Best Marketing Conferences 2019 (Worldwide)

Marketing conferences are the best place to get exclusive experience and to find new partners, clients, and friends. The total number of big and small marketing events around the world can’t be calculated precisely, but we can point out some that are worth visiting.

Here’s a list with links to all conferences mentioned in this article:




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North America

Digital Summit

  • Dates: 11–12 February 2019
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Cost: $295–995
  • Speakers: 45+
  • Attendees: 1,200+

Digital Summit is a gathering of digital marketing practitioners and thousands of inspired attendees. Speakers who are invited are famous not only because of the companies they work for but achievements.

For two days, you’ll be in the middle of a great conference big enough for fruitful networking but not so giant that you feel lost. This year, topics will include:

  • Data Download: The Big Deal on Big Data from Those Who Use It Best
  • Bloody Hell! And Other Marketing Truths My British Mum Taught Me
  • 45 Tactics to Take Your Email from Zero to Hero

Look for a Digital Summit event in a city near you. You can find a list of all Digital Summit events here.

RampUp 2019

  • Dates: 25–26 February 2019
  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Cost: $899
  • Speakers: 100+
  • Attendees: 2,400+

This conference for marketers is bigger than Digital Summit. The key to RampUp is its martech (marketing tech) specialization. This conference will focus on trends in data and business process analytics. Speakers at RampUp will talk about effective organization for marketers, considering business needs and the future of in-house and outsourced marketing.

This year, there will be seven big stages at this two-day conference.

Preconference stages:

  • B2B
  • Brands and Agencies
  • Data Owners
  • Technology Providers


  • Next-Generation Brand Building
  • The Age of the Consumer
  • Technology and Data Trends in Practice

Choose what stage you’re interested in most or mix them all up. The preconference stages are for warming everybody up and networking based on interests.

This year, RampUp topics will include:

  • Reaching Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
  • In-House or Outsourced? Evaluating Organizational Models
  • Insights into Data Buying Decisions

Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019

  • Dates: 25–27 February 2019
  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Cost: $1,995–2,695
  • Speakers: 80+
  • Attendees: 6,000+

One of the biggest gatherings of people who are fond of content in the most specific ways.

The Traffic & Conversion Summit will include three full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from people who have reached the top and are sharing their experience in all possible spheres of content planning, creation, production, publishing, nurturing, and culture.

Traffic & Conversion Summit is about tested, proven tactics to increase traffic, conversions, and sales in your company. Don’t miss this chance to meet people who know how to solve your problems with content and help your business grow faster. This year, topics will include:

  • How I Doubled Sales with a Tiny Email List Using Micro-Segmentation
  • 5 Lessons Learned From $32.2 Million in Health Launches in Two Years, and How to Plug the Leaky Holes Draining Your Affiliate Revenue
  • How to Create an Evergreen Lead Machine with YouTube

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit

  • Dates: 26–27 March 2019
  • Location: New York, United States
  • Cost: $1,050–1,499
  • Speakers: 20+
  • Attendees: 300+

This conference includes a lot of specific themes with domain experts for those businesses who care about their time and want to invest smartly in marketing development. The Digital Marketing Innovation Summit is about new and extraordinary approaches to typical processes and about breaking the marketing routine. See the website to learn more. This year, topics will include:

  • Consumers wanting brands to have beliefs
  • The podcast phenomenon
  • Brand innovators who are wowing consumers

Martech 2019

  • Dates: 3–5 April 2019
  • Location: San Jose, California
  • Cost: $489–1,595

Martech is a conference based on three elephants of the past: marketing, technology, and management.

The main aim of this conference is to fuse these spheres into the most beneficial mix for your business. This conference is also a great opportunity to show yourself to service providers and offer the greatest case studies you’ve got.

Ask questions, improve your business quickly, and enjoy communication. This year, Martech’s topics will include:

  • Building a Badass Marketing Team with Talent Optimization
  • The New Era of V-Commerce: What Marketers Need to Know about Alexa, Siri, and the AI Revolution
  • Applying Product Management to Martech at The New York Times

Marketing Analytics and Data Science

  • Dates: 8–10 April 2019
  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Cost: $1,895–2,895

The Marketing Analytics and Data Science conference is all about using data for marketing, improving the customer experience, and fattening the bottom line. Connecting professionals from marketing and sales with data scientists, analytics pros, R&D, and operations professionals is the best fuel for your business development.

This year, topics will include:

  • No More Cliffhangers: Technical Marketing Solutions for Working in Real-Time
  • Edit Meets AI: Matching Content with Audiences
  • The Creative Ways Uber is Using ML & AI to Improve Growth, Retention, and Engagement


This is a big conference with famous stars invited. One of the benefits of this conference that it’s a fit not only for big fish but for students and small businesses too. MDMC features 20 tracks on all aspects of marketing, 5 formats with a personal VIP session included, and 14 venues to get lost in.

  • Dates: 16–18 April 2019
  • Location: St Louis, Missouri
  • Cost: $149–349
  • Speakers: 130+
  • Attendees: 2,000+

This is a great conference for you to get inspired and get fresh ideas. This year, topics will include:

  • B2B Marketing Automation Workshop
  • Becoming a Renaissance Marketer with the Help of Agile Marketing
  • The Blogger’s Mindset — How to Create 10x Content 10x Faster

Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo 2019

  • Dates: 29 April 29 — 1 May 2019
  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Cost: $3,275–3,950
  • Speakers: 80+
  • Attendees: 1,500+

Gartner won’t let you leave this conference without a new mindset. As the biggest predictive analytics company, Gartner influences data analysis worldwide, revealing trends and events before they actually happen.

Gartner’s interest in martech is stunning. As is the symposium. This year, topics will include:

  • Why Your Loyalty Program Won’t Work and What to Do About It
  • Move Over Giorgio: Why Your Next Creative Director Might Be an AI
  • Truth, Trust, and Authenticity: Why Blockchain Really Matters for Brands

DigiMarCon Cruise 2019

  • Dates: 7–14 July 2019
  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Cost: $697+

This is a digital marketing conference on a cruise liner. The lucky speakers will enjoy the conversations with lucky attendees. Themes and speakers will be announced shortly. You can find other DigiMarCon events here.

Digital Innovation Insight Summit

  • Dates: 20–22 May 2019
  • Location: Naplies, Florida
  • Cost: TBA

The Digital Innovation Insight Summit is a conference for digital enthusiasts and innovators with a focus on trending technologies and approaches. At this conference, people are trying to understand what’s going on in the future of technologies for marketing, business, government, and other applications. This year, topics will include:

  • Embracing the digital mindset: overcoming cultural challenges
  • Digital threats: where is the next disruption coming from?
  • Build, recruit or outsource? Finding the right digital skills


  • Dates: 3–6 September 2019
  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Cost: $99–1,590

INBOUND 2019 is like a four-day Burning Man festival on marketing. The number of attendees is the population of a small city! It’s literally another world where everyone leaves the routine behind and starts to think in another dimension. Problems become tasks, tasks become algorithms, algorithms become instructions. Themes and speakers of this great marketing and business party will be announced soon.


E-commerce Berlin Expo

  • Dates: 20 February 2019
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Cost: Free
  • Speakers: 40+
  • Attendees: 5,000+

This conference is one of the biggest e-commerce events in Europe for B2B businesses. Nevertheless, it’s only for one day, and you won’t get bored with four stages and a great exhibition hall with 150 exhibitors. How many contacts can you make there? Thousands!

This year, conference topics will include:

  • Amazon Advertising Best Practices Learned from 500+ Clients
  • The Power of Social: How to build your brand without breaking the bank by creating viral content instead
  • The Omnichannel Expectation: Unifying every customer conversation


  • Dates: 14–15 March 2019
  • Location: Portorož, Slovenia
  • Cost:€240—790
  • Speakers: 22+
  • Attendees: 800+

This medium-sized conference on the Adriatic shore of Slovenia gathers people from around Europe to discuss cases, challenges, and achievements of modern marketing. Three tracks at InOrbit will be dedicated to:

  • Strategy for CMOs and marketing executives
  • In-depth knowledge for in-house and agency specialists
  • E-commerce

Topics will be announced soon.

Marketing Festival

  • Dates: 20–22 March 2019
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Cost:€€280
  • Speakers: 5+, TBA
  • Attendees: 500+

This conference looks promising thanks to the speakers already announced: Britney Muller from Moz, Wil Reynolds from SEER Interactive, professors Dan Ariely and Mark Ritson, and others.

The agenda is yet to be announced.


  • Dates: 1–3 April 2019
  • Location: London, UK
  • Cost:€£600—900
  • Speakers: 5+, TBA
  • Attendees: 500+

Are you ready for something crazy? The UnGagged conference forbids all recording devices, encouraging speakers and attendees to loosen themselves up. This conference is famous for its hidden agenda, any kind of sales and pitching for participants. This is true Christiania for Marketers.

Ungagged forbid taking pictures of presentations or record them. You have to just memorized and write down everything by yourself.

The UnGagged founders want to close the knowledge gap between executives and specialists of big companies and specialists from smaller companies. No stone will be left unturned. The schedule will be announced closer to the event.


  • Dates: 5 April 2019
  • Location: Bielefeld, Germany
  • Cost:€£119—549
  • Speakers: 24+

Online Marketing Conference Bielefeld is aimed at both interested newcomers and marketing specialists. The conference will focus on providing practical instructions, algorithms, and tips and tricks for promoting your products or services. Topics will be announced closer to the event.


  • Dates: 7–8 May 2019
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Cost:€£48—535
  • Speakers: 400+
  • Attendees: 1,500+

OMR 19 will have a conference stage for famous names, expo stages for in-depth expert immersion, and specialized clustered stages for each sphere. There will also be masterclasses, guided tours, and side events for those who can never get enough. Topics will be announced closer to the event.

The Next Web Conference

  • Dates: 9–10 May 2019
  • Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Cost:€£99—749
  • Speakers: 12+, TBA
  • Attendees: 17,500+

This conference is worth visiting if useful content and workshops are what you’re looking for. It’s also a place to meet investors and showcase and pitch your startup or idea. Visit a bunch of side events and plenty of opportunities for networking.

There will also be opportunities for exclusive drinks, dinners, and boat rides.

Topics will be announced closer to the event.


  • Dates: 13–15 May 2019
  • Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Cost:€£120—2200
  • Speakers: 450+
  • Exhibitors: 300+
  • Attendees: 10,000+

Over 73% of all attendees at WEBIT.FESTIVAL are C-levels. That’s quite a number! Festival + Conference + Expo = one amazing event! With 13 parallel events and huge programs it’s hard to choose. There are thousands of opportunities for you and your team.

Get ready and buy tickets now!

Digital Elite Camp

  • Dates: 13–15 June 2019
  • Location: Laulasmaa, Estonia
  • Cost:€£954—1074
  • Speakers: 450+
  • Exhibitors: 300+
  • Attendees: 10,000+

Digital Elite Camp is an beach marketing camp for those who want to get specific skills from professionals during personal trainings. Themes and speakers will be announced soon.

Nottingham Digital Summit 2019

  • Dates: 3 July 2019
  • Location: Nottingham, UK
  • Cost:€£TBA
  • Speakers: 12+, TBA
  • Attendees: 17,500+

The Nottingham Digital Summit is the Midlands’ biggest digital marketing event, bringing together more than 600 delegates from the marketing, creative, and technology communities.

This year’s topics will include:

  • „Speedo Goggles: looking through a new digital lens“ by Rachel Starling, Senior UX Designer at Speedo
  • „Uncovering the ‘why’ in the data driven world of ‘what’“ by Dr. Sam Howard, Co-founder and Director of Research at Userfy
  • „Marketing Personalisation: Evolving Consumer Engagement“ by Ian Coupland, Digital Partnerships Manager at Experian

Digital Marketing Expo and Conference

  • Dates: 11–12 September 2019
  • Location: Cologne, Germany
  • Cost: TBA
  • Speakers: 550+
  • Exhibitors: 1,000+
  • Attendees: 40,000+

The Digital Marketing Expo and Conference, or DMEXCO, is a meeting place and community for key players in digital business, marketing, and innovation. It’s a big event for those who like to enjoy inspiring performances from speakers and meet them later at the exposition.

Topics will be announced closer to the event.


  • Dates: 19–20 September 2019
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Cost: €300—1180
  • Speakers: 100+
  • Attendees: 1,500+

This is a conference for business romantics and dreamers with a strong desire to change the global digital marketing landscape.

The agenda and topics will be announced closer to the event.

Web Summit

  • Dates: 4–7 November 2019
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Cost: €850 during pre-registration stage
  • Speakers: TBA
  • Attendees: 70,000+

CEOs and founders of the world’s biggest companies, the most promising new startups, influential investors, and leading journalists will visit Web Summit in Lisbon to see the future of digital marketing. Forbes has called this conference „the best technology conference on the planet.“ Quite a strong opinion, don’t you think?

The agenda and topics will be announced closer to the event.


AI Digital Marketing Hong Kong 2019

  • Dates: 18–19 September 2019
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Cost: €600—1,095

Hong Kong marketing conferences are always mixed with cases and themes connected closely to future global trends. AI Digital Marketing Hong Kong is an event with local and international specialists who will share their knowledge and experience with you during two inspiring days.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Multi-Platform Marketing: Mobile and Wearables
  • Converting Social Media into Sales
  • Audience Engagement and Brand Loyalty
  • The Changing Mediums of Marketing: Video, Image, Native Advertising
  • Using Data & Analytics to Develop a Marketing Strategy

The agenda and topics will be announced closer to the event.


  • Dates: 9–10 October 2019
  • Location: Singapore
  • Cost: TBA

DigiMarCon Asia Pacific 2019 offers all the modern marketing expertise you need to achieve success! Awesome keynotes, expert panels, plus solutions providers and their tools for digital marketing — all in a dynamic, community-based setting. Build your professional network, find new business partners, generate ideas, and learn new skills.

The agenda and topics will be announced closer to the event.

Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Singapore 2019

  • Dates: 11–12 September 2019
  • Location: Singapore
  • Cost: $699–999 for early bird tickets
  • Speakers: TBA
  • Attendees: 17,500+

This conference will gather many local heroes in marketing and sales. To inspire attendees and provide valuable insights, Digital Marketing Leaders Summit Singapore is preparing the most stunning program packed with digital innovation, technology, and marketing strategy. They promise a surprise guest as a key to the whole conference. That sounds fascinating!

The agenda and topics will be announced closer to the event.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of best conferences for marketers in 2019. Save a link to this article or add these conferences to your Google Calendar to plan for the year ahead.

If we’ve missed your favorite conference, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the calendar.


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  • What are the best marketing conferences in 2019?

    Some of the top marketing conferences in 2019 include Content Marketing World, INBOUND, and Social Media Marketing World.
  • When and where is Content Marketing World in 2019?

    Content Marketing World 2019 will take place from September 3rd to 6th in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.
  • What can I expect from attending Social Media Marketing World in 2019?

    Social Media Marketing World 2019 offers networking opportunities, industry-leading speakers, workshops, and valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies in social media marketing. It takes place at the San Diego Convention Center from March 20th to 22nd.