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Increase CTR and Conversion Rate With Full Data About Emails From SparkPost in Google BigQuery

Engage more users and increase sales with timely, comprehensive information about how users interact with both your website and the emails you send.

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Get data from SparkPost in Google BigQuery

Transactional emails, also called «triggered emails», help you retain loyal customers and improve the conversion rate. Yet, do you take into consideration all of the data and actions of the users to whom you’re sending your emails? What if we tell you that you can deliver emails to users who opened your previous emails but did not click through any links? Or to users who have certain items in their wishlist?

With SparkPost, you collect all the data about emails and user interactions with said emails. With Google Analytics, you analyze data about user actions on your website. Use OWOX BI Pipeline to piece it all together in Google BigQuery. You’ll be able to see the data in real time, and reveal patterns in user behaviour. Then be able to use them to set up new, even more effective transactional emails. Your customers will be more likely to read your emails, and you’ll get more sales.

With OWOX BI Pipeline you can:

  • Get raw, unsampled, real-time data, to give customers what they really need and want just-in-time.
  • Combine the data from SparkPost, the data about user behavior on your website, and the information from other sources in a single system.
  • Use the combined data to set up new transactional emails.
  • Save your time and resources by processing the data in a single system.

Simple Setup

Link your SparkPost account with your account in Google Analytics using OWOX BI Pipeline, and we’ll transfer the data automatically in real time.
  • Sign in to your OWOX BI account

    Sign in to your OWOX BI account. If you don’t have a project yet, please create one.

  • Select SparkPost as the data source

    Click on the «New Pipeline» button and select SparkPost as the data source.

  • Allow access to SparkPost

    Enter SparkPost API key and specify the name of the key.

  • Allow access to Google BigQuery

    Specify the project and the data set you’re going to use for data collection.

  • All done! The pipeline is set up.

    The data will be available in Google BigQuery in real time.


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