Summary 2017

No more champagne, and the fireworks are extinguished. The time has come to take a breather, pop a couple aspirins, and analyze what we achieved in the past year and make plans for the future. Actually, that’s what we at OWOX BI have already knocked together. Here are the results from 2017 and our plans for 2018 we’re excited to share with you.

Helping you make better decisions is our most important goal before all. With this goal in mind, in 2017 we boosted OWOX BI with many features we know you’ll find useful.

Bi Pipeline

1. New sessionization algorithm

OWOX BI now provides an opportunity to get unsampled, raw session data without having to depend on the Google Analytics sessionization algorithm. Sessions can be computed based on the hit data in Google BigQuery. With this update, owners of projects with more than 200,000 sessions per day can avoid sampling and see up to 40% more data in their reports.

2. Calculating costs at the session level for Google Analytics 360 clients

OWOX BI Pipeline distributes advertising costs over user sessions based on the available UTM values, enabling you to see the cost of each particular session. By the way, this feature is available to users of free Google Analytics accounts as well.

3. 9 new integrations

Now you can use OWOX BI Pipeline to connect data from even more services. In the course of a year, we launched integrations enabling you to automatically import cost, click and impression data into Google Analytics from Yahoo Gemini, Outbrain, Twitter, Sklik, AdRoll, and Criteo. We also introduced data imports to Google BigQuery from Facebook, Yandex.Direct, and SendGrid.

Bi Attribution

1. Integration with Google AdWords

By using the results from OWOX BI Attribution in your bidding strategy, you’ll be able to achieve a better performance of Google AdWords as a whole, not just individual campaigns.

2. Better attribution logic

The updated OWOX BI Attribution gives credit to advertising sources considering their contribution of the sources to repeated customer interactions, as well as considering non-linear customer journeys within purchase funnels.

3. Evaluating performance of DoubleClick display advertising

OWOX BI Attribution now supports view-through ad impressions in customer conversion paths. Now you can see how ad views contribute to the purchase journey of your customers even when they don’t click on your DoubleClick ad.

Bi Smart Data

1. New reports

You can get even more out of the data. For example, you can quickly see how the metric changed over time, learn how the value and the CPA were distributed in the reports for non-transactional models, or segment the results from your attribution model by different dimensions.

2. Improved search functionality

With the latest updates in OWOX BI Smart Data, you don’t have to type in full questions to see the reports you need. Simply enter the dimensions and metrics for the report. In addition, OWOX BI Smart Data highlights every parameter in the question, and you can easily modify your questions by clicking on the parameter you want to replace.

3. Over 70 new dimensions and metrics

This means that you can use almost any combination of dimensions and metrics to answer the questions to your Google Analytics data.


1. Free Trial

You can experience all the features available in OWOX BI for free via our Trial.

2. Improved protection from data losses

We continue collecting hit data for 24 hours after an OWOX BI project gets blocked for any reason. Thanks to this, the reason for the project being blocked can be eliminated without our clients losing any data.

3. Reduced the response time for the access point

This means that now your data appears in Google BigQuery even faster, which is especially important for transactional email campaigns and real-time reporting.

4. Better user experience

Over 2017, we’d been talking to our clients about their experience with OWOX BI. As a result, we understood what we can and should improve, and we’re already working in this direction. For example, we’ve already simplified the setup process in OWOX BI Pipeline. If you have any ideas about what should be improved, let us know in the comments — we’ll be more than happy to hear from you!

Customer success

1. 10 inspiring success stories from OWOX BI clients

Click here to discover how OWOX BI tools helped companies all around the world achieve their business goals.

2. Faster customer support service

We took the median time of the first chat response down to 13 minutes, and the median time delay of the subsequent messages is now up to 4 minutes. In 2018, our team will do everything we can to respond and solve whatever issues you may have issues even faster.

3. 94% of the clients rated chat communication as Excellent

72% of all our clients said they’d recommend OWOX BI products and services to their partners and friends.


1. In 2017, we opened a new office in Indonesia

We’ve become closer to our clients in Asia :)

2. The number of OWOX BI clients quadrupled

During 2017, we were actively pursuing new business niches. Now OWOX BI products are used by banks, SaaS businesses, content projects, and online trading platforms.

3. We gave 999 demo presentations

In 2018, we’re going to give twice as many more.

4. We achieved 76% growth in monthly revenue


1. 16 webinars

Visit this page to attend our upcoming webinar or receive recordings of the webinars we’ve held before.

2. 25 blog posts

With all the new content, our blog received 200% more visitors than in 2016.

3. 63 conferences

OWOX BI experts gave talks at conferences in Indonesia, Ukraine, Czechia, Hungary, Germany, Great Britain and the USA.

4. Secret newsletter

Subscribe to our newsletter to learn secrets and best practices for web analytics, marketing, and Ecommerce.

5. Instagram page

Follow us on Instagram — we’d love to share pleasant moments and inspiration.

6. 5,777 new users on the free OWOX BI plans


1. Certified expertise

The OWOX BI team now has a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer and an IAB Certified Digital Data Solutions Specialist.

2. 25 students applied for the “Analysts School”

16 people have successfully completed the course. 4 best graduates were invited for an internship at OWOX BI.

3. 11 new members in our team

The OWOX BI team grew from 39 to 50 members. Now we have even more resources and energy to assist our clients achieving their goals.

Our Plans
  1. OWOX BI Smart Data will be able to give answers to dozens of new questions about your business data.
  2. OWOX BI Pipeline will provide many new integrations with advertising platforms and CRM systems.
  3. OWOX BI Attribution will help you attribute more customer touchpoints, such as offline interactions and events in mobile apps.

What are you up to this year? Maybe one of your New Year’s resolutions is to master windsurfing? Finally learn Esperanto? Share your thoughts and dreams in the comments below — we’d love to hear from you!