Best marketing resources for 2019 — Vote for favorite

Finding quality marketing resources can be challenging — there’s lots of theory and few applications of it. That’s why it’s difficult to understand which ones are the best and whether you can trust these resources or not.

If you’re tired of scrolling uninteresting posts on social media or you’re having trouble finding good blogs for marketing specialists, no worries. We’re solving this problem.

May we present our comprehensive list of marketing resources for 2019, which consists of blogs, groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Slack, and names of professionals who give lots of good advice. Moreover, we’ve decided to organize a vote on these resources to see what today’s marketers like best.

Prizes for the leaders

Along with our partners, we’ve prepared some great prizes for the leaders in this voting!
Check them out:

First place: 99% discount on the Basic plan for a month
Second place: 60% discount on the Basic plan for a month
Third place: 30% discount on the Basic plan for a month

Serpstat, growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and content marketing, will present free half-year Lite Plan

Ringostat, call tracking system for marketing and sales professionals, will give
First place: 50% discount on project activation
Second place: 30% discount
Third place: 30% discount

eSputnik, marketing automation software for B2C, will present
First place: 2 months of Advanced segmentation for free and 250,000 emails to be sent from your account
Second place: 2 months of Advanced segmentation for free
Third place: 50% discount for connecting Advanced segmentation

*Advanced segmentation from eSputnik allows you to complement your newsletters in all channels with personalized content, involving each subscriber and increasing repeat sales by 37%. You will be able to test new features for web tracking, combining data in one contact profile, geomarketing, multilingualism, and control of distribution frequency.

Voting is officially open for entire November. The results will be announced on December 4th at 06:00 p. m. EET on our blog.


Groups on Linkedin

Groups and People on Facebook and Twitter

Groups and People on Reddit and Slack

Note: If you know of any cool marketers or platforms for marketers that we didn’t include in this list, feel free to add a link in the comments below and we’ll add them.