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Bring your reports to life with Google Data Studio 360

Make better business decisions with Google Data Studio 360. Convey the information in a compelling, easy-to-understand manner by bringing your data together, turning it into informative, beautiful reports and sharing them with your colleagues and clients.

Easy Access to All Your Data

With a variety of diverse data sources, getting relevant data and bringing it together can be a challenging task. Google Data Studio 360 helps you overcome this challenge.

A number of data connectors in Google Data Studio 360 enable easy access to all the data you need. The list includes Google Marketing Platform products as well as Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, Google Adwords, YouTube Channel, MySQL, Google Cloud SQL and others.

Meaningful Data Transformations

Once you connect a data source, all the metrics and dimensions in the source become available for reporting. You can also add custom fields based on your own formulas.

Google Data Studio 360 enables you to filter and combine your data in reports. And if you need to add a specific metric or dimension, you can create a calculated field based on the data from your data source, text and numeric values. After a field is created, it becomes available for use in the report along with other fields. There’s no need to write code or create SQL queries.

Appealing Reports and Dashboards

Google Data Studio 360 provides a broad variety of visualization and editing solutions, with a wide choice of charts, graphs and visualizations for the data.

A convenient visual drag-and-drop editor allows for creating any report or dashboard with a few clicks. Interactive controls help viewers filter the data for a specific time period or focus on a certain dimension. Google Data Studio 360 helps to keep your company’s corporate style—you can add images (eg. a company logo), adjust styles of text and graphics and save the template for future reports. You can find more ideas in the gallery of sample reports.

Sharing and Collaboration

You, your colleagues and your clients can share and collaborate on reports in real time.

Google Data Studio 360 utilizes the same sharing technology as Google Apps. It means that you can grant permission to edit, view or add comments to reports and dashboards, to individuals or groups both inside and outside your company. Google Data Studio 360 allows you, your colleagues and clients to simultaneously work together on the same report, while seeing all the edits as they happen, and have all the changes saved in real time.

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