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Navigating Data-Driven Marketing From Insights to Impact

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Navigating Data-Driven Marketing From Insights to Impact

Navigating the bustling landscape of New York's marketing agencies can be a daunting task for businesses looking to boost their brand presence and achieve growth targets. The challenges are many, from identifying agencies that align with your business values to ensuring they have the expertise to meet your specific needs. Finding the right partner in such a competitive environment requires a discerning approach and a deep understanding of what makes a marketing collaboration successful.

However, there's a beacon of hope in this complex search. OWOX, a leader in analytics and marketing insights, stands ready to guide you through this maze with advice that's grounded in years of experience and a profound understanding of the marketing world.

Before you dive deeper, consider this: leveraging OWOX's expertise could transform your approach to finding a marketing agency, making the process not just easier, but more effective.

Why Trust OWOX:

  • Compliance: OWOX ensures that all data handling meets the highest standards of privacy and security. Our approach guarantees that your marketing strategies are built on a foundation of trust and integrity.
  • Quality: With OWOX, you're assured of data and insights of unparalleled accuracy. Our tools and services are designed to refine your marketing efforts, enabling precise targeting and measurable outcomes.
  • Freshness: The marketing landscape is ever-evolving, and so is our data. We provide the most current insights, ensuring your strategies remain relevant and impactful.
  • Ownership: Empowering you with data ownership, OWOX fosters a culture of transparency and control. This autonomy over your data reshapes how you view and utilize marketing analytics for decision-making.

In today's technology-driven marketplace, data isn't just an asset; it's the cornerstone of successful marketing. Recognizing this, OWOX has dedicated itself to helping businesses navigate the complexities of data analytics, offering tools and insights that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Catering to a diverse clientele across various industries, OWOX specializes in transforming data into actionable strategies that propel businesses forward. Whether you're in retail, e-commerce, or any sector in between, our expert team is equipped to enhance your marketing efforts with data-driven precision.

Ready to turn data challenges into marketing victories? Book a call with our expert team today, and discover how OWOX can revolutionize your marketing strategies.

As you continue with this article, you'll find a curated list of New York's top marketing agencies, carefully categorized to streamline your search. For your convenience, we've organized these agencies into relevant categories: Full-Service Powerhouses, Digital Innovators, Niche Specialists, and Creative Mavericks. Each category is designed to help you identify the agency that best matches your unique marketing needs and aspirations.

SEO and Search Marketing Specialists

Discover agencies that excel in boosting your visibility on search engines and driving targeted traffic to your website. These specialists understand the intricacies of SEO and SEM strategies to ensure you dominate search results.

SeoProfy: SEO Company That Delivers Results

SeoProfy: SEO Company That Delivers Results

What Makes Them Stand Out: SeoProfy is distinguished by its dedication to delivering substantial results in SEO and content marketing, their unique approach of creating proprietary SEO tools like LinkChecker. PRO and WatchDog, and their commitment to assigning a devoted team to each project to ensure focused, comprehensive support.

Vision and Mission: SeoProfy aims to empower businesses by significantly improving their online visibility and search engine rankings. They emphasize the importance of a data-driven approach and transparency in all their SEO strategies.

Signature Services: SeoProfy specializes in a range of SEO services, including international SEO with a culturally relevant strategy, data-driven optimization, and proprietary SEO tools designed to outperform traditional tools. Their comprehensive service suite addresses every aspect of SEO, from keyword research to localization.

Team Leadership: The leadership team at SeoProfy includes notable figures like Victor (CEO), Anastasia (COO), Oleksandra (Head of Sales), Vita (HR Director), and Nick (Business Developer). Their diverse expertise underpins the company's innovative approach to SEO.

Industries They Serve: SeoProfy's broad client testimonials and success stories suggest they serve a diverse range of sectors, including but not limited to SaaS, iGaming, and e-commerce.

Notable Clients: The company has received high praise from a wide array of clients, including Kiril Bigai (Co-Founder), George Sklavounos (SEO Manager), and Lev Tretyakov, highlighting their ability to significantly increase organic traffic and deliver on their SEO promises.

Success Story: SeoProfy's impact is evident in their success stories, such as achieving a 10X increase in website traffic for one client and significantly boosting sales and ranking for others. Their work has consistently led to substantial improvements in organic traffic and sales.

Inspiring Quote: "They're able to find the little details that could make a huge change in our website traffic." - This quote reflects the company's meticulous approach and their commitment to identifying and implementing impactful SEO strategies.

Mimvi | #1 SEO Agency NYC - Dominate The Search

Mimvi | #1 SEO Agency NYC - Dominate The Search

What Makes Them Stand Out: Mimvi is distinguished by its recognition as a top SEO agency in NYC, having won awards for its services, including being recognized by Clutch as a Top SEO Agency in NYC. Their expertise covers a broad range of SEO services, with a special emphasis on content creation, technical SEO, and authoritative link building.

Foundational Values: Mimvi is committed to delivering measurable results to clients, emphasizing improved lead generation through tailored marketing packages that drive targeted website traffic.

Vision and Mission: The agency aims to be the digital partner businesses deserve, focusing on growing clients' online presence through comprehensive and individualized SEO strategies.

Signature Services: Their SEO expertise spans content creation, technical SEO, authoritative link building, local SEO services, website & speed optimization, and eCommerce SEO. They also prioritize SEO reporting & tracking for measuring campaign success​​.

Team Leadership: The leadership team at Mimvi includes Marcus Becker (CEO), Alex (Lead Designer), Kristin (Operations), Jake (Lead Sales), Sean (Senior Writer), and Brian (Content Marketing).

Industries They Serve: Mimvi's broad client testimonials suggest they serve various sectors with their SEO expertise​​.

Featured in: Clutch as Top SEO Agency in NYC, Best SEO Agency for Law Firms, and SEO Blog Top 10 Ranked Agencies.

Success Story: Client testimonials highlight Mimvi's ability to bridge the gap between traffic and leads, with specific mentions of impressive results in record time, leading to increased traffic, leads, and customer acquisition​​.

Inspiring Quote: "Grow Your Business With Our SEO Services" - This encapsulates Mimvi's goal to drive more traffic, generate more leads, and increase sales through strategic SEO practices​​.

SEO Image - SEO & Reputation Management

SEO Image - SEO & Reputation Management

What Makes Them Stand Out: SEO Image is renowned for its comprehensive SEO services and reputation management. With a strong focus on technical SEO audits, the agency prides itself on delivering honest timelines and organic search results. Their reputation management services are designed to rebuild personal or corporate images with time-tested strategies.

Vision and Mission: SEO Image is dedicated to increasing online conversions and positively showcasing brands through high-quality SEO services and online reputation management. The firm customizes its services to promote clients effectively to their audience, maintaining a customer-focused approach​​.

Signature Services: The agency's signature services include Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, Pay-Per-Click Management, and Web Design. They are known for their expertise in technical SEO audits, managing online reputations with strategic push-down services, and developing websites integrated with SEO and marketing plans.

Team Leadership: The leadership includes professionals with vast experience across various digital marketing domains.

Industries They Serve: SEO Image has clients across various sectors, including real estate, law, and hospitality, indicating a broad industry reach.

Featured in: SEO Image has been featured in Fox News, NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, and other top news sites. They have also participated as speakers for BBB and, showcasing their industry expertise and thought leadership.

Notable Clients: Their clientele includes globally recognized names like Canon, Newsweek, Sotheby's, and Fig & Olive, demonstrating their capability to work with both large brands and smaller businesses.

Success Story: One of their remarkable success stories is helping a client achieve Top 5 rankings for over 50 major terms nationwide, which included highly competitive keywords. Another success is taking a startup to one of the Top 1000 fastest-growing companies on the Inc. 5000 list solely through organic search marketing.

Inspiring Quote: "The leads I have generated off my website have been my lifeline, and if it were not for my top Google ranking, I don’t know what my company would have done…" - Jeffrey K., CEO, Insurance Source.

fishbat Media Digital Marketing Agency

fishbat Media Digital Marketing Agency

What Makes Them Stand Out: Fishbat thrives on creating sharable and impactful moments that inspire action. Their approach is goal-oriented, blending strategic brand experiences with creative content creation​​.

Foundational Values: Fishbat is deeply rooted in human connection, focusing on crafting magical moments that bring people and brands together. They believe in using purpose-driven creative to guide their proactive thinking, maintaining an agile and flexible mindset while aiming for big-picture outcomes.

Vision and Mission: Their mission revolves around improving visibility, impact, and the bottom line for partners. Fishbat aims to guide clients through the digital marketing landscape with creative solutions that drive results and revenue.

Signature Services: Fishbat offers a comprehensive range of services, including Strategy (Brand Strategy, SEO Strategy, Marketing & Communication Strategy), UX & Interactive (UX Website Design, UX Audit), Digital Advertising (Paid Search, Display and Native Creative, Programmatic Advertising), and Content Marketing (Social Media, Content Creation, Email Marketing)​​.

Industries They Serve: Fishbat's diverse portfolio indicates they serve a wide range of markets, aiming to meet various digital marketing needs across B2B and B2C sectors.

Featured in: Fishbat has been recognized as a top digital marketing agency by notable entities such as DesignRush in 2021.

Notable Clients: They've significantly impacted clients such as Silver Fern Farms, Love Macadamia, and Connect BBC, showcasing a wide array of successful campaigns that have driven substantial results.

Success Story: Success stories include a 75% rise in social media engagement for Silver Fern Farms and a 2,986% increase in mentions per month across the web for Love Macadamia, illustrating Fishbat's ability to significantly boost online presence and engagement.

Inspiring Quote: "Creating sharable and magical moments that inspire action is what we do best." This quote encapsulates Fishbat's commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding, the digital marketing goals of their clients by delivering memorable and impactful campaigns​​.

theBREWROOM, SEO/SEM & Website Design

theBREWROOM, SEO/SEM & Website Design

What Makes Them Stand Out: theBREWROOM sets itself apart through continuous monitoring and improvement of clients' sites for SEO, offering personalized strategies, and ensuring their clients are excited about the progress with regular reports showcasing site progress.

Foundational Values: Collaboration with clients based on shared values like life-long learning and a down-to-earth approach is central to their work ethic. This client-focused attitude is underscored by their preference for in-person meetings, showcasing their commitment to personal touch and comprehensive SEO and web development services.

Signature Services: theBREWROOM specializes in a range of SEO services, including SEO Competitive Analysis, Local Business SEO, Google Business Listing Optimization, Technical SEO Audit, Keyword Research & Tracking, and more. They emphasize the importance of both on-page and off-page SEO factors.

Team Leadership: Sam Insalaco, highlighted through client testimonials, is noted for his personable approach, extensive SEO knowledge, and hands-on involvement in projects. His leadership evidently plays a key role in delivering the agency's services.

Notable Clients: Client testimonials from various sectors, including HR and Safety, Branding Agency, Property Management, and more, indicate a broad range of industries served.

Success Story: Client testimonials reflect significant improvements, such as a rise from 2-3 to 15-20 leads per day, noticeable increases in Facebook engagement and overall traffic, and major corrections leading to over 35% improvement in site health within the first month of engagement.

Inspiring Quote: "Working with the BREWROOM was one of the best decisions that I have ever made! Sam is personable, skilled, willing to do whatever it takes, helpful, and has continually offered suggestions to help improve every aspect of what we were working on" - showcases the impactful and client-centered approach theBREWROOM takes in their projects.

Shibga Media

Shibga Media

What Makes Them Stand Out: Shibga Media specializes in SEO services tailored specifically for roofing contractors, offering a unique approach that combines industry-specific expertise with proven strategies to generate qualified leads and increase conversions. Their commitment to delivering positive ROI through customized marketing campaigns sets them apart.

Foundational Values: Founded by Shibga Chowdhury in a journey that started from Bikrampur, Bangladesh, and led to becoming an SEO expert in Chiang Mai, Shibga Media is built on a foundation of lifelong learning, genuine client relationships, and a focus on delivering tangible results for roofing businesses.

Vision and Mission: Shibga Media aims to be the premier partner for roofing businesses seeking growth through innovative and personalized SEO and marketing strategies. Their mission focuses on delivering unparalleled SEO services to ensure clients' success in the digital realm.

Signature Services: They provide a comprehensive suite of services including Roofing SEO, Local SEO Packages, SEO Content Writing, Google Analytics Services, Link Building Packages, YouTube Advertising, and Roofing Web Design​​.

Team Leadership: Shibga Chowdhury, the founder, brings his rich background and expertise in SEO from his early experiences in Chiang Mai to the competitive market in the United States, focusing on roofing contractors as the primary industry.

Industries They Serve: While Shibga Media has the capability to serve various industries, they have chosen to specialize and dedicate their efforts exclusively to serving roofing contractors, ensuring tailored strategies that directly address the needs of this niche market.

Success Story: One roofer client experienced remarkable results, quickly closing the gap in the number of leads he could service himself, demonstrating the effectiveness of Shibga Media's targeted SEO strategies for the roofing industry.

Inspiring Quote: Shibga Media’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of not just optimizing websites but taking a vested interest in the quality of leads generated, showing a deep commitment to clients' business growth and success.



What Makes Them Stand Out: Seoplus+ distinguishes itself as not just an SEO agency but as a data-driven growth marketing partner. Their comprehensive approach encompasses a broad spectrum of digital marketing services tailored to drive results, including traffic growth, lead generation, and revenue increase.

Foundational Values: Emphasizing collaboration, seoplus+ operates on the principle that teamwork amplifies their strength, viewing their relationship with clients as an extension of their team to deliver superior work.

Vision and Mission: The agency aims to enhance life through worry-free marketing that helps clients achieve their goals, underpinned by a commitment to professional development and leveraging prestige partnerships like their Google Premier Partner status.

Signature Services: Seoplus+ offers a robust array of services designed to cover every digital marketing need, including SEO, Paid Ads, Web Design & Development, Content Marketing, Digital PR, Social Media Marketing, and Strategic Services, among others​​.

Team Leadership: Seoplus+ boasts a dynamic in-house team of digital marketing experts, evidenced by their award-winning status and prestige partnerships.

Industries They Serve: The agency serves a diverse clientele across various segments like Local SEO, E-commerce SEO, SaaS SEO, and National SEO, operating in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Canada, and the USA.

Success Story: Seoplus+ prides itself on achieving impressive results for clients, including growth in traffic and achieving target ROI, indicating their effectiveness in digital marketing campaigns.

Inspiring Quote: One of their highlighted quotes from a Marketing Lead at Mobile Klinik mentions being very happy with the results and looking forward to continued growth as they expand across the country, showcasing client satisfaction and successful outcomes.



What Makes Them Stand Out: NuStream positions itself as an award-winning digital marketing agency that provides high-quality services at competitive prices. With a presence in key locations including Philadelphia, New York City, Allentown, Phoenix, and Tucson, NuStream crafts custom digital marketing campaigns designed to offer a high return on investment through white-hat SEO techniques and other digital strategies.

Foundational Values: NuStream is committed to offering cost-effective marketing strategies to help companies increase their online visibility and presence​​.

Vision and Mission: The agency focuses on creating personalized online marketing solutions to assist businesses in achieving their goals, with an emphasis on maximizing professional development through ongoing training programs.

Signature Services: NuStream offers a comprehensive range of services such as Website Design and Development, Digital Marketing (including SEO, Social Media Management, and PPC), Video Production (including TV Commercials and YouTube Video Production), and Graphic Design (including Brand Identity Design and Social Media Design)​​.

Industries They Serve: NuStream's broad array of services suggests they cater to a wide range of sectors seeking digital marketing solutions​​.

Success Story: NuStream prides itself on stirring up the digital marketing industry by offering high-quality services that generate a higher return on investment, indicating their ability to successfully meet and exceed client expectations.

Inspiring Quote: NuStream's philosophy revolves around increasing internet traffic through white-hat SEO techniques, aiming for the best conversion rates possible. This approach underscores their commitment to ethical practices and client success.

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Full-Service Digital Powerhouses

For businesses seeking comprehensive digital strategies, these full-service agencies offer a one-stop solution. From social media to web development, they handle all aspects of your online presence.



What Makes Them Stand Out: WebFX stands out for its commitment to driving significant results for its clients, with over $6 billion in client revenue generated. They focus on a variety of digital marketing strategies to improve website traffic, brand awareness, and conversions. Their approach is not one-size-fits-all; instead, they tailor their strategies to fit each unique business, ensuring customized solutions that meet specific goals and expectations​​​​.

Foundational Values: WebFX has made notable contributions beyond digital marketing, including environmental and social efforts. They've committed to cleaning hundreds of football fields of plastic annually and protecting acres of forest in Guatemala. Their values extend to making a global impact, affecting over 6,500 lives through their #FXBuilds fund, which supports education, shelter, and clean water initiatives.

Vision and Mission: WebFX's actions and dedication to both client success and global betterment speak to a mission of leveraging digital marketing excellence to create tangible results for businesses and communities alike​​.

Signature Services: WebFX offers a broad spectrum of digital marketing services, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, web design and redesign, page speed optimization, and more. They utilize a combination of these strategies to support business growth and thrive in the digital space​​.

Team Leadership: WebFX emphasizes having over 500 experts on staff, suggesting a robust team with a wide range of expertise to support their digital marketing efforts.

Industries They Serve: WebFX serves a diverse range of industries, applying their digital marketing expertise to tailor strategies that align with industry-specific challenges and opportunities. Their wide array of services indicates flexibility and adaptability to various market needs​​.

Success Story: WebFX has numerous success stories, highlighted by their impressive results: over $6 billion in revenue generated for clients, along with millions of leads and phone calls driven by their campaigns. They pride themselves on exceeding client expectations and measure success through the "WOW" factor they deliver to each partnership​​​​.

Inspiring Quote: "We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients." - Bill Craig, WebFX President. This quote encapsulates WebFX's client-centered approach, aiming to not just meet but exceed the goals and expectations set forth by their partners​​.

Top Notch Dezigns

Top Notch Dezigns

What Makes Them Stand Out: Top Notch Dezigns is recognized for its award-winning approach to creating digital experiences that leave a lasting impact. Distinguished by their commitment to delivering excellence, they excel in web design, branding, and digital marketing. With over 18 years of experience, they understand the importance of evolving with digital trends and technologies, ensuring their designs are not only memorable but also effectively meet the diverse needs of their clients.

Foundational Values: Starting in Brooklyn in 2004 and expanding to locations like Long Island, Los Angeles, and London, Top Notch Dezigns prides itself on exceptional communication and exceeding client expectations. Their dedication to creating unique online experiences underscores their foundational values of innovation, customer satisfaction, and adaptability.

Vision and Mission: Top Notch Dezigns actions and portfolio suggest a strong focus on leveraging creative design and digital strategies to enhance brand presence and user engagement across various platforms​​.

Signature Services: Their service offerings include: Branding, Web Design, eCommerce, Web Development, Digital Marketing, App Development, Support & Hosting.

Team Leadership: The leadership team comprises: Latoya Bryan, CEO, Daniel Maslivar, CFO, Dynasty Dean, COO, Brayan Helmy, CTO, Nicole Harvey, Accounts & Office Administrator, Pia Stanley, Accounting, John Cordon, Account Manager, Lynda Tapia, Account Strategist. This diverse group of professionals brings together a rich blend of expertise to drive the agency's success.

Success Story: Their unique approach and commitment to customizing projects to fit client needs have likely contributed to numerous success stories. Their process, emphasizing research, discovery, design, content, development, and optimization, ensures projects are well-conceived and executed to meet and exceed client goals.

Inspiring Quote: Their ethos of listening to client requirements, creating customized solutions, and adopting a customer-centric approach to projects is inspiring. They strive to create distinct websites and apps that effectively increase leads and boost sales, showcasing their dedication to client success and innovation.

Full Circle SEM

Full Circle SEM

What Makes Them Stand Out: Full Circle SEM specializes in creating and executing comprehensive online marketing strategies that encompass paid search marketing, search engine optimization, and detailed analytics. Their strength lies in their ability to drive traffic and sales while providing precise data to back up their strategies. They're particularly known for their expertise in PPC and offline conversion tracking, offering a data-driven approach to increase ROI for their clients.

Foundational Values: Founded in 2010 by Justin Ober, Full Circle SEM emerged from a desire to offer small and medium-sized businesses the marketing and technology resources needed to compete at a high level. They're known for their mix of data-driven analytics and creative prowess, aiming to partner with clients rather than acting just as a service provider.

Vision and Mission: Their operational ethos suggests a commitment to working closely with clients to deliver tailored, effective online marketing solutions that enhance visibility and business growth.

Signature Services: Their services include Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Phone Call Tracking, Website Design & Development, Content Creation, Infographics & Graphic Design, and Video Marketing. This wide range of services highlights their capacity to handle diverse aspects of internet marketing, from conceptualization to execution and analysis​​.

Team Leadership: Full Circle SEM is described as a team filled with both data-driven experts and creative talents, underlining their balanced approach to digital marketing strategies.

Notable Clients: They boast positive testimonials from clients across various industries, indicating their capability to deliver significant results in competitive spaces like addiction treatment, highlighting their expertise and effectiveness.

Success Story: Their client testimonials suggest a history of delivering high-quality traffic and managing substantial ad spend efficiently, leading to notable satisfaction among their clientele.

Inspiring Quote: Their work ethic and approach can be summarized in their commitment to providing better data for better results, aiming to deliver full-service solutions that showcase businesses through digital marketing while ensuring measurable success.

Bird Marketing

Bird Marketing

What Makes Them Stand Out: Bird Marketing is distinguished for its award-winning digital solutions across the UK, utilizing innovative strategies and technologies. They focus on engaging ideal customers through SEO-centric campaigns and creating custom websites that align with brand and business objectives. Their approach is data-driven, aiming for continuous optimization and better performance​​.

Foundational Values: Bird Marketing prioritizes exceptional service, focusing on clients' ROI as their success metric. They adhere to best practices, efficiency, and environmental consciousness, with 100% green servers and paperless offices​​.

Vision and Mission: Bird Marketing aims to be a trusted partner in clients' digital journeys, enhancing digital visibility and success. They focus on delivering comprehensive digital solutions that improve online visibility and engage effectively with target audiences.

Signature Services: Their services span Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Call Tracking, Website Design & Development, Content Creation, Infographics & Graphic Design, and Video Marketing. They also offer creative consultancy services, including brand strategy development, graphic design, UI/UX design, and more​​​​.

Team Leadership: The team, referred to as "The Flock," includes a blend of creative and technical talents like Phil (Managing Director), Lewis (Account Director), Jason (General Manager), Luke (Head of Search), and others, highlighting their collaborative and effective approach​​.

Featured in: Bird Marketing has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Clutch Top Digital Agency Award, Good Firms Top Digital Agencies Award, and Manifest Top Digital Agencies Award, evidencing their industry excellence and client satisfaction​​.

Notable Clients: They have worked on successful projects for notable clients like Supermicro and Fahad Alrajhi Group, showcasing their capability to deliver impactful digital solutions across diverse industries.

Success Story: Bird Marketing has created stunning new websites and executed effective SEO campaigns that fully embrace their clients' personalities and ethos, as evidenced by positive client testimonials​​.

Inspiring Quote: Clients have praised Bird Marketing for going above and beyond in website development and SEO campaigns, highlighting their commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering significant value​​.



What Makes Them Stand Out: Novi.Digital, previously known as SEO24/7, has evolved into a full-service, data-driven digital marketing agency. Their expansion beyond SEO to include PPC, CRO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and more demonstrates their commitment to offering comprehensive digital marketing solutions. This evolution reflects their philosophy of embracing innovation and providing clients with forward-thinking strategies for online growth.

Foundational Values: Founded on the principle of achieving long-term success for their clients, Novi.Digital focuses on sustainable, ongoing strategies rather than temporary gains. Their approach is rooted in data analysis, constantly adapting to trends and technological advances to ensure their clients' and their own future growth​​.

Vision and Mission: Novi.Digital aims to be the UK’s leading data-driven, people-focused specialist digital agency. They strive to deliver measurable success, focusing on profitability, ROI, and value for their clients, underscoring their mission with a commitment to ethical business practices and a people-first approach​​.

Signature Services: Their services encompass SEO Management, PPC Management, Social Media Training, Google Ads Audits, Website Audits, UX Audits, and Content Marketing. This wide range of services enables them to meet diverse digital marketing needs, from strategy and management to training and consultancy​​.

Team Leadership: The emphasis on an expert team approach indicates Novi.Digital leverages collective expertise to benefit clients. This collaborative environment ensures clients have access to a broad spectrum of digital marketing knowledge and skills.

Featured in: Novi.Digital has been shortlisted and recognized in various prestigious awards, showcasing their industry excellence and commitment to innovative digital marketing strategies. These recognitions highlight their role as leaders in the digital marketing revolution​​.

Success Story: Through their partnership with the Department of International Trade (DIT) and hosting workshops on online marketing presence for overseas sales, Novi.Digital has demonstrated its ability to deliver impactful digital marketing solutions that drive business growth and expansion​​.

Inspiring Quote: "Our business philosophy has always been to find what’s new and innovative and apply it. We’ve always worked to lead the field..." This quote reflects Novi.Digital's pioneering spirit and commitment to staying at the forefront of digital marketing innovations for the benefit of their clients.



What Makes Them Stand Out: OpenMoves is known for its expertise in both Paid Search and Paid Social, led by industry veterans with over a decade of experience. They focus on delivering efficient conversions and scale to clients, including small firms and large brands like Disney, L’Oreal, and Unilever. Their approach is strategic and results-focused, covering a broad spectrum of industries with a particular knack for eCommerce and lead-gen campaigns.

Foundational Values: OpenMoves embraces a culture of continuous learning and innovation, focusing on generating profitable ROI and value for clients. They are committed to work-life balance, offering flexible working conditions and comprehensive health, vision, and dental benefits for full-time employees​​.

Vision and Mission: OpenMoves' operational ethos suggests a commitment to leveraging digital marketing excellence for client success, underpinned by a values-driven approach to business and marketing​​.

Signature Services: Their services include Paid Search and Paid Social management, SEO, Email Marketing, and more, all geared towards boosting online sales and engagement. They are particularly focused on providing measurable results through data-driven strategies​​.

Team Leadership: Alex Swerdlow, Vice President of Paid Media Services, Brian Cooper, Vice President of SEO Services, Melissa Granger, Social Media Director, Amy Chan, Email Marketing Manager. This leadership team brings a blend of strategic vision and creative execution to the table.

Industries They Serve: OpenMoves has served a diverse range of industries, including local and national companies focused on lead generation, eCommerce, and not-for-profits​​.

Success Story: OpenMoves has demonstrated its ability to drive substantial growth and efficiency for clients across various digital marketing channels​​.



What Makes Them Stand Out: NEWMEDIA distinguishes itself through a comprehensive service offering, specializing in performance marketing to substantially enhance revenue and grow businesses. Their more than 25 years of industry presence, starting from a small team of Denver website designers to evolving into a leading digital marketing agency, showcases their extensive experience and capability to serve a wide range of clients, including startups, Fortune 100s, across multiple sectors like SaaS, CPG, B2B, D2C, nonprofits, and academia​​.

Foundational Values: Built on the foundation of significantly impacting client success, NEWMEDIA leverages complex technology and data-driven decisions to optimize outcomes, emphasizing their commitment to clients' long-term strategy and growth.

Vision and Mission: NEWMEDIA's mission is encapsulated in their tagline, "We Scale Brands.®" Their aim is to be the foremost data-driven, performance-focused digital marketing agency, with a deep commitment to helping their clients succeed by leveraging their extensive expertise and success track record.

Signature Services: Their award-winning services encompass Custom Website Design, Complex Web Development, Ecommerce Web Development, SEO, PPC Management, CRO, and other creative and technical agency services, aiming to provide comprehensive digital solutions.

Team Leadership: NEWMEDIA's leadership includes individuals like Alex Swerdlow, Vice President of Paid Media Services, and Brian Cooper, Vice President of SEO Services, among others. Each brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the agency, driving its success and client satisfaction.

Industries They Serve: NEWMEDIA's broad range of clients suggests NEWMEDIA serves various sectors, capitalizing on their comprehensive digital marketing services to meet diverse needs.

Featured in: NEWMEDIA has been recognized as a top agency, winning numerous awards including the Top 1% Agency Award of Excellence, listed among the Fastest Growing Companies in the USA, and acclaimed as a Global Award Winner by reputable organizations.

Notable Clients: Their success stories and client testimonials reflect their ability to work effectively across a range of industries and client sizes​​.

Success Story: One success story highlighted is their work with an ecommerce client, where they significantly boosted sales from $53,000 to over $614,000 in one quarter, showcasing their effective digital marketing strategies even amidst the challenges of a global pandemic​​.

Inspiring Quote: NEWMEDIA's approach can be summed up by their commitment to evolving and innovating in the digital marketing space, always striving to provide today what everyone will need tomorrow, while retaining proven business practices that work.



What Makes Them Stand Out: WD23 stands out as a fully in-house digital agency focusing on branding, marketing, web design, and ecommerce development, catering to a broad range of clients from start-ups to large companies. The agency is committed to providing a transparent and educational experience from scoping to deployment, emphasizing the importance of a tailored digital presence that spotlights the business in the digital world.

Foundational Values: Transparency and education in client partnerships, coupled with a commitment to tailored digital strategies that ensure success across branding, marketing, and ecommerce developments.

Signature Services: WD23 offers a comprehensive range of services including marketing advice, lead generation, market research, marketing automation, email marketing, SEO (including international, link building, local, mobile, consulting, Shopify SEO, technical, WordPress SEO), web development, digital design, logo design, UX design, web design, website maintenance, and WordPress design.

Industries They Serve: Ecommerce, Fashion Retail, Government, Health & Wellness, and Restaurants.

Notable Clients: The agency has worked with notable clients such as Bronx and Banco, Milagro Tequila, and City Sweets & Confections, showcasing their ability to grow businesses through SEO and digital marketing.

Success Story: The agency's partnership with clients like Bronx and Banco, Milagro Tequila, and City Sweets & Confections hint at their capacity to significantly boost their clients' business performance through digital marketing and SEO strategies.

Digital Drew SEM

Digital Drew SEM

What Makes Them Stand Out: Digital Drew SEM specializes in leveraging cutting-edge tools and analytics to deliver data-driven results. They focus on measurable outcomes, enhancing ROI and business growth with a commitment to personalized support for every client​​.

Foundational Values: Digital Drew represents the belief that digital media should be accessible and usable by businesses of all sizes, challenging the misconception that digital platforms are complex.

Vision and Mission: The agency's main goal is to help clients access new customer bases and forge strong connections with their current and past clientele through Google Ads and social media advertising.

Signature Services: Digital Drew SEM offers a range of services including Google Ads, website development, Facebook and Instagram advertising, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Team Leadership: Drew Blumenthal, a seasoned digital marketing professional with extensive background working with various agencies and Fortune 500 companies, leads Digital Drew SEM aiming to extend his exceptional services globally​​.

Featured in: Digital Drew SEM has been featured in multiple prestigious publications, showcasing their industry excellence.

Success Story: They have shown significant improvements for various clients, such as improving overall revenue by 88.24% and increasing conversions by 24.87% for one client, showcasing their ability to drive success through tailored strategies​​​​.

Inspiring Quote: Digital Drew's clients commend their ability to revive online business and presence, and recognize Drew's expertise in pay-per-click and Google Ad campaigns, emphasizing his accessibility, creativity, and innovative approaches to digital marketing​​.

Power Digital Marketing

Power Digital Marketing

What Makes Them Stand Out: Power Digital Marketing excels as a tech-enabled growth firm, focusing on marketing, consulting, and data intelligence. They're notable for their ability to drive significant client growth, achieving an average of 2.4x faster growth than the industry average. Their approach integrates technology and expertise across a broad spectrum of digital marketing services.

Foundational Values: The agency is built on the foundation of driving results through innovative digital marketing solutions, investing in the best technology and expertise. They're known for their commitment to unlocking growth for leading and emerging companies worldwide.

Vision and Mission: Power Digital aims to ignite revenue and brand recognition, serving as a bridge at the intersection of marketing, consulting, and data intelligence for companies around the globe.

Signature Services: Their services include Social Media, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Branded Search (PPC), Email Marketing, Partnerships, Social Ads (Retargeting), and more. They also offer comprehensive web development and creative services, ensuring a full-funnel digital marketing strategy tailored to each client's unique needs​​.

Team Leadership: The leadership team at Power Digital, while not specified in the provided content, consists of top industry professionals. Each team member is handpicked for their expertise, ensuring that clients receive the best possible strategy and execution for their marketing channels.

Industries They Serve: Power Digital caters to a wide range of industries including B2B, B2C & eCommerce, Consumer Services, Fashion, and Retail Media. They also specialize in Private Equity, providing due diligence and other specialized services​​.

Featured in: Power Digital's comprehensive approach and significant client results suggest recognition across various platforms and publications.

Notable Clients: Clients include prominent names across different sectors, demonstrating Power Digital's ability to deliver outstanding results across a diverse client base.

Success Story: Their work has generated over $2 billion in revenue for clients, with an average YoY growth of 24%, and clients growing 2.6x faster than the market standard. Power Digital's data-driven strategies have led to significant revenue growth and client success​.

Inspiring Quote: Clients praise Power Digital for being like a partner and mentor, supporting them to achieve incredible results. The agency's focus on ROI and driving revenue growth through tailored strategies has been highly commended by clients like Victrola and Jenny Craig.

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Creative and Branding Agencies

Elevate your brand with agencies that specialize in creating compelling narratives and visually stunning designs. These teams are experts in crafting unique identities that resonate with your target audience.



What Makes Them Stand Out: MacroHype is distinct for its comprehensive digital media and marketing services, including SEO, social media management, website development, and PPC advertising, ensuring businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

Foundational Values: The agency values data-driven decision-making and a client-centric approach, focusing on tailored strategies that align with client goals.

Signature Services: SEO, social media management, website development, PPC advertising, SEO consulting, search engine marketing, web design.

Industries They Serve: Legal Services, Manufacturing, Real Estate.

Featured in: Meta Business Partner, HubSpot Certified Partner, Wix Icon Partner, Top Advertising and Marketing Agency on Clutch in New York 2022, Google Partner.

Notable Clients: Perimtec, Second Start Financial, Universal Relocations, Lubricity, MetaQil, AceTool.

Success Story: MacroHype's strategic digital marketing solutions have resulted in significant achievements such as 200% organic traffic growth, 150% more leads, a 75% surge in foot traffic, and a 150% revenue boost for clients.

Lachi Media - Performance Online Marketing Agency

Lachi Media - Performance Online Marketing Agency

What Makes Them Stand Out: Specializes in PPC, SEM, paid social advertising, and social media management. Known for optimizing the entire sale cycle for improved bottom-line results.

Foundational Values: Prioritizes growth and performance, focusing on increasing profitability for clients.

Signature Services: Includes PPC and SEM campaign management, social media management, and online marketing consultancy.

Industries They Serve: Home Services, Consumer Goods, Ecommerce.

Featured in: Awarded Fastest Growing Marketing Agency 2023, Top Performing Agency 2023, and more.

Notable Clients: Clients include ManuFuture, Gett, Puls, Yandex Practicum, Coinmama, D'Addario.

Success Story: Achieved 5X sales for a music industry client and doubled revenue while reducing ad costs for a home services company.

Oren Labs LLC

Oren Labs LLC

What Makes Them Stand Out: They create customized digital experiences that delight users and teams, focusing on unique performance mindsets for every project.

Foundational Values: Oren Labs values a strategy-first approach to deliver real results, ensuring projects not only attract new clients but sustain success.

Signature Services: Full-service web agency offerings including web design, web development, software development, and digital marketing.

Team Leadership: The team includes award-winning designers, web developers, copywriters, and software developers.

Industries They Serve: Oren Labs is dedicated to helping all industries increase their marketing and development efforts.

Notable Clients: They have thousands of clients worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and Germany, ranging from small startups to large franchises.

Human Digital

Human Digital

What Makes Them Stand Out: Specializes in creating marketing campaigns and digital experiences that generate leads, sales, and are loved by users, focusing on the human experience.

Foundational Values: Emphasizes a collaborative and human-centered approach in their work.

Signature Services: Social media marketing, SEO, digital strategy, marketing analytics, website design and development, UX/UI design, brand design.

Industries They Serve: B2B services, Manufacturing.

Featured in: Wins Top Social Marketing NZ 2023 Clutch award, Top Digital Marketing Company Australia 2023 Clutch award, Awwwards, Web Excellence Award.

Notable Clients: Deloitte, Lion, Unilever.

Success Story: Achieved a 200% ROI in digital marketing activities for a client, including securing a $1 million deal with a petrol company.

KathodeRay Media Inc.

KathodeRay Media Inc.

What Makes Them Stand Out: New York WBE certified, offering a wide range of services including strategic development, digital marketing, and media relations.

Signature Services: Market research, branding, graphic design, website development, digital marketing, social media management, photography, and video production.

Industries They Serve: Construction, Government, Travel & Tourism.

CJ Design & Consulting

CJ Design & Consulting

What Makes Them Stand Out: They specialize in SEO & social media for retail, e-commerce, and non-profits, particularly in education, veteran, and animal welfare sectors.

Foundational Values: Custom approach based on client values, goals, and budget.

Signature Services: SEO, social media marketing, web development.

Industries They Serve: Health & Wellness, Non-profits, Sports & Fitness.

Success Story: A client saw an incremental increase in rankings and saved 20 hours a week after an SEO Audit and ongoing work.

Linden Digital Marketing

Linden Digital Marketing

What Makes Them Stand Out: Linden Digital Marketing offers digital marketing services in customized, straightforward service packages. They emphasize the uniqueness of each business, akin to the individuality of trees, and aim to guide businesses through their stages of growth with flexibility and consistency tailored to unique growth goals​​.

Signature Services: Advertising (Display Ads, Native Advertising, PPC, Programmatic Advertising, Retargeting and Remarketing, Video Marketing), Branding (Brand Strategy, Online Reputation Management), Content Marketing (Content Strategy, Copywriting), Data Analytics (Data Science, Data Visualization), Marketing Advice (Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Market Research, Outbound Marketing), Marketing Automation (Email Marketing), Public Relations (Influencer Marketing), SEO (Link Building, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, Technical SEO), Social Media Marketing (Community Management, Content Creation, Social Media Monitoring), Web Development (UX Design, Web Design, Website Maintenance)​​.

Industries They Serve: B2B Services, Fintech, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas​​.

Kraus Marketing

Kraus Marketing

What Makes Them Stand Out: Kraus Marketing distinguishes itself with a strategic marketing approach that rejects one-size-fits-all solutions, focusing instead on customized strategies tailored to each client's brand, audience, and objectives. Their dedication to innovation, creativity, and results-driven marketing has earned them recognition from industry authorities such as Inc 5000 and NJBIZ Best Places to Work​​.

Signature Services: Kraus Marketing offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, including SEO, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, CTV advertising, and more. Their services are designed to meet the unique challenges of businesses across various industries, utilizing the latest industry trends and best practices​​​​.

Industries They Serve: Their clientele spans multiple industries, such as healthcare, finance, e-commerce, real estate, and more. Kraus Marketing has worked with both mid-sized and enterprise companies, providing tailored digital marketing strategies to help them achieve their full potential​​.

Featured in: Kraus Marketing's work has been recognized by several prestigious awards, including GD USA: American Inhouse Design Awards, Inc. 500 Award, American Graphic Design Awards Winner, NJ Ad Club 2023 Winners, and American Web Design Awards Winner​​.

Notable Clients: Kraus Marketing has worked with a diverse range of clients including Verizon, Horse Soldier Bourbon, Rutgers North Jersey Orthopaedic Institute, Citrin Cooperman, and Atlantic Health System​​. They have also worked with various other notable clients as highlighted in their extensive portfolio, such as Horse Soldier, Libi, and CyberSecOp​​.

Success Story: One notable success story involves their work with Crystal Plaza, where Kraus Marketing developed a TikTok strategy that significantly boosted the client's awareness, engagement, and conversions in just three months. Another success story showcases their work with Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey, helping to revitalize the brand and develop a sophisticated e-commerce platform that contributed to the brand's growth​​.

Cleverman Inc.

Cleverman Inc.

What Makes Them Stand Out: Cleverman Inc. specializes in driving sales-qualified leads and appointments for service and SaaS businesses through innovative lead generation strategies, marketing automation, and hyper-personalized multichannel ads.

Signature Services: Lead generation and marketing advice specifically tailored for small to mid-sized businesses in the B2B sector.

Success Story: They've significantly increased ROI for clients such as Bookkeeper360 and RCG Mortgage through comprehensive and innovative digital marketing systems.

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Niche and Industry-Specific Agencies

Whether you're in tech, healthcare, or e-commerce, these agencies offer tailored marketing strategies that speak directly to your industry's unique challenges and opportunities.

Amplify Industrial Marketing + Guidance

Amplify Industrial Marketing + Guidance

What Makes Them Stand Out: Amplify Industrial Marketing + Guidance distinguishes itself by focusing on B2B industrial sectors, providing comprehensive marketing and guidance with a promise of a minimum 5:1 ROI. Their approach is consultative, data-driven, and results-oriented, emphasizing transparency in all engagements​​.

Foundational Values: The agency is rooted in long-term partnerships and a depth of process that ensures amplification of the bottom line for their clients​​.

Vision and Mission: Amplify's mission is to drive growth for industrial companies and associations through effective lead generation and business development, leveraging 30 years of experience in web applications and integrated marketing​​.

Signature Services: Strategy & Buyer Persona Development, Growth-Driven Design, Web & Application Development, Content Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation & Email, Digital / Inbound Marketing, Business Development Consulting, Support, Maintenance & Consulting​​.

Team Leadership: Founded and led by Joe DeMicco since 1994, Amplify has evolved to become a leading B2B marketing firm, with some team members serving for over 20 years​​.

Industries They Serve: Manufacturers & Suppliers, Distributors, Industrial Integrators, Commercial Service Providers, Healthcare & Medical, Membership Associations​​​​.



What Makes Them Stand Out: TrafficDog excels in digital marketing with a focus on SEO, PPC management, content marketing, social media advertising, and conversion rate optimization. They began as an experiment in 2003, quickly achieving high rankings on Google, which underscored their capability in understanding and leveraging search engine ranking factors to enhance business visibility​​.

Foundational Values: This client-centered approach underscores their foundational values​​.

Signature Services: SEO, PPC Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Marketing & Strategy, Social Media Advertising, Analytics & Reporting​​.

Team Leadership: Clay Atkins is highlighted as the Managing Director of TrafficDog, reflecting leadership with a goal-oriented and effective working method​​.

Industries They Serve: TrafficDog specializes in Ecommerce, leveraging their expertise to boost the success of online stores through tailored digital marketing strategies​​.

Success Story: One of their case studies showcases an SEO strategy implementation for a luxury fashion store that led to a 170% surge in revenue from organic traffic. This included a comprehensive approach with technical SEO review, keyword research, competitor analysis, and content optimization, achieving significant increases in impressions, clicks, and a reduction in bounce rate​​.

What Makes Them Stand Out: distinguishes itself as a creative, technology, and e-commerce optimization agency specializing in delivering cutting-edge web development solutions tailored to the unique needs of brands in Brussels, Europe, and New York. Their approach combines creativity, technology, and business acumen to help brands thrive in the digital landscape​​​​​​.

Foundational Values: The agency prides itself on a passion-driven commitment to enhancing web development and design, ensuring businesses not only stand out but also achieve substantial growth in the digital world​​.

Vision and Mission: aims to leverage its expertise in creativity, technology, and business to make brands shine online, ensuring their digital success and propelling them into new heights of excellence​​.

Signature Services: Websites (Design to development, and platform migrations), eCommerce (Creative solutions for brand elevation), Applications (Custom build solutions and integrations), SEO & SEA (Maximizing ROI with online presence), Support (Conversion rate optimization, stress tests, and more), Web3 & AI (Consultation and development on next-gen technologies)​​.

Team Leadership: The agency is led by a team of A-players passionate about web development and design: Bob Weichler, Founder, SEO Specialist, Yannick Van Meerbeeck, President, Head of Tech, Edward Park, Partner, Head of Design, Victoire Leriche, Developer, Mathias Greenhalgh, Developer, Sven Vandendael, Treasurer​​.

Industries They Serve: specializes in B2B Services, Ecommerce, Fashion Retail, and Restaurants​​.

Featured in: Studio Binnekyk Website Award, Madonna Website Award​​.

Notable Clients: Their work portfolio showcases collaborations with extraordinary brands, including Nicole Lapin, Studio Binnekyk, Vlinvesta, EUBAC, VRG, haha. By AverageRob, Human Rights Centre, Madonna, Adaptive Green, Maillard, Mechelen Feest, Kroton, and Weichie itself​​.

Success Story: The agency's approach to SEO and web development, including tailored solutions for SaaS products and creative content strategies, suggests a proven track record of exceeding client expectations and driving significant improvements in their digital presence​​.

Web Cola Media

Web Cola Media

What Makes Them Stand Out: Web Cola Media differentiates itself with over two decades of experience in the digital marketing landscape, offering tailored digital marketing strategies. Their approach includes content creation, social media planning, website management, and a focus on organic growth for sustained success​​​​.

Foundational Values: They prioritize client goals, aiming to elevate brands and create pathways for exceeding business objectives, with a partnership-based approach that has led to an average client retention period of 14 years​​.

Vision and Mission: Web Cola Media’s mission revolves around revolutionizing marketing approaches to achieve extraordinary business growth, emphasizing bespoke digital marketing plans tailored to the unique needs of each business​​.

Signature Services: Web Cola Media provides a comprehensive suite of services including Website Design, eCommerce Design, Mobile Design, Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Local Marketing​​.

Industries They Serve: They cater to a diverse range of industries, with a focus on Automotive, B2B Services, Ecommerce, and Health & Wellness​​.

Success Story: Web Cola Media’s strategic solutions in digital marketing, particularly in SEO and social media marketing, are designed to significantly increase online visibility and drive business growth​​​​.

Kobe Digital

Kobe Digital

What Makes Them Stand Out: Kobe Digital distinguishes itself by connecting growth-focused brands with their target audiences through customized digital experiences and strategies. Their full-service approach, combined with a rigorous operational framework and bespoke teams, creates powerful force-multiplier effects for their partners​​.

Foundational Values: Their values guide their decision-making, shaping a culture aimed at continuous improvement, operational excellence, creative thinking, integrity, professional ethics, talent acquisition, and ongoing value creation​​.

Vision and Mission: Kobe Digital's mission focuses on leveraging their expertise in performance marketing, design, and video production to produce creative, impactful work. They aim to build enduring partnerships with clients by acting as integrated members of their teams and consistently delivering value​​.

Signature Services: Performance Marketing, Web Design & Development, Video Production​​.

Team Leadership: Key members include Sofia Alvarez as Senior Project Manager and Samir Mohandes as Head of Operations, among others, bringing together top technology and creative talent from diverse backgrounds​​.

Industries They Serve: Kobe Digital has worked with clients from early-stage startups to enterprise brands across various industries and sectors, continually expanding their knowledge base to develop innovative marketing solutions​​.

Featured in: Kobe Digital has been recognized by Clutch as one of the top 100 B2B service providers for sustained and fast growth, and has ranked on Inc. Magazine's list of California's Fastest-Growing Private Companies​​.

Notable Clients: Their portfolio showcases work for high-profile clients like Leica Camera AG, HJC Helmets, TeleSign Corp., Phillips Graduate Institute, and SurveyMonkey, highlighting their ability to cater to diverse needs across industries​​​​.

Success Story: One success story is their work for Leica Camera AG, where Kobe Media helped the century-old institution to diversify its distribution strategy and reimagine its direct-to-consumer ad campaigns in response to a quickly-changing retail landscape​​.

Bloomview Marketing

Bloomview Marketing

What Makes Them Stand Out: Bloomview Marketing distinguishes itself with a focus on personalized, results-driven digital marketing strategies. They specialize in Social Media Marketing, SEO Marketing, and Web Design, aiming to enhance online presence, increase profits, and meet business goals for clients across various niches​​​​.

Foundational Values: The agency's core values include a commitment to collaboration, innovation, excellence, and integrity, guiding them to provide outstanding digital marketing services​​.

Vision and Mission: Their mission is to unlock the potential of online marketing for business growth, emphasizing personalized strategies to meet clients' specific needs and achieve web advertising goals​​​​.

Signature Services: Bloomview offers comprehensive services in Advertising & Social Media Marketing, SEO and PPC Marketing, and Web Design. They excel in creating targeted ads, developing engaging content, and designing traffic-driving websites​​.

Industries They Serve: They cater to a wide range of industries, including B2B Services, Home Services, and Real Estate​​.

Notable Clients: One notable client testimonial comes from Peter Diluaro of Jurassic Petes, who praised Bloomview for their comprehensive service and the generation of valid leads​​.

Success Story: The agency's client testimonial indicates their effective online marketing strategies have significantly benefited their clients​​.

Black Kite Marketing

Black Kite Marketing

What Makes Them Stand Out: Black Kite Marketing specializes in providing Local SEO, Website Design, and Social Media Marketing services specifically tailored for small businesses in Long Island, NY. They focus on giving these businesses the competitive edge necessary to thrive in the digital landscape by offering customized digital marketing solutions that are not just tech-savvy, but also deeply understanding of the unique challenges faced by local small businesses​​.

Foundational Values: The agency is built on a foundation of understanding and relating to the concerns of local small businesses, aiming to provide services that are directly in line with what these businesses need to establish a significant online presence and remain competitive​​​​.

Vision and Mission: Black Kite Marketing's mission is to enhance the digital presence of Local Small Businesses (LSBs) in Long Island, NY, through their proprietary processes. They emphasize the importance of creating an online social presence in addition to having quality products or services, highlighting the reduced chance of success without embracing online marketing strategies​​.

Signature Services: Their services encompass Basic Website Setup, Web Design, E-commerce Solutions, and Content Creation. They ensure websites are well-designed, functional, and optimized across all devices, and help businesses set up online stores with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce​​.

Industries They Serve: They serve a variety of industries, including Construction, Real Estate, Restaurants, and Sports & Fitness, providing a broad range of digital marketing services tailored to each sector's unique needs​​.

Notable Clients: Their clients include Day Elevator & Lift, Alpha Tech Lending, Gentle Dental Family Care, Dental Made Easy, Bio Recovery, and SQ4D, showcasing their success in aiding businesses to grow through SEO and digital marketing strategies​​.

Success Story: The success stories of their clients, such as Day Elevator & Lift and Gentle Dental Family Care, reflect the agency's ability to significantly improve businesses' online presence and marketing outcomes through tailored SEO and digital marketing services​​.



What Makes Them Stand Out: THE AGENCY by SANDOW is a digital agency that stands out for its dedication to brands within the architecture and design (A+D) industry. They specialize in leveraging creative and strategic resources to craft compelling messages, delivered through optimal channels for impactful results with targeted design audiences​​​​.

Foundational Values: Their commitment to creating high-quality digital marketing strategies and content for the A+D industry underscores a focus on innovation, expertise, and client success​​​​.

Vision and Mission: Their vision and mission revolve around driving significant results for brands in the A+D industry through expert digital marketing strategies, highlighting the importance of a strong digital presence and creative storytelling in achieving business objectives​​​​.

Signature Services: Signature services include Digital Media Planning, Digital Marketing Strategy, Video and Graphic Design Services, Performance Marketing Strategy, CRM Implementation and Optimization, Video and Podcast Production, and Web3 Consultation and Strategy. They are known for their deep industry knowledge and capability to handle everything from strategy and content creation to execution across digital platforms​​​​​​.

Team Leadership: Leadership includes Erica Holborn, Chief Executive Officer of SANDOW Design Group, and Bobby Bonett, Managing Director of THE AGENCY by SANDOW. Their expertise spans implementing strategic initiatives, managing key business functions, digital marketing, and content-driven marketing opportunities​​.

Industries They Serve: Primarily focused on the Architecture and Design industry, providing tailored digital marketing solutions that align with the unique needs and challenges of this sector​​.

Notable Clients: Agency's services have been leveraged by hundreds of partners worldwide, indicating a broad and impactful reach within the A+D community​​​​.

Success Story: Success stories include testimonials from Kristen Ohnmacht, Director of Marketing & Advertising at Bilotta Kitchen & Home, and Sarah von Dreele, a designer, both praising the agency for its outstanding partnership, creative delivery, and the team's attentiveness to clients' needs and success​​.

Inspiring Quote: The agency's ethos is encapsulated in their approach to turning client visions into realities through dedicated teamwork, innovative strategies, and a deep understanding of the A+D industry​​​​​​.

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Innovative Content and Social Media Marketers

Engage your audience with captivating content and a dynamic social media presence. These agencies excel in storytelling and building strong online communities around your brand.

BlueHat Marketing

BlueHat Marketing

What Makes Them Stand Out: BlueHat Marketing is distinguished by its Premier Google Partner status and its recognition as Canada’s Award-Winning Search Engine Marketing Agency, showcasing its proficiency and high standing in the field of digital marketing. They specialize in leveraging a targeted paid search marketing approach to achieve immediate results, bolstering brand visibility, identifying new leads, boosting site traffic, and increasing conversions​​.

Foundational Values: Founded in 2005 by CEO Fadi Azba, BlueHat Marketing was created with the vision that businesses of all sizes and across various sectors deserve a prominent web presence. Starting with just three employees, BlueHat has remained committed to this vision while evolving to incorporate the latest technological developments​​.

Vision and Mission: The agency’s mission revolves around assisting companies to achieve growth by harnessing the power of search to propel them to new heights. Their pioneering role in SEO and digital marketing reflects a steadfast commitment to delivering tangible results for clients through innovative strategies and a multidisciplinary approach​​.

Signature Services: BlueHat Marketing offers a comprehensive range of services including Technical SEO, Mobile Optimization, On-Page and Content Development, Core Web Vitals optimization, Image Optimization, and a diverse array of industries served, such as Construction, Dental, eCommerce, and many more​​.

Team Leadership: Under the leadership of founder and CEO Fadi Azba, BlueHat Marketing has grown from a small team to a leader in SEO and digital marketing, continuously expanding its range of services to meet the evolving needs of its clients​​.

Industries They Serve: BlueHat Marketing serves a wide range of industries, including but not limited to Construction, Dental, eCommerce, Education, Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and IT, demonstrating their versatile capability to adapt strategies for diverse business needs​​.

Featured in: BlueHat Marketing has been recognized with multiple awards, underscoring their excellence and leadership in the digital marketing domain. These accolades include the Best Digital Marketing Company in Quebec Award 2022 and the Top SEO Company Quebec 2024, among others​​.

Notable Clients: BlueHat Marketing’s impact is evident in their successful partnerships across various industries, helping companies significantly enhance their digital presence and achieve substantial growth​​.

Success Story: One of their success stories includes a USA-based eCommerce client that experienced a 320% increase in revenue after a comprehensive SEO strategy by BlueHat Marketing. This exemplifies the agency's ability to drive remarkable business growth through expertly crafted digital marketing solutions​​.

Inspiring Quote: An inspiring aspect of BlueHat Marketing is their relentless pursuit of excellence, which has been a cornerstone of their approach since their inception. This dedication is reflected in their commitment to delivering results for clients and enabling their team to find and leverage growth opportunities through innovative strategies​​.

Swarm Digital Marketing

Swarm Digital Marketing

What Makes Them Stand Out: Swarm Digital Marketing differentiates itself through a robust variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services across diverse platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Storyblok. Their unique approach integrates SEO deeply with web development and design, ensuring not just visibility but functional elegance in the digital space. The agency is noted for providing SEO that works and SEO-first web design, highlighting a dual focus on performance and aesthetics​​.

Foundational Values: Swarm Digital Marketing is driven by a passion for shaping the online digital industry with honest digital solutions that deliver tangible results for businesses. Their process emphasizes partnership, trust, transparency, and honesty with clients, aiming to become a partner in the digital journey rather than just a service provider​​.

Vision and Mission: The vision and mission center on leveraging current technologies with a forward-thinking approach to ensure longevity and effectiveness of digital solutions. They are committed to identifying client needs, goals, and opportunities, and implementing strategies that yield measurable improvements​​.

Signature Services: Swarm Digital offers a comprehensive suite of services including SEO (Local, International, and Technical), Web Development (Web Design, UX Design, Website Maintenance), Branding (Online Reputation Management, Brand Strategy), Data Analytics (Data Science, Data Visualization, Machine Learning and AI), and Content Marketing (Content Strategy, Copywriting, Storytelling, Content Syndication, Video Production)​​.

Team Leadership: Swarm Digital Marketing's approach is informed by over two decades of combined experience in SEO, underpinning their expertise and leadership in the field​​.

Industries They Serve: They cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including B2B Services, Fintech, Healthcare & Hospital, Ecommerce, and Legal Services, demonstrating their ability to adapt and deliver across various market segments​​.

Success Story: One notable success story includes achieving a 278% increase in qualified leads per month for a client through website user experience optimization and a content-marketing integrated monthly SEO campaign. Another success story involved a 152% increase in qualified organic traffic for a medical practice in California, significantly raising the profile of their practice​​.

Inspiring Quote: Swarm Digital Marketing's belief in the power of partnership and their forward-thinking approach to digital solutions encapsulate their philosophy. They aim to build relationships based on trust, transparency, and honesty, positioning themselves as a committed partner in their clients' digital journeys​​.



What Makes Them Stand Out: AuroIN, LLC specializes in AI-driven SEO, offering services like PPC advertising, social media marketing, and CRO. They emphasize a results-focused approach to digital marketing​​.

Signature Services: Their expertise includes SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization (CRO)​​.

Industries They Serve: Their services are tailored to small and mid-sized businesses across various sectors​​.

Taktical Digital

Taktical Digital

What Makes Them Stand Out: Taktical Digital stands out as the world's first "Brandformance" marketing agency, blending creative brand marketing with high-octane performance marketing. They specialize in holistic campaigns that drive both revenue and brand growth, leveraging deep dives into brand values to influence customer purchases and build media strategies​​.

Vision and Mission: Their vision and mission encapsulate the belief that the traditional marketing funnel has collapsed, with brand and performance becoming indistinguishable. They aim to operate at this intersection, driving tangible growth while elevating the brand​​.

Signature Services: Taktical Digital's services encompass Paid Social, Paid Search, SEO, Landing Page Optimization, Content Marketing, Amazon Marketing, and Ecommerce Advertising. They are skilled in executing data-centric campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, Google Ads, and Amazon​​.

Industries They Serve: They cater to a wide range of industries including B2B Services, Ecommerce, Home Services, Media & Entertainment, and Sports & Fitness​​.



What Makes Them Stand Out: Mower stands out as one of America's largest privately held full-service advertising and marketing agencies. They are renowned for their "Brand as Friend" approach, integrating strategic planning, SEM, PR, video, social, digital marketing, and fully integrated campaigns. Their intense independence allows for limitless flexibility in assembling the right team for any challenge​​.

Foundational Values: Mower's unique approach to marketing and advertising is encapsulated in their foundational values of intense independence and collaborative thinking, allowing them to adapt and innovate in alignment with their client's needs​​.

Vision and Mission: Mower's vision and mission are to create deep emotional connections between people and brands, turning brands into friends. This approach highlights the agency's commitment to not just meeting business objectives but fostering meaningful relationships between their clients and their audiences​​.

Signature Services: Mower offers a comprehensive range of services including Advertising (Display Ads, PPC, Programmatic Advertising, Retargeting and Remarketing, Video Marketing), Amazon Marketing (Amazon SEO), Branding (Brand Strategy, Online Reputation Management), Content Marketing (Content Strategy, Content Syndication, Copywriting, Storytelling, Video Production), Data Analytics (Data Science, Data Visualization, Machine Learning and AI), Marketing Advice (Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Market Research, Outbound Marketing), Marketing Automation (Email Marketing), Public Relations (Corporate Communications, Influencer Marketing), SEO (International SEO, Link Building, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, Technical SEO), and Social Media Marketing (Community Management, Content Creation, Social Media Monitoring)​​.

Industries They Serve: Mower services a diverse range of industries including Fintech, Healthcare & Hospital, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Travel & Tourism, demonstrating their versatility and ability to adapt strategies across various sectors​​.

Green Line Digital LLC

Green Line Digital LLC

What Makes Them Stand Out: Green Line Digital LLC distinguishes itself as a premier data and advertising agency, blending the latest automation with a human touch. Specializing in a technical foundation of marketing, they focus on improving performance and efficiency across marketing channels, staying at the forefront of digital trends​​​​.

Foundational Values: Born from a vision to be more than a typical agency, Green Line Digital was founded to be an advocate for its clients, emphasizing success and relationships over mere media placement. They aim to transform perceived marketing challenges into strengths, with a commitment to navigating the complexities of the digital landscape​​.

Vision and Mission: Their mission is to foster phenomenal relationships with clients, prioritizing frequent communication and collaborative goal setting. They aim to help clients who understand the marketing landscape but lack the resources to execute their vision, positioning themselves as a guiding partner rather than a dictating agency​​.

Signature Services: Green Line Digital offers comprehensive services across Paid Media, SEO, and Data + Analytics Solutions. They provide expert management, buying, optimization, technical optimizations, content plans, precise targeting, performance optimization, and ROI measurement to ensure long-term success and continuous improvement​​.

Team Leadership: The senior team includes Founder/Managing Partner Steve Jurken, Co-Founder/Managing Partner Brent Rogers, Account Director Nicole Leonhart, Senior Account Manager/Sales Executive Tyler Troha, VP/Organic Search Elayna Paap, VP/Paid Search & Analytics Landon Perry, Media Director Bill Neiswender, VP/Paid Social Director Philip Johnson, Paid Social Director Shannon Regan, and Group Account Director/Paid Search Cristina Priamo​​.

Industries They Serve: Their expertise extends across Automotive, Fashion Retail, Fintech, Health & Wellness, and Media & Entertainment​​.

Success Story: A highlighted success story includes helping a plant-based haircare line increase their revenue by 143% year-over-year through a multichannel paid approach. This strategy effectively exposed the brand to qualified audiences, leading them from consideration to purchase​​.

Inspiring Quote: Green Line Digital believes in building relationships that span years, not months, aiming to transform challenger brands into market leaders. Their approach is deeply rooted in the belief that their clients' successes are their successes, fostering long-term partnerships built on trust and mutual benefit​​.

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Ievgen Krasovytskyi

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Performance and Growth Marketing Experts

Drive growth and optimize your marketing ROI with agencies focused on performance-driven strategies. They leverage data analytics and cutting-edge technology to maximize your marketing efforts.



What Makes Them Stand Out: Uniqcli prides itself on turning visions into reality, leveraging a diverse team of Engineers, Researchers, and Sales experts. They combine advanced tools and strategies to keep their clients at the forefront of the digital landscape, focusing on sustainable solutions in technology and psychology​​.

Vision and Mission: Their primary goal is to build a sustainable future where businesses not only survive but thrive, showcasing a commitment to long-term success over short-term gains​​.

Signature Services: Uniqcli offers a wide range of services including Advertising, PPC, Programmatic Advertising, Retargeting and Remarketing, Brand Strategy, Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Visualization, Machine Learning and AI, Marketing Advice, Lead Generation, Market Research, Outbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, SEO (including Local SEO, SEO Consulting, Technical SEO, WordPress SEO), Web Development, Web Design, Website Maintenance, and WordPress Design​​.

Industries They Serve: Their expertise spans across Consumer Goods, Food & Beverages, Insurance, Real Estate, and Restaurants​​.

Notable Clients: Uniqcli has served over 400 clients, including Fortune 500 companies such as Peloton, Handshake, Soothe, Boose, Mojang, HPR, CRIX​​.

Success Story: One notable success story includes achieving over 200% more inbound leads within 3 months for a client aiming to launch with programmatic SEO across over 900 landing pages. The strategy involved keyword research, competitor analysis, PR, paid traffic, and solid content planning & publishing, resulting in a 200%+ increase in inbound leads and 30X more traffic​​.



What Makes Them Stand Out: Their focus on strong performance marketing foundations, with a team of over 200 professionals leveraging digital opportunities for sustainable growth. They push marketing campaign strategies and innovate in the digital space.

Signature Services: Integrated media strategies (including traditional and digital channels like TV and social media), personalized content creation, full-funnel attribution, and LTV driven audience segmentation.

Industries They Serve: B2B Services, Consumer Goods, Ecommerce, Fashion Retail, Food & Beverages.

Notable Clients: Foot Locker, The North Face, Timberland, Hugo Boss, Grown Brilliance, Orveon, Casper.



What Makes Them Stand Out: Directive has evolved from a technology firm to a leading web/marketing organization, with a focus on IT services, web design, and marketing for IT companies and their clients. They emphasize quality, attention to detail, and proactive tasks for automation and optimal results.

Signature Services: Services include PPC, content marketing and strategy, copywriting, storytelling, inbound and outbound marketing, marketing automation, email marketing, SEO (including local, mobile, and WordPress SEO), social media marketing, web development, graphic and web design, and website maintenance.

Industries They Serve: B2B Services, IT, Non-profits.

Koya Digital

Koya Digital

What Makes Them Stand Out: Koya Digital champions brands reshaping the future of food through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge marketing, and a passion for innovation. They're known for a fresh perspective and innovative approach to digital marketing, specializing in SEO, social media management, e-commerce optimization, and pay-per-click ads.

Vision and Mission: Their mission is to empower brands that are redefining the culinary landscape, aiming to shape a better, more sustainable future of food.

Signature Services: SEO, social media marketing (including community management and content creation), web development (including web design and website maintenance).

Industries They Serve: Ecommerce, Food & Beverages, Logistics.

Featured in: They have won the DesignRush Top Digital Marketing Agencies in New York City award.

MetaVari Media

MetaVari Media

What Makes Them Stand Out: Their expertise in adapting to changes in the advertising and media landscape, and their focus on winning today while preparing for tomorrow.

Foundational Values: Adaptability and leading the way for clients.

Signature Services: Media strategy, channel planning, programmatic trading, paid social, paid search, TV advertising, e-commerce, and digital platform auditing.

Industries They Serve: Consumer Goods, Food & Beverages, Health & Fitness, Sports & Fitness, Travel & Tourism.

Notable Clients: Enterra Medical, Nuricia, remedē System, Seattle's Union Gospel Mission, Pulmonx.

Success Story: Improved Facebook leads by 87% for a medical device company.

Principal Consulting, LLC

Principal Consulting, LLC

What Makes Them Stand Out: Principal Consulting, LLC distinguishes itself through insightful, technical digital marketing. They take a rock-solid engineering approach to SEO, beginning with comprehensive site audits, planning, and delivering tangible results. Their expertise extends to structured data management, enhancing website visibility across various platforms including voice search and digital assistants. Additionally, they are adept at creating fast, optimized, and visually appealing WordPress websites, coupled with effective analytics strategy and reporting to ensure digital assets are performing optimally.

Signature Services: Principal Consulting, LLC offers a range of digital marketing services including: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Structured Data Management, Website Design / Build / Manage, Analytics Strategy, and Reporting.

Industries They Serve: Their services cater to various industries including B2B Services, Consumer Goods, Dental, Ecommerce, and Insurance.

RJ Media

RJ Media

What Makes Them Stand Out: RJ Media positions itself as an in-house digital agency focused on transforming businesses through a rich digital presence. Their unique proposition lies in storytelling, leveraging video marketing, social media advertising, and engineering to craft compelling narratives for brands.

Signature Services: RJ Media offers comprehensive services including Advertising (Display Ads, PPC, Retargeting/Remarketing, Video Marketing), Branding (Brand Strategy, Online Reputation Management), Content Marketing (Content Strategy, Syndication, Copywriting, Storytelling, Video Production), Data Analytics (Data Science, Visualization, Machine Learning and AI), Marketing Advice (Inbound/Outbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Market Research), Marketing Automation (Email Marketing), Public Relations (Corporate Communications), SEO (International, Link Building, Local, Mobile, Technical), Social Media Marketing (Community Management, Content Creation, Monitoring), and Web Development (UX Design, Web Design, Website Maintenance).

Industries They Serve: RJ Media specializes in B2B Services, Ecommerce, Fashion Retail, Legal Services, and Restaurants industries.

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Why Your Data Excels with OWOX

Navigating through New York City's vast landscape of marketing agencies can be daunting. Finding the perfect fit might take time, but it's crucial to ensure that your marketing data, a key asset of your business, is always well-managed.

With OWOX, your data's security and integrity are paramount. We provide a unified dashboard for all your marketing data, regardless of the number of agencies you work with. Our cutting-edge BI analytics ensure top-notch data quality, empowering you to make informed decisions for business growth. Trust OWOX to transform your data from chaos to clarity, ensuring it remains an asset that drives your success.


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  • What services do top marketing agencies in New York offer?

    Top marketing agencies in New York typically offer a wide range of services tailored to the dynamic needs of businesses in various industries.
  • How do I choose the right marketing agency in New York for my business?

    Choosing the right agency involves evaluating your business goals, budget, and specific marketing needs.
  • What are the costs associated with hiring a marketing agency in New York?

    The costs can vary widely depending on the scope of your project, the services you require, and the agency's expertise.

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Navigating Data-Driven Marketing From Insights to Impact

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Navigating Data-Driven Marketing From Insights to Impact