding of modern digital analytics and marketing state. You'll get the motivational kick to change your...

Articles18 November 2019

A/B testing: To be or not to be

Learn how to improve the user experience, change user behavior, and increase your conversion rate with A/B tests in Google Optimize

Articles28 October 2019

Why doesn’t anybody high-five the analyst? Hard but true answers from Steen Rasmussen

How can you become noticeable as a specialist? Steen Rasmussen, Director of IIH Nordic, will point you at the weakest points of communication with colleagues and give you...

Articles20 October 2019

Predictive analytics as a tool to increase marketing efficiency

Is your business ready to implement predictive analytics? Have you heard about these 9 predicative marketing analytics services?

Articles15 October 2019

The best website analytics tools in 2019

Discover the best website analytics tools in 2019 and see which you can adopt as part of your digital marketing workflow. Don’t forget to share!

Articles01 October 2019

Interview with David Szetela, CEO of FMB Media: What should you know before entering the PPC field?

Today you will get acquainted with one of the top 25 PPC experts by PPC Hero. David Szetela is a pioneer in paid search. You can find a lot of valuable thoughts from one of the...

Articles01 October 2019

20 ways to increase your ecommerce conversion rate

Find out what factors influence the conversion rate of your online store and why it can always be higher. We offer 20 best ways to increase conversion rate that will suit both...

Articles25 September 2019

What attribution means in marketing

We look at what is attribution in marketing, how it helps companies, and the typical mistakes and difficulties of marketers and analysts when working with attribution.

Articles24 September 2019

How to set up form tracking analytics with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

5 ways to set up form tracking with Google Tag Manager

Articles20 September 2019

Digital analytics insights: Nancy Harhut interview

Nancy Harhut is a great speaker who will inspire anyone to take the right marketing decisions. Nancy told us why is «status quo bias» can be dangerous for analysts.

Articles17 September 2019

Interview with Rytis Lauris, CEO and co-founder of Omnisend

Read an interview with Rytis Lauris, the successful CEO and co-founder of Omnisend. Rytis knows how to build an e-commerce business and generate sales with the help of...

Articles05 September 2019

Interview with Damion Brown

Damion Brown, the founder of Data Runs Deep from Australia, shared his extraordinary experience, the vision of why each analyst should not know the programming language and why...

Articles30 August 2019

Marketing talks about PPC secrets – interview with Reese Garcia

We interviewed Reese Garcia, a self-made PPC master who managed to change his career path.

Articles23 August 2019

Interview with Laura Patterson

Laura began her 25+ year career in sales and had the great fortune of working across functions spanning customer relationship management and Marketing with a capital “M.” Find...

Articles19 August 2019

Interview with Jim Sterne

If you don't know who is Jim Sterne, you don't know analytics heroes at all! Read our interview immediately to explore the future of digital analytics, trends, and insights...

Articles31 July 2019

The secrets of PPC specialists – interview with Brad Geddes

We were lucky to interview Brad Geddes, an official Google Ads Seminar Leader and certified Ads Trainer for Google’s Seminars for Success program.

Articles30 July 2019

Cost Analysis in Google Analytics

How to estimate the efficiency of your campaigns? In this article, we consider how to load cost data into Google Analytics from non-Google sources and how to compare the...

Articles30 July 2019

Setting up a sales funnel and example use case

Learn how to properly set up a sales funnel and use it to solve the problem of poor lead conversion.

Articles27 July 2019

Matthew Soakell reveals the secrets of PPC specialists in an interview with OWOX BI

We were lucky to interview Matthew Soakell, named the Young Search Professional of the Year in the EU Search Awards 2019 and Rising Star of the Year in the UK Biddable Media...

Articles25 July 2019

How to exclude the fbclid parameter from Google Analytics reports?

There are two ways to disconnect the fbclid parameter from Google Analytics reports — manually or automatically.

Articles18 July 2019

Interview with Anjana Aggarwal

Important skills, trends, overall future of modern digital analytics is still uncertain. You’ll find some thoughts revealed in our interview with Anjana Aggarwal from Hubspot.

Articles07 July 2019

Top 6 BigQuery Visualization Tools

In our review, we consider Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, and OWOX BI Smart Data for visualizing data stored in Google BigQuery.

Articles26 June 2019

Using marketing mix modeling to increase ROI

Learn what the marketing mix model is and how to use it to make a qualitative analysis of your marketing efforts and optimize your marketing plan.

Articles20 June 2019

What Is a Website Conversion?

What’s a website conversion? What’s a “normal” conversion rate for your website? Find answers and apply our tips for analyzing conversions in Google Analytics. Learn how to...

Articles15 June 2019

OWOX BI Research on the State of Digital Analytics: Interview with Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson, Senior Analytics Director at Search Discovery, gives a broad overview of the trends in modern analytics during his interview with OWOX.

Articles14 June 2019

How to Set Up Google Analytics in 2019 [Ultimate Guide]

Websites come in many types, styles and budgets. Each website, be it a news site, an online store or a personal blog, has its own performance indicators. These may include the...

Articles24 May 2019

How does OWOX BI differ from Google Analytics 360?

How does OWOX BI differ from Google Analytics 360? Learn what solutions OWOX offers that are unavailable in Google Analytics 360 and how they can benefit your business.

Articles22 May 2019

OWOX BI Research On The State Of Digital Analytics: Simo Ahava interview

Simo Ahava discusses challenges of modern analytics, personal and technical skills of successful analysts, and future trends in the marketing analytics field during his...

Articles15 May 2019

When Google Analytics 360 is not enough

Google Analytics 360 is a great product and the acknowledged market leader in customer behaviour analysis. But it has non-obvious limitations that many...

Articles25 April 2019

How to Track Twitter Traffic in Google Analytics

Learn more about the efficiency of this channel in your marketing. Follow our short how-to guide to connect your Twitter account to Google Analytics and start tracking Twitter...

Articles29 March 2019

ROPO analysis: Why you need it and how to conduct it

Learn how to evaluate the impact of online advertising on offline sales. What is ROPO analysis and what advantages will it give to your business? How can you associate user...

Articles15 March 2019

5 Benefits of Mobile Push Notifications as a Marketing Channel

Check out eSputnik’s tips on how to use smartphones for personalized marketing campaigns and how to create automated push notifications.

Articles24 January 2019

Choose Your Data Analytics Conferences 2019 (Worldwide)

Here goes a dream list of data analytics conferences 2019. Buy a ticket, visit, learn from the industry leaders, and reach the top!

Articles24 January 2019

Best Marketing Conferences 2019 (Worldwide)

Here goes a dream list of best marketing conferences 2019. Buy a ticket, visit, learn from the industry leaders, and reach the top!

Articles14 January 2019

Complete List of Facebook Ad Sizes

Discover a complete list of Facebook ad campaign types, formats, and placements. Find out how to create stellar and engaging ads for your audience on Facebook and track their...

Articles08 January 2019

All Facebook photo sizes you'll ever need

A complete list of all the Facebook photo sizes you’ll ever need to prepare your Facebook page for promotions.

Articles03 December 2018

18 Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs You Should Know

You can’t perform true analytics without measurement tools. Check out this great list of formulas graded from simple to difficult for your professional evolution.

Articles30 November 2018

How to Choose Websites for Quality Link Building

The list of the key link building metrics for OWOX BI by Netpeak Software.

Articles27 September 2018

How to Buff Up Your Site For Better Load Speed

Obtain a checklist to help you take all the necessary measures to improve the page load speed and not to lose any customers.

Articles06 July 2018

What Web Analytics Challenges Do Indonesian Ecommerce Companies Face?

Check out the results of the survey we took in Jakarta on the topic of online analytics. Learn what tools Indonesian businesses use to achieve their marketing goals.

Articles23 June 2018

How to Create UTM Tags to Track Your Ad Campaigns

Learn how to create UTM tags to track your ad campaigns, following the simple steps from our infographic post.

Articles21 June 2018

8 Ways to Avoid Sampling in Google Analytics

Useful infographics about how to avoid sampling in Google Analytics and to obtain the most accurate data in your reports.

Articles22 May 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Analytics

Learn how to use marketing analytics for analysing the data across all your customers’ touchpoints, taking into account even the slightest changes to ads, product, online user...

Articles04 May 2018

What Is GDPR and What You Need to Know about It

Learn about new rights and roles in General Data Protection Regulation and how to comply with new data security standards.

Articles03 May 2018

What is the R Programming Language and How to Use It for Working with the APIs of Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct

Discover how to automate working with the data from Google Analytics and Yandex.Direct, using two packages that enhance the basic capacities of the R language.

Articles03 May 2018

An Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics Sampling and How to Avoid It

What is sampling and what are the reasons behind it? We answer these questions and talk about all the possible ways to avoid sampling in our new blogpost.

Articles12 March 2018

How to Link Your Google Ads and Analytics Accounts

Discover the benefits of linking Google Ads and Analytics accounts, and how to enrich your Ads reports on campaigns and Analytics reports on acquisition

Articles24 January 2018

Top 20 Twitter Accounts for Analysts and Marketers

Read and enjoy: our favorite Twitter accounts about marketing and web-analytics

Articles04 January 2018

Omnichannel Retailing: Why and How to Integrate Online and Offline Customer Touchpoints

Learn how to accurately integrate online and offline channels your customers are interacting with, and how doing so will benefit your business.

Articles12 December 2017

How to Track Instagram Referrals and Paid Traffic in Google Analytics

Learn how you can use Google Analytics to track of Instagram data, including traffic to your website, costs, and conversions.

Articles11 December 2017

Statistics in Web Analytics, or How to Become a True Data Scientist

Learn the difference between a Digital Analyst and a Data Scientist, and how to apply statistical methods in A/B testing and user segmentation.

Articles27 October 2017

How Do I Analyze Competitors’ PPC ads and Why Would I Want to

Find out how to start analyzing your competitors' PPC strategy, what to pay attention to, and how to use the information you'll get.

Articles23 October 2017

How To Marry Up Your CRM With Google Analytics

Combine data from your CRM/ERP systems and data from Google Analytics for deeper analysis of user behavior and better remarketing.

Articles29 September 2017

How Competitor Prices Affect Conversion Rates and User Behavior

In this blogpost, we talk about how and why to monitor competitors' prices. Learn how to create and apply useful reports based on the data about website user behavior,...

Articles14 September 2017

How to Create а Meaningful Facebook Ads Dashboard

Find out how to create interactive Google Data Studio reports to track the performance of your Facebook advertising

Articles27 July 2017

5 Reasons to Create Reports in Google BigQuery

Learn about the common challenges in creating reports with Google Analytics, and how you can overcome them by using Google BigQuery.

Articles30 May 2017

A Comprehensive Guide to Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

In this article we explore Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics: what it is, why you should use it, and how to set it up using Google Tag Manager.

Articles18 May 2017

The Site Is Not Enough: A Guide to Mobile App Analytics

In this article, we’ll explore what you should consider when analyzing a mobile app, what to start with, and the differences between website analytics and mobile app analytics.

Articles30 March 2017

What’s the Deal with Your Direct Traffic, and How to Fix It

If you see that your Direct traffic is higher than 30%, do not rush to pop some champagne and celebrate your company’s great popularity. It’s possible that Google Analytics has...

Articles29 March 2017

Custom Attribution Models: Helping Marketing Specialists, Analysts and CMOs Achieve Zen

Out-of-the-box attribution models are simpler than they might seem. To get the most benefit out of them, an analyst, a marketer, and a CMO should work closely together.

Articles29 January 2017

ML Funnel Based Attribution Model

Find out more about the benefits of using Funnel Based attribution model in evaluating your marketing campaigns.

Articles12 December 2016

What Are UTM Tags And How To Use Them

UTM tags help you get detailed information about your traffic sources. Find out more about what UTM tags are, why you should use them, and how to append them correctly.

Articles10 November 2016

Dashboards for business: three examples of practical use

In this article, we share examples of real-time dashboards based on complete data. Such dashboards are useful for marketing specialists, developers, content...

Articles08 November 2016

Declare Independence From Developers With Custom HTML Tags in Google Tag Manager

When Google announced Google Tag Manager back in 2013, almost all the reviews and presentations were limited to the idea of making things easier for marketing specialists.

Articles31 October 2016

How to Evaluate the Cost Efficiency of the Attribution Model

Find out how to evaluate the efficiency of your current attribution model and how to optimize your advertising budget.

Articles27 September 2016

How to Handle Repeat Transactions in Google Analytics?

In this article, we take a closer look at the causes of repeat transactions when using Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics, and provide a solution to this issue.

Articles29 September 2016

Optimize 360 proves to be accurate no-coding solution for testing user experience on your site

A new powerful testing and personalisation tool is a part of Google Analytics 360 Suite. With Optimize 360, businesses can take action faster, evaluate...

Articles29 September 2016

Importing Google Analytics Data to Google BigQuery: Comparing Two Methods of Data Collection

In this article, we compare the two methods for getting Google Analytics data in Google BigQuery. We consider the price, the specifics of data...

Articles30 September 2016

How to estimate the additional value of multi-channel attribution

In this article, we introduce the method for estimating the additional revenue you can gain with attribution models that consider the mutual impact of advertising...

Articles12 September 2016

Measuring your ROAS with business intelligence

OWOX and Ringostat team up to tell you what ROAS (return on ad spend) is and how to calculate it using Excel, CRM, call tracking and BI solutions—the tools every entrepreneur...

Articles24 May 2016

Data Security and Access Control in Google Cloud Platform

Who has access to my data? How to ensure its safety? What should I check to make sure the settings are correct? We’ve answered hundreds...

Articles29 February 2016

Advantages and limitations of Google Analytics API

If you need to export data from Google Analytics, you can use one of the available APIs. To help you choose the most suitable option and save your time...

Articles29 January 2016

ML Funnel Based Attribution Implementation

This article describes how to implement a dynamic attribution model, using Google Cloud Platform services, Google Analytics and OWOX BI. Let’s talk about...

Articles08 December 2015

Comparison of multi-channel attribution models

This article describes the causes of inaccurate assessment of advertising channels with popular attribution models in Google Analytics and formulates the...

Articles28 August 2015

Why Do We Need Online Analytics?

We often hear that question. Even from those, who has already decided to implement the analytics. Primarily, we need the answer to determine for ourselves...

Articles24 June 2015

Custom Domain for Google Analytics Data Collection

This article describes solution to the problem of collecting Google Analytics data on the individual domain, for instance, instead of

Articles24 June 2015

Who is in control of your data

This article describes data processing tasks in eCommerce projects and forms the criteria for quality assessment while working with the projects. In recent years, the...