How JavaScript errors impact conversion rate

A significant portion of the client-side functionality of most websites is JavaScript based and it is really difficult to check for errors using each version of each major browser. If a report could show you that there was an increase in the number of JavaScript errors on a certain page type or from people using a certain browser version, would it help you fix them


Decrease the percentage of exits and increases conversion rates by eliminating known JS errors.

Data to be analyzed

  1. JavaScript errors that occur during sessions.
  2. Correlations between the conversion rate and errors on the key pages in the same session.

Monitoring JavaScript errors helps you determine

  1. What errors occur more frequently depending on page type and browser version.
  2. Which ones make customers leave the website or stop completing an order.
  3. Which browsers throw errors while adding items to the cart.
  4. What portion of your customers would continue with an order even if there was an error during checkout.
  5. The correlation between the number of JS-errors and revenue.


Helps to eliminate the most frequent errors that influence conversion rate and other e-Commerce KPI's.


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  • What are JavaScript errors, and why should I monitor them?

    JavaScript errors occur when something goes wrong with the code on your website. You should monitor them to identify and fix any issues that may prevent your website from functioning properly.
  • How can I monitor JavaScript errors on my website?

    There are various tools available that can help you monitor JavaScript errors, such as Google Analytics, Sentry, and Rollbar. These tools can provide you with detailed information about errors that occur on your website.
  • How do I resolve JavaScript errors that occur on my website?

    To resolve JavaScript errors on your website, you first need to identify the cause of the error. Once you have identified the cause, you can work on fixing the issue by updating your code or making any necessary changes to your website.

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