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Import Data from Competera to Google BigQuery

Collect complete statistics on your Competera in Google BigQuery

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Collect complete statistics on your Competera in Google BigQuery

Turn routine pricing to your advantage by merging data from Competera and Google Analytics into Google BigQuery

OWOX BI Pipeline automatically imports data from Competera to Google BigQuery and solves the task of merging it with information about users behavior from Google Analytics.

Thus, you can analyze the impact of competitors’ prices in detail and build a pricing model based on complete data. This allows you to focus on those specific visitor acquisition channels and products that generate maximum profits.

New Google BigQuery users get a $300 credit from Google

Do you want to determine the price that would bring the maximum revenue?

By using Competera to track the prices of your competitors and Google Analytics to track your users’ actions, you’re striving to flexibly respond to changes in the market.

Do you know what traffic sources attract customers who are ready to buy your products even if the competitors’ prices are lower than yours? Do you know how your competitors’ prices influence your own conversion rate and profits?

With OWOX BI you can

  1. Identify the sources that bring you the customers who are the most loyal to your brand and ready to purchase products, even if your products are more expensive than others on the market.

  2. Find the best price segment for your audience and learn how the elasticity of demand depends on product categories and customer aсquisition channels.

  3. Find out which particular competitors and categories have the greatest influence on you.

With the help of ready-to-use SQL queries, you get comprehensive reports and graphs in Google Sheets or Google Data Studio. You also can upload the results of the calculations to your internal storage.

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You can rely on us

Link your Competera account to OWOX BI Pipeline, and we will automatically transfer the data using the official API. The data on the prices in Google BigQuery will be updated daily.

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