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Salesforce → Google BigQuery

We collect and process all the data you need to easily build any reports

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We collect and process all the data you need to easily build any reports

Data Export Salesforce → Google BigQuery

Unify your Salesforce data with data from multiple other sources in Google BigQuery. Analyze your sales funnel and manage your marketing budget based on comprehensive data.

Create the Pipeline

Are your marketing analytics based on data spread across different systems with no hope of unifying it manually? What’s the relevance of such reports anyways? You no longer have to ask these questions.

With OWOX BI, you can take data from almost any digital source and put it into one bowl. With unified data, you’ll build the end-to-end analytics on comprehensive data and get inspiring reports with the most valuable insights.

Combining customer behavior data from Salesforce and your website will let you

  • See how leads interact with your website before and after making a purchase
  • Estimate the marginality and return on investment of advertising campaigns, taking into account expenditures on canvassing and revenue acquired per customer
  • Estimate the contribution of advertising campaigns, taking into account the goods dispatch rate
  • Construct segments for target advertising based on customer profiles in Salesforce
  • Analyze each stage of the sales funnel, improve it, and grow sales
  • Check the possibility for CPA partners to cheat, taking into account the goods dispatch rate

3 steps to set up end-to-end analytics
with Salesforce → Google BigQuery data integration

1. Upload historical data from any table to the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

2. Get daily updates on new information and activities from Salesforce in Google BigQuery. All updated data on Salesforce activities is available for your analysis at any time.

3. Thanks to the unified data and custom BigQuery tables plus the user behavior data on your website, you’ll see your marketing performance more clearly than ever before.

Perks and goodies for the smart analyst using OWOX BI Pipeline

Consolidate all data with fast access in BigQuery.
Create daily cross-reports with automatic updates for analysis.
Save time on unifying data and reporting.

How to set up the Salesforce → Google BigQuery pipeline

  • Click Create pipeline on the OWOX BI main page

  • Select Salesforce as the data source

  • Provide OWOX BI with access to your Salesforce and Google BigQuery accounts

  • Done. The pipeline has been created. On the pipeline page, you can delete, pause, or reactivate the pipeline if it’s blocked.



Integration can be enabled for accounts with API access. These are the Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition accounts as well as Professional/Group Edition and Essentials Edition with connected API service (+$25 per month for each license). We plan to add support for all types of accounts in the future.

If you need help uploading data,
we’re always glad to help you

Data Import
All collected data will be stored and processed in your OWOX BI project in the Google Cloud platform. OWOX BI guarantees that you’ll be the only person who can access and manage access to this data.
Legal API
The security of your data is ensured by both official APIs and OAuth authorization.
Not Sell Advertising
We’re not an advertising agency, and we don’t sell ads.
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OWOX BI products are trusted by thousands of projects. We’re a Google Cloud Platform Certified Partner.

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