News22 December 2021

OWOX BI achieves 10 Leader positions in G2’s Winter Report 2022

For the third year in a row, we’re delighted to tell the world that OWOX BI has made it to the Leader position in multiple categories in the G2 Crowd reports!

News01 December 2020

OWOX Partner Program for agencies

We’re excited to announce the official launch of our new OWOX Partner Program for agencies designed to support marketing agencies by providing marketing analytics for their...

News31 July 2020

Meet AskGA — The simplest way to get straight answers to your marketing questions

OWOX created AskGA — to give answers to marketing questions quickly, in a familiar interface, based on the data you already have but by presenting that data in a 100% convenient...

News11 June 2020

5 easy steps to get free cost data import to Google Analytics

Get free unlimited access to OWOX BI cost data import and measure advertising campaigns from Facebook, Bing, Criteo, and other sources in Google Analytics.

News04 December 2019

Top 2019 resources on digital marketing — OWOX rating

Our top list of must-read resources from 2019 to be on the cutting edge of modern digital marketing in 2020. Leave us a comment if you agree or disagree with this rating!

News04 November 2019

Best marketing resources for 2019 — Vote for favorite

Finding quality marketing resources can be challenging — there’s lots of theory and few applications of it. If you’re having trouble finding good blogs for marketing...

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News31 August 2019

Google Analytics App + Web – A detailed look at the new functionality

Google Analytics has presented a new measurement tool called App + Web that allows you to combine data from your website and mobile applications. We tested this new tool,...

News17 July 2019

Things I learned at Marketing Analytics Summit 2019 in Las Vegas [Day 2]

What is a party for one day? The second day of Marketing Analytics Summit was as a fountain of insights. We talked about data strategy, psychology and leadership, and how to...

News17 July 2019

Things I learned at Marketing Analytics Summit 2019 in Las Vegas [Day 1]

Mariia Bocheva visited Marketing Analytics Summit in Las Vegas, one of the biggest event for analysts in the US. This article is a brief recap of talks and discussions of the...

News03 May 2019

OWOX BI hits the top of Marketing Analytics list of G2 Crowd 2019 Report

We’re thrilled to tell the world that OWOX BI made it to the Leader position in G2 Crowd 2019 report!

News30 April 2019

How to predict growth areas and risks in a marketing plan based on data

OWOX BI can now predict the implementation of a marketing plan based on your data, market data, and machine learning. In this article, we explain why to build forecasts and how...

News29 March 2019

New OWOX BI algorithm for collecting session data

Get raw unsampled session data without delay and with each hit counted thanks to a new OWOX BI algorithm.

News31 August 2018

OWOX BI Updates That Will Level Up Your Marketing Analytics

Learn about Smart Data reports that show the influence of your online efforts on offline sales, new method of session data collection to get you more accuracy in BI Pipeline,...

News17 August 2018

Fresh Google Updates You Can’t Miss Out

Discover how the new features of the Google Marketing Platform can help with your business tasks, and find out what other important updates are coming soon.

News27 June 2018

Google Introduces New Brands for Marketing and Analytics Tools

Learn about the new brands and banger features brought by the Google product updates for more convenience and efficiency.

News14 April 2018

Updates and Improvements in OWOX BI Attribution

Learn more about the new improvements in OWOX BI Attribution: evaluating the input of marketing channels into nonlinear customer journeys, and new integrations...

News15 January 2018

2017 Results and 2018 Outlook – OWOX BI

Throughout the last year, OWOX BI has evolved with many new features we offer to our clients. Find out how these updates can benefit your business, and what ambitious plans...

News21 February 2017

New Features and Improvements in OWOX BI Attribution

The ML Funnel-Based attribution model is now available in the Basic plan. You can set up funnel steps for businesses of any type and scale. The calculations...