Top 20 Twitter Accounts for Analysts and Marketers

What do you do when you need to learn new marketing tricks? That’s right, you go off reading some blog posts, useful articles, manuals or even visit conferences. Wait, what if you’re short on time and just need quick insight into some kind of topic? We asked our marketing specialists, analysts and developers for input here. This is how we came to this top list of Twitter accounts. There’s even a special extra for designers and content managers!

1. Hootsuite

Subscribers: 8,190,000
Author: Hootsuite, Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard

Hootsuite is a world-renowned social media dashboard. You can follow their Twitter account to get news and tips on how to improve your social media marketing.

2. Google Analytics

Subscribers: 1,040,000
Author: Google Analytics, Web Analytics Service

Anything you want to know about Google Analytics tools is right here. Find useful advice, insights, best practices, updates on Google Analytics services and even some motivational posts.

3. Larry Kim

Subscribers: 728,000
Author: Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey and Founder of WordStream

If you have questions about Facebook marketing and any sort of PPC campaign, this is the place where you can find the answers along with Internet marketing tips, insights on how to get the maximum profit from your AdWords and Facebook advertising.

4. John Shahidi

Subscribers: 558,000
Author: John Shahidi, Co-creator and CEO of Shots Studio

John has a huge number of subscribers for a reason, as he often shares cool interviews, articles and blog posts that any content marketer will find useful. Gain some inspiration and have fun watching all the YouTube videos he regularly promotes.

5. Avinash Kaushik

Subscribers: 189,000
Author: Avinash Kaushik, Co-Founder of Market Motive Inc and the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google

Avinash is a world famous data and web analysis guru. Read his Twitter feed every day, and you’ll definitely come across a lot of inspiring articles, infographics, videos and anything related to internet marketing.

6. Chirag Kulkarni

Subscribers: 124,000
Author: Chirag Kulkarni, CEO of Taco Agency

You’ll know how to quickly get 25,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel, how to use storytelling to increase your sales, what it takes to become a social media influencer and so much more!

7. Lee Odden

Subscribers: 106,000
Author: CEO and Co-founder of TopRank Marketing

Definitely an account that any content marketer should follow. Gain insight into major content marketing trends and tips for optimizing your work. By the way, you’ll find tons of information on SEO, PPC, SMM and analytics too!

8. Ed Leake

Subscribers: 77,800
Author: Ed Leake, Founder and MD of Midas Media

Being one of the most influential PPC experts, Ed will provide you with advice on search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. One more reason to follow him is that he knows all about AdWords!

9. Daniel Knowlton

Subscribers: 50,000
Author: Daniel Knowlton, Co-founder of KPS Digital Marketing

One of the accounts for passionate digital marketers who want to make their business grow faster. Daniel also creates marketing tutorials and business videos that are never boring.

10. David Leonhardt

Subscribers: 40,200
Author: David Leonhardt, Founder of THGM

Get tips on how to boost your sales using content marketing, digital marketing and email marketing. David tweets on how you can use digital marketing to improve your brand building strategy.

11. Dave Chaffey

Subscribers: 25,500
Author: Dr Dave Chaffey, CEO and Editor of Smart Insights

A Twitter account for those who want to become experts in digital marketing. Dr. Dave Chaffey shares the latest innovations, tips and his own precious experience in his posts, so it’s definitely worth your time to follow him.

12. Jim Sterne

Subscribers: 19,300
Author: Jim Sterne, Founder of eMetrics Summit & Digital Analytics Association

Jim is called the godfather of web analytics. He’s a top speaker, a digital marketing expert and an author of books on marketing, advertising and customer service.

13. Craig Sullivan

Subscribers: 16,800
Author: Craig Sullivan, Chief Optimizer at Optimal VIsit

Craig has helped companies get more than 400 million dollars of revenue. You’ll find plenty of insights and tips on user experience, usability, split tests, web analytics and even more. Check out Craig’s speeches if you want to know how to explain complex things in plain English.

14. Daniel Weisberg

Subscribers: 11,400
Author: Daniel Weisberg, Analytics Advocate at Google and Founder of ­online-behavior­.com

Daniel gives helpful tips about data, analytics and building marketing strategies. Many professionals get inspiration from his account, so why don’t you do the same?

15. Simo Ahava

Subscribers: 11,200
Author: Simo Ahava, Google Developer Expert at Google Analytics

Learn how to use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager from Simo’s posts. He is also a keynote speaker so check out his podcasts to stay trendy in the digital analytics area.

16. Krista Seiden

Subscribers: 7,292
Author: Krista Seiden, Analytics Advocate at Google

Yes, she’s that lady from Google Analytics courses and yes, she’s an amazing speaker. Krista posts useful podcasts, research results and tips on GA services. Besides, she often tells her Twitter followers about her private and professional life which is quite amusing to read about.

17. Tim Wilson

Subscribers: 5,521
Author: Tim Wilson, Senior Director of Analytics at Search Discovery

Tim calls himself a friendly data geek. That’s why he often gives advice and insight into digital analytics. He’s the co-host at Digital Analytics Power Hour, a bi-weekly show for analysts, and often shares these podcasts in his account.

18. Phil Pearce

Subscribers: 3,291
Author: Phil Pearce, Analyst Expert at Accelerate

Being a real PPC guru, Phil seems to know almost everything about web analytics and analytics in general. In his Twitter feed, you can find out more about SEO and using Google Analytics services, along with presentations and other useful materials.

19. Caleb Whitmore

Subscribers: 1,631
Author: Caleb Whitmore, Co-founder of Analytics Pros

This is the account of a true digital marketing evangelist in love with data. Caleb is a skilled writer and speaker, so it’s a good idea to listen to his speeches and read his posts.

20. Lukas Vermeer

Subscribers: 1,391
Author: Lukas Vermeer, Senior Product Owner at Boo­

Being a top speaker, Lukas often talks about data science, big data and statistics. He explains science using historical narratives and teaches statistics through storytelling. Isn’t it a good reason to start following him on Twitter?

Extra for Designers and Copywriters

Grammarly — an account of a world-famous company that created to make your writing clear and correct. It’ll be useful for those who are involved in writing, editing and content production.

Zeldman — this account belongs to one of the most influential designers, Jeffrey Zeldman. He’s been working in the industry since 1995 and surely has a lot to share with his followers.

Excel Easy — a real treasure for those who want to become Excel experts. Illustrated tutorials and tons of examples will come in really handy.

As you can see, Twitter is the perfect way to get the latest updates from the world of marketing and analytics. For those who use Twitter as an advertising tool, we’ve got some good news. You can use OWOX BI Pipeline to automatically link Twitter and Google Analytics and you’ll know if your Twitter advertising investments really work for you.

Longread extra

While creating this top list of Twitter accounts, OWOXians have also suggested a number of interesting blogs about web analytics and marketing.

Blogs of companies providing data analytics consultancy and solutions:

  1. Econsultancy. Articles and events from a company that provides the utmost assistance in e-business, marketing and e-commerce.
  2. Unbounce. These guys help marketers create, launch, test target pages without resorting to developers and increase the website conversion rate.
  3. E-nor. Read articles and cases of an analytical company that works with some real giants like eBay, SONY and LinkedIn.
  4. Cardinal Path. This blog is full of articles and webinars about Data Science, mobile and social media platforms, data analysis, online ad and SEO.
  5. Online-behavior. A blog for website owners and analysts who want to understand their online clients’ behavior. You can find interviews and articles about targeting and user segmentation, website testing and usability, web analytics and traffic optimisation.
  6. Kissmetrics. Here are articles from a company that creates products to help in tracking user behavior on websites as well as to segment users and send trigger mails to them.

Personal blogs of specialists in web analytics and Big Data:

  1. Simo Ahava. A real discovery for the beginners in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
  2. Occam’s Razor. A blog by Avinash Kaushik who wrote the bible on analytics called «Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability».
  3. Analytics Talk. This is where you can find out about the Google updates from Justin Cutroni himself.
  4. AnalyzeCore. Sergey Bryl, a Data Scientist at MacPaw, is the brains behind this blog. He writes about sales funnels and attribution models, R language and machine learning, client segmentation, cohort analysis, cluster analysis and sequential analysis.

If you know of any other useful Twitter accounts that are total must-follows or cool blogs in marketing and analytics, let us know in the comment section!


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  • Are these Twitter accounts suitable for analysts as well?

    Yes, these Twitter accounts can be valuable resources for analysts interested in marketing-related data and insights.
  • How frequently do these Twitter account post?

    Posting frequency varies, but most of these accounts post several times per week.
  • Do I need a Twitter account to access the content from these top Twitter accounts?

    No, you can access these Twitter accounts and their content without having a Twitter account. Simply visit their profiles or browse their content via a search engine or other online platform.