Webinar 25 April 2017

Teamwork: A Fresh Approach to Attribution Modeling

  • Andrej Sukhovoj

    Andrej Sukhovoj

    Head of Analytics, OWOX BI

Your company’s revenue is influenced by a whole lot of factors: brand awareness, new and return visitors, prices, website performance, etc... Standard attribution models often ignore this fact. As a result, your advertising efforts are under or overvalued, and decisions based on inaccurate data don’t bring you the expected profits.​

Andrey Sukhovoy, Head of the Analytics Department at OWOX, will tell you how to ensure that your advertising campaigns are evaluated correctly, and how to achieve ROI increases through the teamwork of analysts, marketing experts and CMOs.​

Join us and learn:

  • How to piece together all the data you need to create an attribution model;
  • How to find the value of your advertising campaigns, and how to put that knowledge into practice;
  • How to prove that the calculations are correct;
  • How OWOX BI clients use non-standard attribution models.

The webinar will be useful for:

​Analysts, marketing specialists, marketing directors, business owners, and anyone else who’s looking to improve the return on their marketing investments.