Google Introduces New Brands for Marketing and Analytics Tools

The digital world has experienced great changes within the last 20 years, making so many revolutionary inventions and products usual and common. For example, none of us would be surprised seeing a man wearing a VR set and talking to his virtual friends in a coop game. The changes drove quick advancement in the world of digital marketing, leading to numerous services, tools and formats appearing. Marketing and analytical experts got more experienced and hipper, while users become forward-minded as well, worried about their privacy and personal data, especially with GDPR coming into effect.

All of the aforementioned made Google consider current realities and needs of marketers for simple yet advanced tools that respect user privacy. That’s why the search giant announced new brands for the ad products: Google AdWords is transforming into Google Ads, Google Analytics Suite 360 and DoubleClick products are now becoming a single Google Marketing Platform, while DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange get united into Google Ad Manager. These fresh brands should make choosing products way easier for marketers and analysts. Let’s get a deeper insight into why all the aforementioned changes were necessary.

Why becoming Google Ads instead of AdWords

As Google states, the new brand name is a better fit for the ad opportunities that company currently offers in Google Search, YouTube, Maps, and Play. Moreover, there’s a special campaign type added for small companies, aiming to simplify working with the ad platform. The main idea is to help small-sized companies obtain online ad results they need, using machine learning. This should help them concentrate on business processes and goals instead of learning how to run online campaigns. Extra information about the new campaign type can be found in this post.

What is Google Marketing Platform

DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360 Suite get united to better understand customer needs while paying heed to user privacy and making customer satisfaction a top priority. What this means to marketers and analysts: planning, buying, evaluating and optimizing digital media campaigns are becoming way more convenient, as you’re getting an ultimate tool to combine all that in a single system. Oh, and Google introduces Display & Video 360 as part of the new platform, combining the capabilities of DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio, and Audience Center, all within one interface. Find more details about the platform and its fresh features here.

DoubleClick + Google Analytics 360 Suite → Google Marketing Platform

More about Google Ad Manager

The process of bringing together DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange has lasted for three years. This allowed Google to introduce a programmatic ad platform for high-quality content in mobile apps or multi-platform videos, and other content types. The new tool is called to consider modern ways of content monetization, protect your brand from bad quality ads, and optimize your revenue across all buyers. You can find more info about the new tool in the Google Ad Manager blog.

DoubleClick for Publishers + DoubleClick Ad Exchange → Google Ad Manager

Updated settings to ensure transparency and user trust

Google is constantly working on its products and platforms to prove that the company is up to high standards of clarity and fairness. This is the reason why the search giant added new settings for ads in all of the Google services, promising to include it in Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager in a month’s time.

We’re really excited about the whole lot of changes and are going to continue informing you of them, in our following blogposts. For now, you can learn more from the live stream by Google on July 10th at 11 AM CST.

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